10 Brain Exercise To Improve Your IQ

brain exercise
By Tapas Pal Updated

The question always remains same that can we perform better? If we are to consider, the human brain and the Intelligence Quotient that it is associated with is a pretty much subjective term. The human brain performs well under better supervision and training. The IQ levels are not some measures of intelligence which will remain stagnant over the long term. These levels could be improved by training your brain to newer perspectives and a better environment. Nourishing the brain, just as we would with our body is essential to improve our IQ levels.

What if one morning we wake up and find our IQ has increased to double? Well, who wouldn’t want that to happen? But it is not that ease. Don’t worry here are 10 brain exercises that will help change your life.


It seems like a devotional exercise but it can lead to contemplation. Meditation helps brain muse to learn more and to do more. Meditation can give u a healthy brain and make you a champ.


When it comes to music you may be thinking Mozart or Classic but contemporary science has proved that any music you like can increase your concentration thereby increasing your IQ. Good music always helps increase once potential. Even plants love music then why can’t we.

Déjà vu – Repeating things

IQ can be increased by repeating things from day to day work. Everything we repeat gets recorded in brain. As we use to do in our junior classes to learn answers to the questions .Memory makes up an important part of the measure of IQ and this is a thing which could be definitely improved by constantly working on training the brain.

Puzzle Games and Sudoku

Trying to solve the scramble can consolidate the hidden powers of your brain. It also includes mentally challenging computer games. Day to day practice of such games can hike up your IQ levels to new limits.

Bring out the adventure loving person in you

Nourishment of brain is also important in day to day life. Tame yourself to seek new adventures in alien places , of course it will be full of excitement. After all who doesn’t want to visit new places . It is surely to relax your brain and start the process of creativity in you.

Schedule yourself

Proper rest and sleep can help increase your IQ. Improper or less rest can kill any chances to increase your IQ so schedule your timetable. Don’t bore the brain it also needs rest. Sleep tight and have a prudent brain to beat the world.

Taking Exercise

Taking exercise also plays an important role to develop one’s IQ level and mental power. It is said that exercise is helpful to motivate brain cell and stimulate the growth through a process which is called neurogenesis. Exercise is considered the easiest way to boost your IQ and it is also helpful to decrease stress and to enhance cognitive performance. Those who take proper exercise and also walk regularly for almost 45 minutes tend to have good IQ level than those who do not

Tame yourself to learn more

Bring out the crazy kid inside you who wants to learn everything and is insane to know new things. Try to become “Mr. Know All”. A person who seeks knowledge will surely get to know new things. Explore the world in your own ways and innovate your brain.

Test Yourself

Never forget to test your own limits and ability. Try solving new questions of mental problems in certain regular time periods. Keep record of your progress, compare it. I am sure you will improve at high levels.

Improve your vocabulary

Have a new word or language? Well let us find more. Improving one’s vocabulary becomes easy when learning a new language. If you find a new word, become vehement about it. Learning new words is one of the best ways to improve one’s intelligence acumen.

Nobody wants to be a blunt head. Yes it is even possible for a person who has an average IQ to harvest strong levels. Challenge self-limiting beliefs about your intelligence. Many smart people are smarter than they think they are but they have never realized their true potential because of self-limiting beliefs about their supposed lack of intelligence. And finally unleash their true potential. So keep doing the given exercises and make yourself as sharp as a tiger’s tooth. After all learning has no age.