Setting up Your Routers and Resolving Issues
By Tapas Pal Updated : There have been many homes like yours and mine that are incomplete without the use of the broadband routers for getting some of the best Internet networks. When it comes to home networks, then is known to be the common IP address for most of the home routers. These have been the most common with the ones from Belkin, SMC, Edimax, and Siemens.

Although this IP address is known to be designed for some specific models and brands, other common router configurations can also make use of this. The access to a router console is hardly important for any common user like you and me who works through a broadband connection. However, there are some settings for which you may need this.  These issues may include some of the problems that can act as barriers in the setting up of a router. You can also change some of the advanced settings and configurations that would affect the performance of the router in a desirable manner.

As per general experiences, routers are known to provide an extremely user-friendly interface. The interface with such advanced settings lets you experience the best of these broadband connections. However, in cases of any undetected problems, there is a great support provided by this default IP address.

What can you do with

There may be some errors that usually pop up in between the process of setting up a router for use on a home network. There are some considerable solutions that can be performed through this IP address. Here are some of the major uses of this address for general users like us:

Connect to the network locally: If the routers you are trying to set up, use this as the address then you can easily log into the router console through any local network. What you need to do is just open the link on your browser i.e. https//

This will let you access the control panel here.

Make appropriate configurations: Through the local network, it is very easy to access the control panel of the IP address. Here you can make desired configuration so that the router is absolutely ready for a perfect use.

The use of this IP address is generally known to be common with the devices that are designed and brought up by Siemens, SMC, Belkin, and Edimax. Now, as soon as you try to log on to the panel of this IP address, you will be asked to enter the user name and password. Some of the common default login credentials are listed for you:


For the routers designed by Siemens brands,

Usernames: Either leave it blank or try to enter “admin.”

Password: you can either leave it blank or try entering “user” or “admin”.


The routers that are brought up by Belkin are known to use,

Usernames: either you can try for “admin” or try leaving it blank.

Passwords: the considerable passwords can be “password”, “admin” or you can either leave it blank.


The routers that are designed by SMC are known to use,

Usernames: “smcadmin”, “admin”, “smc” are some of the common user names. You can also try leaving it blank.

Passwords: “root”, “barricade” can be some passwords for this purpose. You can also try for leaving it blank or “smcadmin”, “highspeed” or “password”.


For Edimax routers,

Usernames are “root”, “admin” or blank.

Passwords can be “1234”, “conexant”, “epicrouter”. You can also leave it blank.

This way you can use to make the desired configurations and set up the routers perfectly. However, the discussions expand further in this respect when there are disturbances in access to this IP address. Let’s discuss this further.

Resolving the issues with

There may be considerable factors that can hinder your access to the web-setup page of the router. Identifying and resolving this is important to carry the tasks further. We are going to discuss some of the troubleshoot factors and the ways to solve them so that you can easily log on to the router’s console. Here are some of them:

  • Check and ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly as this may be a reason for hindrance.
  • You should check if the router is known to be giving a valid IP address.
  • Ensure that you have been entering the correct IP address for the router.
  • You need to check whether in case the IP Address is found to be in conflict.
  • The use of an incorrect password for login.
  • Check out if there are any issues with the web browser you are using.
  • Try resetting the router settings if nothing works.
  • Change the password for the wireless net work.
  • Upgrade the firmware of the router.
  • Check the LEDs of the router.


With the help of the above-mentioned points, you can easily settle the common issues that may create hindrance in accessing the router console for These are some of the easiest ways to set up a router perfectly, and you can do this yourself in most of the cases. However, if you still find yourself confused, then you can take help from a person who has perfect knowledge about this. It would not be wrong to say that there are hindrances related to almost every service due to some factors. However, you can deal with them in some of the wisest ways.

Restrictions with

This is known to be a private network address, and this fact is usually not known to many of the broadband users. This IP address is also based on the IPv4 network. Therefore the use of this address can sometimes be restricted outside any home networks.

However as discussed before there are solutions to all problems. Thus the use of can prove to be great for the users.

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