500 Internal Server Error – Simple Way To Fix Your Problem

500 Internal Server Error
By Tapas Pal Updated

A 500 internal server error is the most common HTTP position code that is shown when something is wrong with the website. When the server cannot be clearer or specific about the error it displays 500 internal server error. If you have your own website and you encounter the 500 internal server error problem then you can head to the lower right bottom of the web page displaying the problem for some better advice about fixing the problem. You can come across this problem in one or more than one pages of your website.

There are numerous ways in which the 500 internal server error message can be displayed on a web page as the error display page is accessible to every website owner or administrator and they can literally customize the error sign.

The following are some ways in which you might see the 500 error on various websites: –

  • 500 Error
  • HTTP Error 500
  • 500. That’s an error
  • 500 Unexpected Error
  • 500 Oops Something Went Wrong
  • 500 internal server error
  • 500 There was an error

And many other styles as they can be customized easily. There are tons of error graphics available which are used by the websites to showcase this error.

Mostly this server error is from the side of the provider or the administrator of the website so you may come across them even on your mobile phones as well as your desktops. The 500 internal server error is displayed inside the net browser window like web pages.

Reasons for the 500 Internal Server Error to occur: –

This internal server error is a problem in general and there is no specific information about it.

Maximum number of times this problem occurs from the server’s side and has nothing to do with you and your system, but in some cases, a few steps may help you to solve this irritating error issue. We will discuss the solutions in details in this article itself.

NOTE: – You can access more information which is specific about the issue over the general indication of the 500 internal server error if you have a server that uses Microsoft IIS software. The software provides you additional number beyond the simple 500 which had different meanings and explains the error in detail.

E.g. If the page displays a 500.19 error then it means there is configuration data problem. This is a preferred server software as it explains in detail about the issue a=and necessary steps can be taken according to the specific problem.

The below listed is the list of potential problems that may be the reason for the flashing of 500 internal server error: –

500.0 A module or an ISAPI error occurred.
500.11 The application is continuously shutting itself down.
500.12 The web server is restarting the applications.
500.13 There is too much rush on the web server.
500.15 Direct requests for Global.asax are not allowed.
500.19 The configuration data is invalid.
500.21 The server is not recognizing the module.
500.22 When ASP.NET http Modules configuration does not apply in Managed Pipeline setting.
500.23 The ASP.NET http Handlers configuration do not apply in Managed Pipeline setting.
500.24 The ASP.NET impersonation configuration do not apply in the managed pipe.
500.50 Ocurrance of rewrite issue during RQ_BEGIN_REQUEST notification handling. A configuration or inbound rule execution issue has occurred.
500.51 During GL_PRE_BEGIN_REQUEST notification handling a rewrite issue has occurred.
500.52 During RQ_SEND_RESPONSE handling notifications a rewrite problem has occurred. An outbound rule execution error occurred.
500.53 A rewriting issue has occurred during RQ_RELEASE_REQUEST_STATE handling notification process. The rule has been configured to be executed before the output user cache gets up to date.
500.100 An internal ASP error.

These are the specific problems that may occur when the 500 error is shown.

Solutions to fix the error: –

There are a number of solutions which can be used to fix this problem. A few of them are listed below.

Like stated above the 500 internal server error is the error from the side of the administrator but this is always not true. The problem may also be from your side too. You can undertake some simple and easy tasks which may work and the website starts again.

  • The first task is simply reloading the page. This can be done by the F5 key on the keyboard or by right clicking your mouse. Many times the problem will be gone after he refreshed page occurs.
  • You can clear your browser’s cache data or can try to delete the cookies. Both of them are really small steps but can prove to be really helpful.
  • Another option is to contact the website through their helpline number or through a message. Many websites nowadays have a social media handle and you can simply complain the issue to them directly, you can also call them if a number is available.
  • The last option is to ‘wait’. The servers and the administrators are generally aware of the issue and are busy solving it. You can wait it out and resume your usage after the site is back and running.

Instructions to fix the 500 internal server error on your own site: –

There are usually three major reason due to which your site shows the error –

  1. Permission – Due to the incorrect permission on one or more files or folders the 500 internal server error problem occurs. You can set them at 0755 (-rwxr-xr-x) and the problem should be fixed
  2. Timeout – A 500 error can occur when the external source to which your script is connected times out. This can be resolved by a better handling of the script.
  3. Coding error – You should check the .htaccess file and ensure that it is properly structured.

You can contact your server or host and ask them about the solution to the error that you are facing, many times these organizations have a dedicated team which will then work towards eliminating your problem.

If there are any doubts or queries or you simply want to discuss this in the comments section you are more than welcome. We will be more than happy to help you out.