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What is AeroAdmin
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The Internet is one of the most relative terms in the commercial dealings right now, and the use of internet has only augmented the scopes of remote access. Remote accessing is too popular among the professionals at the moment due to its ability to support one computer access another from far distances such as different cities, states, and even countries! With its increasing popularity, numerous programs and software have been developed that make the task easier to access another computer, sitting on your own computer! One of the similar programs is AeroAdmin.

What is AeroAdmin?

What is AeroAdmin
Share computer screen, files and everything by putting your AeroAdmin ID

AeroAdmin is a portable and entirely free of cost remote access program built for Windows. You may find various free remote desktop tools to charge for the commercial purpose. But AeroAdmin doesn’t include any charges for both the personal and business use.

The remote access tool doesn’t have any chat capability. This is undoubtedly a drawback, but the other facilities provided by the program fill the void. The software is small in size and starts in less than a minute which is a big plus for the commercial uses.

More Facts about AeroAdmin

  1. One can run the tool on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 with 32 or 64-bit version (depends on the configuration of user’s PC)
  2. Windows Server 2003 and 2008 are also the supported operating systems.
  3. You don’t need to install the program on every desktop. You can launch AeroAdmin directly from Flash Drive or other USB devices.
  4. Unlike other remote desktop tools, AeroAdmin doesn’t ask for any charge for personal and commercial uses. So, one can run the program for their individual and business utility without any restriction.
  5. No router changes are needed to run AeroAdmin successfully.

Features of AeroAdmin

The beneficial features of AeroAdmin have made the remote desktop software so special! The software offers a range of astounding free of cost features which may have cost you hundreds of dollars from the other available alternatives. Let’s jump into the features that can make you gape in awe.

Key Features:

The key features are 100% free. So, you can enjoy the features for as long as you want.

No installation or configuration

AeroAdmin is made both for admin and client. You just need to download a small executable file (approximately 2 MB) and run it on remote and local computers. This will initiate a connection between the admin computer and the remote computer. After the completion of the process, you should take control of your remote partner PC in a flash.

Different LAN and behind NAT

It doesn’t matter whether or not the admin computer and remote computer are connected to one LAN (Local Area Network). AeroAdmin automatically detects the network configuration and supplies stable NAT (Network Address Translation) pass through connections! In a nutshell, AeroAdmin imparts the much needed remote connection via direct IP. So, it doesn’t need any internet connection.

Unattended Access

AeroAdmin can be configured in a way that is compatible to run on Windows startup. So, now the computers and servers can be administered without a human presence on the remote side! You only need to log off/switch remote users or reboot the computer in normal or safe mode.

AES + RSA Encryption

AeroAdmin has paid special attention to data security. During a remote control session, the entire data transmission between admin and the client computer is encrypted with AES and RSA algorithms. These cryptographic standards are not only applied to data security but also used as digital signatures in the bank and government agencies.

Extended Features:

Extended features, on the other hand, are included in the premium version. You have to pay a minimal amount to get the features. But considering the outcome, the extended features are worth paying for.

File Transfer

You can copy files and folders from the remote computer or to the remote computer. You get the full control of the remote computer file system. The copying is done via an encrypted channel. Moreover, you can resume the upload and download in case there’s any interruption with the remote connection.

Contact List

Store the complete contact details. Combine the remote computers’ name, ID/IP and additional data into a group in AeroAdmin for instant remote access. Keep the contact list file in USB storage for easy access, or you can save it to cloud folder. Share the folder and sync it with the operator computers to have all your remote computers’ list in your grip.

Branding and Customization

A branded copy of AeroAdmin will be fruitful if you are focusing on a corporate approach. You can set up your logo, company’s information such as name, phone number in the main AeroAdmin window. Moreover, you can set up a link to your website as well. Security measures are also necessary, and that’s why AeroAdmin allows you to preset access rights and password for your operators.

Session Report

Get the entire access to client ID/operator, name, session’ duration, date, and time by downloading client session reports on AeroAdmin. You will be able to calculate the payout based on your tech support rates from the periodic session reports.

Despite the absence of some famous features, AeroAdmin is still a wise option for the remote access desktop program. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the remote desktop program.

Advantages of AeroAdmin

  • 100% free use of ‘Key Features’ for personal and commercial use without involving any charges.
  • It offers spontaneous support that turns out to be highly beneficial.
  • You can transfer files through AeroAdmin which is an added advantage for the tasks requiring frequent document sharing.
  • AeroAdmin possesses the ability of remote logoff and reboot both in safe mode and normal mode.
  • You can send custom keyboard shortcuts.
  • AeroAdmin enables you to enjoy a secure connection with RSA and AES encryption.
  • Automatically adjustable with your internet connection for top-notch quality and speed
  • You can set up the configuration for ‘Unattended Access.’
  • The desktop remote access program can also sync with the clipboard
  • Once can run the program as a Windows service.
  • Being a portable service, AeroAdmin doesn’t need to be installed.

Disadvantages of AeroAdmin

  • Unavailability of chat option is a huge drawback for the program
  • You will also not find any remote printing option in the remote access program.
  • Some of the useful features come with the premium version

How does AeroAdmin work?

Portability of AeroAdmin program doesn’t require installation time and again and it allows the user to keep the software on portable drives. Much like TeamViewer, it also displays an ID number that needs to be shared to connect another computer. The number is static; hence it doesn’t change over time. However, one can make use of the IP address on behalf of the ID.

The remote computer requires entering the ID of the Admin computer to create a connection. For the initial connection building, the host or admin computer’s access rights should be enabled such as screen viewing, mouse and keyboard controls, clipboard syncing and file transfer. The host is responsible for providing or invalidating the rights.

Now the implementation of Unattended Access appears. The access rights options can be saved by the host to prevent showing the prompt to the same client while trying to establish a further connection. Moreover, the client doesn’t need to accept any settings further once the host saves the access rights.

Caution: Earlier than connecting to a client, AeroAdmin will display three options to the host: File Manager, Remote Control, and View Only. Once you’re logged in under one connection type, there’s no option for switching. For logging in to another connection type, you have to exit the former.

When you have 100% free software to get access to remote PCs, nothing can be better for both the personal and professional use. Moreover, AeroAdmin is portable software, so, you can carry it on a USB device. Two computers from a far distance under different LAN can be connected within minutes. You just need to launch the program and enter the host’s ID or IP Address!

On top of all, the remote user will neither be able to see you transferring files nor the progress bar. The host will have the entire control over the transfer. The absence of chat option may trouble but not for long, especially, when you need a quick connection or transfer files.

The fact that you cannot switch from one connection option to another is really annoying, but you can exit and build another connection in less than a minute! So, AeroAdmin may turn out to be a wise decision for you to get connected with colleagues, employees, and friends from a far distance. The last call is yours to make.