5 Best Sites like Alexa 2018, Choose the Alexa Alternative that Suits Your Need

Sites like Alexa
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Quite often I have come across a particular question from business insiders and marketers concerning the free sites like Alexa. Each time I tried to resolve their queries, but the stream of same questions never stopped to come. That’s why I’ve decided to chew over the Alexa like sites so that you can pick the best Alexa alternative that matches your need.

What is Alexa?

Taken over by Amazon in 1999, Alexa Internet, Inc. has been helping users to measure the web analytics and traffic data. The affiliate of Amazon.com has its physical presence at several places throughout the globe, but its headquarter is located in San Francisco, California. The work process proceeds by collecting the browsing conduct and conveying them to Alexa website. Accordingly, they accumulate the data and web traffic information. But if you’re done with Alexa and looking for something fresh with similar or better features, there are ample of other sites like Alexa that offers considerable benefits concerning monitoring your website’s data and web traffic. Let’s discover the top Alexa like sites that’ll work on the same criteria.

Top 5 Sites like Alexa for you to pick the best Alexa Alternative

1. Ahrefs

Free sites like Alexa - Ahrefs
Get your website traffic report and keyword analysis with ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the prime sites like Alexa if you’re eyeing on finding insights for any website. Almost 6 billion pages are indexed by the Ahrefs bot on a daily basis. The digit of daily indexing is just three times less than what Google bot does! You can get exact backlinks, complete statistics of site visitors, anchor keywords, referring domains and much more valuable data from the site which will help you evaluate a site in a better mannerism.

Ahrefs offers 14 days free trial to sign up before you need to make a payment to purchase the pro version. The SEO tools provided by Ahrefs to the webmasters make the web traffic checker the best Alexa alternative with respect to its offerings.

Visit the site here

2. Quantcast

Alexa Alternative - Quantcast
Know your website insights with Quantcast

The self-proclaimed World’s Only Open Internet Rating Service, Quantcast is a technology company in America formed in 2006. The website has its specialization in real-time advertisement and direct audience measurement. The completely free, precise, and reliable audience insights added with competitor’s web traffic comparison make Quantcast one of the effortless entrees in any list of the free sites like Alexa.

The data centers of Quantcast administer an astounding number of 80,000 transactions each second! In 2013, Quantcast was named as one of the five biggest data processing organizations. So, get easy access to the traffic stats and demographics at Quantcast. For me, it’s indeed a great Alexa alternative.

Visit the site here

3. SimilarWeb

similar web - other sites like Alexa
Search keywords and website traffic on SimilarWeb

A digital marketing intelligence agency operates SimilarWeb where they make use of big data technologies to accumulate, evaluate, investigate and prepare the user engagement report and figures for websites and mobile applications. Here, you can find essential traffic insights on your website or apps to advance your market research, competitor analysis, and business development.

All these significant features and benefits make SimilarWeb one of the most prominent sites like Alexa. You can also get a more in-depth insight into this Alexa alternative; just upgrade SimilarWeb to SimilarWeb Pro.

Visit the site here

4. ComScore

ComScore - Alexa Alternative
Get an in-depth knowledge about your website audience with ComScore

The American analytics company, ComScore started its journey in 1999. The global media measurement and analytics company has its specialization in supplying marketing data and analytics. World’s leading publishers, enterprises, advertising and media companies get benefited by their analysis and data. This alternative to Alexa maintains a group of users with a monitoring software installed on their PCs.

After joining the ComScore research panels, you’ll get an array of different benefits with likes of virus scanning, computer security software, internet data storage, and even a possibility to win cash prizes! Free site ranking report with country-specific traffic and keyword stats are also the best offerings of the site. The incredible and remarkable features and offering of ComScore made the site a decent Alexa alternative. Moreover, Media Metrix is also one of the most excellent offerings of ComScore.

Visit the site here

5. Website Informer

website informer - Free sites like Alexa
Website Informer informs you every detail about your site traffic

Website’s general information, principal competitors, IPs, parallel sites, statistics and much more in-depth information can be gathered from Website Informer. You can get any website’s traffic, PageRank, keywords and Whois record here just by searching for the website. Website Informer also comes with the Add On’s extension of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What else do you need in an Alexa Alternative? In my opinion, Website Informer is one of the leading sites like Alexa with every aspect which is required to be a worthy substitution for a renowned site like Alexa.

Visit the site here

It doesn’t matter whether you want to optimize your web pages to get a better search result or develop a site as a hobby, monitoring the traffic is always decisive. The statistics will lend you a hand in unveiling lots of information including the time a visitor is spending on your site and how many views you’re getting for a particular webpage on a daily basis. Above are five of the finest sites like Alexa which have the best potential to furnish better website insight. So, choose the best Alexa alternative that matches your requirement.