16 Alternatives To CouchTuner For Online Video Streaming

alternatives to couch tuner
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Do you know about a few online video streaming sites which are alternatives to CouchTuner? It is a fact that Movies and TV shows have become an inseparable part of our lives. And how do we watch them? In the multiplex? Not always. In TV? Nope. 100% of the times, we watch them on our laptop or our smartphone. The pleasure you get, in watching an exhilarating episode of “Game of Thrones” or “Stranger Things” and that too while laying on your bed and with a Pizza next to you, is simply the best kind of feeling.

Same goes for watching a movie. But to feel this pleasure at its top form, we need a safe and secured online movie watching site, which is preferably free. One such website which lets you watch unlimited movies and TV shows all day, that too without any charge, is Couch Tuner.

You must have heard about it, and it is undoubtedly a nice site with a huge collection of movies and TV shows. But it may sometimes happen that you’re not getting the movie you want to watch. Though chances are rare, yet there is a possibility.

Therefore, I have come up with some sites which are alternatives to Couch Tuner. So that, if for any reason you don’t find it comfortable enough, you can switch immediately.

So, let’s get started.

What Is CouchTuner? Know A Bit More

Alternatives To Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is a free TV series and movie streaming site. You can watch movies and TV shows all day in here, whether from Desktop PC or laptop. You must know that they don’t download the movies and TV shows available on their site, that means they don’t own the legal copyright. They only let you watch those medias from other sites. Therefore, if authenticity is part of your concern, then Couch Tuner is not the ideal place for you. One thing which I personally don’t like about the site is their unnecessary and irritating ad pop-ups.

Other than that, they have a remarkable collection of movies and TV shows. You can search them randomly from the search bar or just find the movie or TV show of your choice from the respective sections.

That was about Couch Tuner, now let us read about some of its alternatives.

 Top Alternatives To Couch Tuner

Here are some popular alternatives to Couch Tuner.

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Netflix Couch Tuner

The first and most popular name in this list of alternatives to Couch Tuner is Netflix. Netflix is not Free. Yet, millions of people around the world are obsessing over Netflix. Haven’t you heard the phrase, “Netflix and Chill”? You can pretty well say that today’s youth belong to the Netflix generation. Netflix has given online movie streaming a new recognition, and nobody can deny that.


You can stream movies, documentaries, TV shows, all at once on Netflix. Apart from these, the most tempting section on Netflix right now is, Netflix Originals. In this section, you would find small duration movies and TV shows which are exclusively created by Netflix. They are thoroughly entertaining and fascinating. Some of the popular Netflix original TV shows are, Stranger Things, Orange is The New Black, Narcos, 13 Reasons Why, Black Mirror and the list goes on and on.

Also, this site might be a premium one, but it charges you reasonably. There are three plans, namely Basic, Standard, and Premium. You get to watch an unlimited number of movies and TV shows in all three plans, just the picture quality differs. Also, no matter which plans you choose, you’ll get the first-month free trial benefit in all three plans.

You can stream Netflix on a laptop or desktop PC or phone or tablet. Therefore, there is no reason to say “NO” to this best Couch Tuner alternative.

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Hulu Couch Tuner 2.0

Hulu is quite a popular video streaming website. Hulu is a competitor to Netflix, and some of their features can give a tough competition to Netflix, no doubt. Hulu lets you watch movies and TV shows like any other name on this list. But their specialty is their subcategories. Like in TV shows segment, there are two subcategories. One is the Current- session TV, and the other is the Exclusive Past Sessions.

Now, if you watch TV shows, you would know, that there two types of binge-watching. The first type is just to catch up on new episodes of the latest season. And the second type is to watch and re-watch the old episodes. Like, I don’t remember how many times I’ve watched the episodes of F.R.I.E.D.S. That way, Hulu takes care of both types of my binge-watching. Another appealing feature of Hulu is their Live TV segment, where you can watch the latest games and matches. Hulu has a segment for kids as well. And finally, the Hulu originals section is one gem of a place. Like Netflix, Hulu, too, develops some unique shows with great contents.

But Hulu is not one of the free alternatives to Couch Tuner for online video streaming. They have two plans, the first one named Hulu comes for $5.99/ month with a 30-day free trial. And the second one named Hulu with Live TV comes for $39.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

If you can spend a little bit of money, then Hulu can be a great choice for you.

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Fmovies Couch Tuner

Fmovies is one of the free alternatives to Couch Tuner. This alternative, too, provides some sources or URLs for a movie, and you can watch them via those third-party sources. Media files here are arranged in the following categories, Genre, Country, Movies, TV series, Release and Most watched. They have an appealing Request section as well. The function of this section is to request for your favorite movie and TV show by providing your email-ID and the name or the IMDB link of the movie. Most of the movies and TV shows are accessible with nice picture quality and subtitles. Therefore, Fmovies is worth your try.

Website – https://fmoviesfree.net/


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PutLocker Couch Tuner

The next name in the list of alternatives to CouchTuner is PutLocker. This free online video streaming site has a lot of similarities with Fmovies. PutLocker has the following categories, Featured, Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, Years and Requests. Like Fmovies, this site too telecasts media from third-party sources. Each movie and TV series come with a convenient rating, based upon which you can decide which movie to watch, and which one to stay away from. PutLocker is free of cost as well.

But with all these benefits, a major drawback of both Fmovies and PutLocker is their pop-ups. They are not only irritating, in-fact some users find them harmful to their system.

Other than that, PutLocker is a nice substitute for Couch Tuner and worth your time.

Website – https://putlockertv.to/

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SolarMovie Couch Tuner

SolarMovie is quite similar to Fmovies and PutLocker as well, but where it shines brighter than the above two, is in terms of ease in its user interface. SolarMovie is a very user-friendly website where users don’t have to take much hassle of searching for a particular TV show or Movie. It is free and one of the most popular alternatives to Couch Tuner for online streaming. Their categories include, Genres, Movies, TV Series, Episodes, Featured and Top IMDB. You also have the option to request a movie or TV series, which does not include in their collection. Personally, I feel like their TV series collection is more in quantity than their movie collection.

Ad-pop ups are a problem for this site as well.

Website – https://thesolarmovie.co/

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Movie4U Couch Tuner

As the name suggests, Movie4U is one of those Couch Tuner alternatives, which has a huge number of movies in its collection but in terms of TV shows, they are far behind. Movies are arranged in the following segments, New Releases, Featured Movies, Latest Added, Latest HD movies, Genres and Coming soon. Their movie collection is a rich one, which contains movies of different genres and languages. You’ll readily get both latest and oldest movies on this site, without taking the pain of searching much.

The drawback with this free online video watching site is its pop-ups. Whenever you click on a certain category or movie, an irritating ad pop-up would get opened. Also, their lack of stock in TV shows drags them behind as these days, the hype around TV shows is more than that for movies.

Still, if you are solely a movie freak, then Movie4U is your Go-To option.

Website – http://www.movie4u.ws/

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Alluc Couch Tuner

Alluc is one of the best online video streaming site which is among the CouchTuner alternatives, but with a twist. Alluc basically works as a free search engine. If you can’t remember the names of so many sites, then just remember the name of only one, which is Alluc. If you want to watch a particular movie or TV show, then just give it a search in this site’s search bar. Alluc will provide you with links and URLs of those websites where you can directly watch or download movies and TV shows. The categories featured in this site are, Watch Movies and Watch TV shows. If you fail to keep track of the names of so many sites, then Alluc would work as your one-stop destination.

Website – http://alluc.la/

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Rainierland Couch Tuner

Next name in this list of alternatives to Couch Tuner, is Rainierland. Collection wise, this site stands in the middle, i.e., their collection is neither highest in this list, nor lowest in this list. This free streaming site has a larger stock of TV shows than movies.

Ad pop-ups are a problem, and users tend to leave this site as they fear the possibility of malware.

Website – https://www.rainierland.one/

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Popcornflix Couch Tuner

Popcornflix is a free movie streaming site and one of the alternatives to Couch Tuner. The uniqueness of this site is, it lets you watch movies, documentaries, their original web series, etc. at free of cost. That means Popcornflix is quite similar to Netflix but without any money. This makes Popcornflix an enticing streaming site for most of the users. In fact, they believe in creating future filmmakers, and they keep the potential new directors a platform to showcase their talent. The categories in this site are, Action, comedy, drama, horror, thriller, sci-fi, mystery, romance and Shout! Factory TV.

If you’re willing to make a career in the movie industry and if you nurture a special love for movies, then Popcornflix can be one of the best alternatives to Couch Tuner.

Website – https://www.popcornflix.com/

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Primewire is one of the free alternatives to Couch Tuner, where you can watch movies, TV shows, and music videos, all at once. They don’t telecast these shows directly, and they take the help of third-party sources to broadcast them on their website. I found a handful of downsides when I visited this site. Firstly, the ads are too annoying, and they pop from nowhere. Secondly, the theme of this website gives you a backdated feel. It’s not catchy at all. Finally, their TV show collection is not up to the mark. But that was my personal opinion. Primewire has its own set of fanbase, and you can give it a try as well.

Website – http://www.primewire.life/

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You Tube Couch Tuner

Though YouTube is the most renowned name on this list, yet it comes at the 11’th position in this list. That’s because YouTube cannot be called a direct alternative to Couch Tuner. You can’t watch the latest movies and TV shows in here; you can only watch the trailers. But old movies can be streamed on YouTube and can be downloaded as well. Apart from movies, YouTube has its own distinctive features. Like the diverse YouTube channels, where you can explore different types of contents, like make-up and hairstyling tricks, tech-related tutorials, food recipes, baking tips, and obviously funny videos. Also, YouTube is free, and there are no unnecessary ad pop-ups. The adds they bring can be skipped easily.

So, YouTube can very well be your daily dose of entertainment.

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Freeform Couch Tuner

Freeform is a lavishly designed site and one of the free alternatives to Couch Tuner. It is a part of the popular ABC network and can be enjoyed only in the USA. Freeform has a large collection of movies, but the TV shows they broadcast are typically their own. Some popular TV shows coming from Freeform itself, are Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, etc. Freeform has a look to die for, and it is quite a wonder for me that they don’t charge any money. Also, there are no unnecessary ads. So, what’s stopping you from signing in?

Website – https://freeform.go.com/

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Moviewatcher Couch Tuner

Moviewatcher is one of the nice online video streaming alternatives to CouchTuner, and it is completely free of cost. It gives you external links, and by clicking on them, you can stream various movies. TV shows can also be streamed on this site, but the collection is not very updated and many latest seasons are missing. You don’t need to register to stream movies from this site. Ad pop-ups are a problem, but other than that, Moviewatcher is a user-friendly site which you can watch out for.

Website – http://moviewatcher.is/

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Crackle - Alternatives to Couch Tuner

Crackle is surely going to appear whenever there’ll be a discussion regarding the free movie streaming sites. In the race of the free online video streaming sites, three players have been fighting for the top spot: Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. But at the moment, Crackle has also become one of the top contenders to be the leading video streaming sites. Sony Crackle has been around the industry for quite a period but now, it’s being noticed by the millions of online video streamers.

Launched in 2007, Crackle started making original contents from 2012. It is a completely free alternative to Couch Tuner and offers movies, TV shows, and original programming that rotate on a monthly basis. Yes, some ads may disturb you a bit but when all the contents come in $0, it’s quite difficult to ignore.

You will find every genre of movies and TV shows on Crackle from the likes of Comedy, Action, Crime, Horror, Sci-fi, and Drama. Crackle also comes with many device-support such as PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox One, 360, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Sony Blu-ray Players, etc. Crackle TV can also be watched by downloading its app on your mobile device. So, it’s hard to ignore Crackle if you are a regular video streamer. But one precaution is Sony Crackle is not available in all regions.

Website – https://www.sonycrackle.com/

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The Dare TV

The Dare TV - Couch Tuner Alternatives

If you are looking for a viable online video streaming site for watching movies and TV Series of different genres, The Dare TV is one of the best alternatives to Couch Tuner for its own reasons. The Dare TV is a website which offers streaming the latest movies, TV Series, and episodes completely free of cost. It does not directly host the shows, rather, the streaming platform offers you the link which will lead you to the main site where the particular video is hosted.

The Dare TV is immensely easy to use and contains a large array of shows. This streaming platform is not a program that runs on the computer or mobiles. Instead, it is a website which can easily be accessed regardless of the device you use without downloading and installing anything. You will find a range of movies and TV shows on the platform which instantly increases its attraction and fascination in the movie and TV show lovers who want to come back home and stream videos.

Website – https://www.thedarebox.com/

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AZ Movies

AZ Movies - Best Alternative to Couch Tuner

AZ Movies or A to Z Movies comes with the online movie and TV show streaming service that focuses on offering you the new HD releases. Unlike most of the sites you would find based on online video streaming, AZ Movies offers a high-quality interface and the HD videos (1080p). The quality of videos offered on AZ Movies makes the site immensely popular amongst the most popular forums including Reddit where this website is often recommended for video streaming.

AZ Movies does not host any content on their own server. Rather they scrape the other sites and link out to content on OpenLoad and others which prevent them to step into any kind of threat regarding piracy. So, if you are rummaging for a Couch Tuner alternative which has a large collection of movies and TV Shows and also offers good quality, AZ Movies is the platform your heart is seeking for. So, streaming nerds, tighten your seatbelts and get ready for an amazing journey to the world full of uninterrupted movies and TV Shows, called AZ Movies.

Website: https://azmovies.xyz/

While concluding, I must tell you that, be very careful of the free streaming sites. These sites get blocked very frequently, and then they come with different prefixes. Hence, you got to be alert, so that you don’t log in to a site which is full of malware and virus.

Other than that, you can give all these CouchTuner alternatives a try as each of them can be your companion in your spare time.

So, Happy Watching!