Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Music Service is Better?

apple music vs. spotify
By Tapas Pal Updated

Music is not an option, it is like that mandatory medicine, which helps us in keeping up with the difficulties of every-day life. A perfect life is a myth and we all need some kind of energy to struggle with the catastrophes which life brings to us. While different people have different ways to deal with the rough phases, music is probably the most common way out.

Now with all the smartphones around, listening music has even become easier. And if we’re talking about music, then we’re bound to remember two apps, Spotify and Apple Music. Coming from a not-so-famous Swedish developing house, Spotify has won over the music industry in a very short span of time. Apple Music too has shown a tremendous growth since it was launched.

However, as a dedicated listener, you have every right to know which one of them is better and worth your money (as both of these apps have got premium versions). So, let’s find out who wins the Apple Music vs. Spotify battle.

Apple Music vs. Spotify: A Never-Ending Battle

Following are the factors which would help us in determining the winner of the Apple Music vs. Spotify battle.

Music Library
spotify vs. apple music

Any music addict would always look for the collection of soundtracks when it comes to choosing a music streaming app. If you choose Spotify, you would get more than 30 million songs to choose from, and with tons of new additions each day. You get to shuffle the available songs in various filters, like, Albums, Artists, Genres and so on. Also, Fridays are the best days for the Spotify fans; as on each Friday, they add the newly released tunes to their music library. Spotify also has a fair share of recommendations, which are renewed every Monday.

The music library of Apple Music is vast. And when we say vast, we definitely mean bigger than Spotify. With 40 million-plus songs, Apple Music spoils you with choices. In fact, some of the biggest musicians have released their albums on Apple Music.  And very recently, the addition of iTunes has made Apple Music even more striking to the listeners. Recommendation wise too Apple Music scores better. While Spotify keeps suggesting you the same kind of songs, Apple Music invites you to listen to diverse genres under their “For You” tab, be it rock, or folk or hip-hop.

So, this section of the Apple Music vs. Spotify battle belongs to Apple Music.

Audio Texture

Once a music addict is satisfied with the music collection, they would look for the audio quality. Spotify has three modes of playing audio; they are the Normal or Automatic mode (which automatically adjusts the audio quality according to your data connection), the High mode and the Extreme mode. The free version only gets the Automatic mode while premium users can choose from the three.

Apple Music, on the other hand, has a single audio mode with a speed as high as 256Kbits/sec. The listeners don’t have an option to choose.

We highly prefer personalization and therefore we select Spotify as the winner in this section of the Apple Music vs. Spotify battle.

User Interface (UI)
apple music vs. spotify premium

A neat and simple UI is what every listener prefers, be it for a mobile application or the PC version. And when you’re using Spotify you can be relaxed about that. As Spotify has a clean UI and it is very easy to play or search a song. With three main categories named, Main, Your Music, and Playlists and a bunch of subcategories under each of these categories, Spotify makes listening music even more comfortable. You can give instructions like, “Play Hero by Enrique” and the song would be played right away. This happens because of the addition of Amazon Echo.

Apple Music used to be quite a messed-up app. Now it has developed a bit with the addition of Music Library in the home page and several other categories like Playlists, Albums, Downloaded Music, Artists etc. and their exclusive “For You” section gives you recommendations on the type of songs you should hear.

Due to its simplicity, Spotify wins this section of the Spotify vs. Apple Music war.

Social Connectivity
spotify vs. apple music

Socializing is one of those trends which has become an integrated part of every app, be it a shopping app or a gaming app. Why would the music streaming apps lag behind? Spotify, therefore, makes an eclectic mix of music and social media. On Spotify, you can see other people’s playlist, follow them, like and comment on their activities and what not! In fact, a few months back, Spotify had the chatting option as well, but recently they removed it with the claim that most of the users don’t use this feature.

Apple music has a feature called Connect. Through Connect you can only connect those musicians whose songs are topping the charts. You can follow them and comment on their posts. They also have the option of responding (but they hardly do).  Sadly, Apple Music’s social features are limited to Connect only.

So, the winner of this section of the Apple Music vs. Spotify battle clearly is, Spotify.

Downloading Ability

No matter how much popular online music streaming becomes, some listeners would always prefer listening music offline. And for them, it is a must that they get to download songs from these music apps. On the premium version of Spotify, it is possible to download up to 3,333 songs on at most three devices.

Alternatively, for Apple Music, there is a confusion. On their Homepage, it is written that listeners can download up to 100000 songs, but their Service policy states that downloading songs is not possible on Apple Music or iTunes.

We as listeners prefer least confusions and more clarity, and that’s why our vote goes to Spotify.

Bonus Features
spotify vs. apple music

Both Spotify and Apple Music hold some exclusive features of their own.


  • Spotify not only lets you stream music, but it lets you connect with your friends through music. You can share your playlist with your pals, edit your playlists together etc. but all these are possible for the songs which are available on your weekend’s playlist.
  • Also, Spotify makes a unique playlist just for you on every Monday based on the songs you’ve heard all weekend. They name it, “Discover Weekly”. In fact, this playlist reloads itself every Monday and if you want to replay any of those songs, you need to save them.
  • Another interesting feature of Spotify is the Crossfade function. It reduces the space among the songs on your playlist and lets you enjoy music in a better way.

Apple Music:

  • Apple Music too has its own set of unique features. The top one being its 24×7 radio station streaming. You can hear both songs and interviews of renowned singers and DJs on this section.

We find the bonus features of Spotify more versatile than that of Apple music, and hence we announce Spotify as the winner of this round in the Apple Music vs. Spotify war.


Pricing is undoubtedly the ultimate decision-making factor. While Spotify is a freemium app, Apple Music is totally a premium app.

For Spotify, the premium plan is definitely a better option as it is completely ad-free and comes with various other perks. Post 3-month long trial, you need to pay $9.99/month. Students are eligible for a discount and only require to pay $4.99/month. There is a family plan for $14.99/month which can be enjoyed by a maximum of five persons.

The charges of Apple Music are quite similar to that of Spotify. Post 3-month free trial, Apple Music charges $9.99/month and for students, the charge is $4.99/month. But when it comes to the family plan, Apple Music beats Spotify by charging $14.99/month for seven persons.

This round is like a tie for us. Spotify shines because it holds a free plan, and Apple Music shines because its family plan is cheaper. So, there is no winner, no loser in this round.

The Final Verdict

Out of the seven rounds, Apple Music wins only one; and apart from the last round which is a tie, we have a clear winner and that is Spotify. From being a completely unheard name to becoming the emperor of the music industry, Spotify has come a long way. Though Apple Music has a bigger collection of songs under its hood, Spotify is not too far either. Therefore, if music is your biggest relaxation and you’re confused about choosing the right app, you can go for Spotify.