Best Apps like Showbox to Stream Exciting Contents

apps like showbox
By Soma Banik Updated

For any movie lover, Showbox is like a blessing. This is an app for Android that allows streaming of movies and TV shows. This app is considered to be the best because it allows users to watch HD movies at zero cost. Anything latest in the genre can be found on Showbox. This beautiful portal helps users to stream shows, videos to their tablets, smartphones and sometimes to desktop computers. Now, if you are looking for alternatives to Showbox that can provide you equally amazing contents, this article is a perfect match for you. This article will cover the best apps like Showbox.

Best Apps like Showbox

Here, we are going to list down all the apps like Showbox that would stream some brilliant shows to your portable device. If you somehow feel that Showbox has something missing. Then we are pretty sure these apps would bridge the gap. Now, without much ado, let us focus on the list.

playbox apps like showbox

This app will always be the best choice on the list of best apps like Showbox. You would be surprised to know that PlayBox HD has exactly the same features like Showbox except for the former’s bluish theme.

This app allows the viewers to stream HD contents without any cost. The owners do not offer any premium versions to provide additional features. The picture quality delivered is full of clarity and high-definition.

Users need to sideload the app on their devices. Playbox has its own official site from where anyone can download the APK file for installation.

Recently, the creators of this app released another venture named CinemaBox which portrays similar features.

Sometimes, the app does not perform well. But, overall Playbox HD is one of the best options to go for.

movie box apps like showbox

Movie Box is another big name on the list of apps like Showbox. This free application software allows viewers to watch high-quality movies online and download on their devices.

This app possesses a lot of features similar to Showbox. But there is a big flaw because this app does not support any other language except English and Russian.  This might be problematic for some viewers comfortable in the local language.

Movie Box kind of forces viewers to watch trailers before streaming the actual movies. Hardcore movie lovers may find this disturbing and time-consuming.

Currently, this app is not available on Apple store, but with the help of third-party application, viewers can install this app. Overall, despite some cons Movie Box stands out to be one of the best apps like Showbox.

popcorn time apps like show box

Another leading name on the list of best apps like Showbox. Popcorn Time constantly streams movies and Tv shows from best torrents. If a certain movie or show is available, this app will find the best version for the user and will start streaming it.

This app is very handy while changing the interface and language swiftly. Any movie or show can be watched as many time as the viewer wants. Popcorn Time streams HD quality movies and shows. And ultimately the instant playback feature can save time for making popcorn. Popcorn Time also supports a lot of subtitle languages.

The only problem with the app is that this utility crashes often because of a bug, that has not been fixed yet.

But overall, Popcorn Time portrays some stunning features.

crackle apps like showbox

Crackle is another top-notch and popular apps like Showbox. It is known to be the one-stop destination for Hollywood movies, popular TV series, and Crackle originals which are absolutely free.

The app’s library is full of different genres like action, drama, comedy, fandom and many more. This app also allows its users to save or bookmark their favorite movies to watch later.

The top recommended videos are curated by the staff of Sony Pictures Studio in Hollywood. Viewers just need a free account to enjoy all these features.

As of now, the app updates all its movies and tv shows on a monthly basis, that means the contents would change only after 30 days. This is kind of disappointing for viewers who are always keen on watching new contents.

Crackle is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

For brilliant contents and HD quality, Crackle is one of the best entertainment apps available on the market.


sky hd apps like showbox

Sky HD is quite a popular name in the entertainment arena. There are very few high-quality apps like Showbox, Sky HD is undoubtedly one of them. This app allows its users to stream HD movies and TV shows for absolutely free of cost.

The picture quality is truly sky-high. This app has the simplest interface to navigate. There are many genres of movies available on the apps.

Viewers of Sky HD can change the resolution as per requirements. They can watch movies in 360p, 720p, and 1080p. This app is very light-weight, thus it does not affect system performance.

Sky HD is compatible with Chromecast, and thus viewers can broadcast their favorite movies on big screens. Currently, this app is not available on Google Play Store, but the APK file can be downloaded and installed.

This app is power packed with some amazing features that make the app state-of-the-art level.

terrarium tv apps like showbox

This modern age apps like Showbox is a great addition to this list. Like the previous apps, this one also streams high-quality movies and tv shows from various legit sites. Viewers can download their favorite movies offline.

This app supports multi-language subtitles. Viewers can customize subtitles any time. Users can also save their videos to favorites section to enjoy them later. After watching a particular episode, viewers can bookmark a particular episode with a single click.

Terrarium also supports Chromecast, so movies can be broadcast on big screens.

Currently, this app supports Android, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Chromecast. As a whole, Terrarium is a brilliant choice.

tubi tv apps like showbox

Tubi Tv is another big name in the market of apps like Showbox that offers a lot of amazing movies and TV shows. No hidden cost is involved with Tubi, users can stream thousands of HD quality video contents from studios like Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate etc. at zero cost.

Viewers just need to register and they are eligible to watch all the contents. This app has more than 40,000 movies in their database. All the movies are categorized into different genres.

Currently, this cute movie app is available for free on Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire, Apple, Samsung Smart tv, Sony Smart tv, PlayStation and also on the web.


hubi apps like showbox

Though there are plenty of amazing apps like Showbox, yet not all can stand out. Hubi is one such app which is always an honorable mention. This app allows you to stream any video and tv shows.

Hubi works differently because it asks for an URL. The user needs to copy the URL from where the movie or the show can be downloaded or played. Then the link needs to be pasted into the search bar of this app, This is definitely great because the process becomes fast and lag free.

Because this app is solely dependent on a proper internet connection. So, simultaneous streaming and watching may create some problems. It is better to download the show offline and then enjoy later on.

The free version of this app has some ads in it. But that can be removed by paying a very small amount. Hubi is currently available for Android and iOS. Overall, this app definitely deserves a mention on the list.

popcorn flix apps like showbox

Popcorn Flix is absolutely an amazing app that allows users to watch feature-length movies without any subscription fees. This app can stream over 700 films almost instantly, which is absolutely crazy.

This app adds new films every day. And viewers will find genres like horror, romantic, Bollywood, comedy and many more.

There are no limitations on watching contents. So, unlimited contents at zero cost, that is the beauty of Popcorn Flix.

The only con that might give viewers a headache is that the contents are country-specific. So, users may frequently find this popout saying ‘this movie is not for your country’.


hulu apps like showbox

Lastly, we are going to talk about a paid app. Hulu is a very popular name when talking about apps like Showbox. This app comes with a one-month free trial. Afterward, users can go for any monthly plan.

Users get unlimited access to streaming library with limited or almost no commercials (depends on the plan) with every plan. All seasons of exclusive tv series, movies, Hulu originals, and many more entertaining programs can be accessed through Hulu. This app is also compatible with Chromecast, that takes the streaming experience to another level.

Apart from Chromecast, Hulu can be enjoyed on iOS, Android, Xbox, Roku, Apple Tv, and Fire Tv.

Another interesting thing about Hulu is that all the plans offer 3 add-ons namely HBO, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX.

Users can change or cancel plans anytime. The app is web-based, that can be bothersome for some people.

But overall, undoubtedly Hulu is a worth-trying app.


There is no doubt that Showbox is a famous name in the pocket-entertainment industry. Similarly, the above-listed apps are all amazing in their own ways and all can easily compete with Showbox. Almost every app in the list is free except one or two. Overall, all these 10 apps are powerhouses of entertainments.