50+ Free Printable Attendance Sheet Templates

Printable Attendance Sheet Templates

Attendance sheet is a very useful thing in today’s life. Wherever you work whether you are in the office or in school or in college, there is always a need for this very useful sheet. Whether you are teaching old people in the workshop, or students in school, you need this small but non-ignorable material.

This very tool is very important to track the attendance patterns of the students and trainees. This tool helps to communicate with the students as well as their parents about discussing their habits of absence that could in long run affect their learning.

With the help of attendance sheet, we can access the performance of the students. With the help of attendance sheet, we can have a more accurate knowledge of the students. We can know whether the students are interested in the class or not. To what extent these students participate in the class activities. If the attendance of the students is not good in the class then we can also say that the teacher might not be able to create interest in the students. Attendance sheets help us to make the students get involved in class participation by taking proper steps.

Here we have published 50+ printable attendance sheets that will surely ease your work

attendance sheet

Attendance Sheet 01

20.22 KB

Attendance Sheet 02

18.82 KB

Attendance Sheet 03

Attendance Sheet 04

77.19 KB

Attendance Sheet 05

17.41 KB

Detention Sign-In Sheet 06

16.05 KB

Meeting Attendance Sheet 07

36 KB

Attendance Sheet 08

28.5 KB

Attendance Sheet 09

92 KB

Attendance Sheet 10

85 KB

 As we already know that attendance sheet is an official document where the names of people who have participated in a certain event (meeting, seminar, etc.…), are kept in a well-structured manner. This structured sheet helps to give all relevant and 100% accurate information that is useful to us and can be processed to give results when there is need of it.

The need of this attendance sheet or attendance list is to view the previous and current recorded data, information and to keep a record of your events/program so that you may know how many people have participated and how many didn’t, and to help in comparing with the invitations sent while preparing for the event. These printable attendance sheets will help you to see if your event was successful or not when you will compare with previous events held by you, and will eventually help you to improve when preparing for future events.

As attendance sheet can be needed daily, weekly or monthly depending on the type of need for example in schools and colleges there is need of attendance sheets daily. While in NGOs there is also need of attendance sheets and the need can vary according to the nature of the project going on. There might be possible that there is need of a variety of attendance sheets at the same time. So in this hectic schedule, nobody is ready to make attendance sheet format. So to ease your work here we are to serve you.

Yes, guys we are here to make attendance sheets for you. We are ready to make almost all types of attendance sheets. We can make daily, weekly, monthly, fortnight format of the sheet for the attendance purpose.

Attendance Sheet 11

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Attendance Sheet 12

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Attendance Sheet 13

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Attendance Sheet 14

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Attendance Sheet 15

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Monthly Class Attendance Sheet 16

15.65 KB

Track class attendance by the month. Change the month and year to update the dates in the spreadsheet. Count total attendance for each student and for the whole class. Keep track of tardy, excused, and unexcused absences.

Monthly Employee Attendance Sheet 17

14.62 KB

Attendance Sheet 18

18.83 KB

Attendance Sheet 19

276.64 KB

Attendance Sheet 20

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Printable Attendance Sheet Templates Salient Features

1. Less time on payroll

The most basic benefit of having attendance sheet is less time will be spent, both by employees and HR for tracking, recording and processing time spent working daily, weekly and monthly as well. By upgrading attendance sheet, any business can decrease workforce by 70%. Employees can focus on their jobs, instead of their task of accounting for themselves.

2. Time theft by the employees can be minimized

Time theft can be in any form like taking a longer lunch hour than allotted or punching in place of friends when they are late. The American Payroll Association estimates that over 75% of businesses lose money from time theft. Whether intentional or innocuous, time theft can be costly, and automated time and attendance systems can improve the business.

3. Bookkeeping task minimized

We cannot be completely perfect, whatever computational device can we have. Even the most experienced typist can make mistakes per 3000 words. On misplaced digit can make accounting error.Asking employees to remember exactly when they started and finished their work, not to mention accounting for breaks, lunches and other breaks would be impossible.

4. Keep employees well informed

It also helps the employee well informed about when they had taken leave. It also helps to allow employees to see their time records on demand that will help them see how well they’re utilizing their time at work. All these things will help to eliminate the inefficiencies at work.

5. Decrease time on paperwork

By using the excel attendance sheet we can decrease the time that would be spent on paperwork. Also, the excel attendance sheet is quite cost efficient. There is no need to spend money on pencil, pen notebook etc. Also, the workforce can be reduced to 85%.

6. Impartial judgment about the employee

We can keep track of records of all the employees. On the basis of our record, we can make an impartial judgment of all the employees. The attendance sheet is really very important for HR Department for any company for making impartial appraisals for the employees.

Attendance Sheet 21

64.47 KB

Attendance Sheet 22

14.74 KB

Attendance Sheet 23

31.79 KB

Attendance with time schedule (Monthly)

Maintain attendance of your employees with time in and time out. it gives you over view of the sheet at the end.

Attendance Sheet 24

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Attendance Sheet 25

33 KB

Attendance Sheet 26

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Attendance Sheet 27

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Attendance Sheet 28

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Attendance Sheet 29

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Attendance Sheet 30

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Benefits of Printable Attendance Sheet Templates

  1. The benefit of an attendance sheet is to keep a recorded data or information of an event in a well-structured manner.
  2. The second benefit of attendance sheet is to keep an accounting of people present at the event which you have organized.
  3. The third benefit is to compare those data with the prognostic so that you may know if your event was a success or not, that is quite beneficial to measure your performance.
  4. The attendance sheet will help in the future so that you can organize a better event which will be a success for you. And you can also involve the sponsors and the guests and others parties who are interested in the event held by you.
  5. The benefit of attendance sheet is that you have one list or sheet where all the names of the people dates attended, time, and others valuable information and data are recorded.
  6. Data is recorded in a well-structured and defined manner which are registered and help you to reduce the number of lists/pages that you need to have for future reference.
  7. You can access your information anywhere where you are and can process them if there is a need of it.
  8. Also, you can update data or information at any time and it can be done by anyone having the knowledge of the information or data even a party interested in the event.

Attendance Sheet 31

35 KB

Attendance Sheet 32

27 KB

Attendance Sheet 33

40.5 KB

Attendance Sheet 34

46 KB

Attendance Sheet 35

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How can you use attendance sheet ?

The use of attendance sheet depends on the following things:

  • Which kind or type of the attendance sheet is?
  • What is the need of the attendance sheet?
  • Who will process the concerned attendance sheet?

The attendance sheet is used to know how many students have participated and how many haven’t participated in any particular program.

While creating any attendance sheet, you need to understand the purpose of making the sheet and then set the criteria that you would use, so that it will be easy for you to process the attendance sheet at the time of working over the sheet. For example, you can use P for those who are present, A for absent people, U can be used for Unavailable ones and S for Sick people.

So on your personal computer, you must definitely have the names of the students or people participating in the event so that you can mark them according to the criteria already defined and set. There in the sheet you would need to make columns and rows so that it becomes easy for you to manipulate it, particularly it should be easily updatable by the person who needs to work or process over the sheet.

Attendance management by attendance sheet

The management of workplace attendance is a very crucial part of supervision in the workplace. The cost of absenteeism is greater than the direct payment of wages and benefits paid during the absence of the employees. Business must also keep in mind the indirect costs of staffing, scheduling, re-training, lost productivity, diminished morale, turnover, and opportunity cost etc. The indirect costs always exceed the direct cost of absenteeism.

The causes of absenteeism are many and we can take feedback and reasons of being absent:

  • serious accidents and illness
  • low morale
  • poor working conditions
  • boredom on the job
  • lack of job satisfaction
  • inadequate leadership and poor supervision
  • Personal problems like – financial, marital, substance abuse, child care, and elder care etc.
  • poor physique problem
  • inadequate nutrition
  • transportation problems
  • the availability of income protection plans
  • stress
  • excessive workload
  • employee discontent etc

Attendance Sheet 36

35.5 KB

Attendance Sheet 37

40.5 KB

Attendance Sheet 38

34 KB

Attendance Sheet 39

39.5 KB

Attendance Sheet 40

29.5 KB

Final Word

Our printable sheets are great for establishing a positive, organized management and to start getting into the habit of legitimizing and impartial attendance for any types of meetings, events, sports games, volunteer activities, and everything else you may have members for. But if you are truly ready to optimize your work at the workplace, meetings, and organizations on an event or meeting basis, we are here to help you. We will provide you simple, efficient solution you can even try for free.

Once you have attendance templates, we bet you would wonder why you would need more software to keep up with attendance. While paper sign-in sheets are essential starting tools, consider what they still can’t provide:

  1. Remote online access to membership databases
  2. Instant attendance data aggregation
  3. Complete contact information and profiles of all members in one place
  4. Instant group separation
  5. Instant mass communication
  6. Automated sign-ins and event management
  7. All the benefits of full automation and digital formatting

Improving your cause for today…..for free:

Whether your cause is community-based, charity work, or for personal profit or educational purpose, we provide you all the solution for not just monitoring attendance, but our sheet would, in fact, help you in assessing participation and recruitment success too?

Feel free to continue to use our exclusive attendance sheet templates for all your needs. But keep in mind if your cause could benefit from the

  1. Digital attendance records,
  2. Full automation of meetings and events,
  3. Complete attendee profiles,
  4. Mass communication between staff members and attendees,
  5. Online records and sign-ins,
  6. Aggregated attendance data and tracking,
  7. And much, much more …

We hope you guys enjoy and make great use of these 50 attendance sheets templates. We have tried to make almost each and every type of attendance sheets that can serve your purpose. However feel free to contact us if you need other than these attendance sheets, we are always ready to support your work and business.

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