Backup Gmail Inbox Online in The Cloud

Backup Gmail
By Tapas Pal Updated

Backing up your Gmail account on your local computer is easy. Enable POP access in your Gmail account, set up Thunderbird and done. But for a local hard drive, it’s not a matter of if but when it will crash! So, what about the backing up your Gmail inbox to the cloud. Today, we will show you how to backup Gmail inbox online in the cloud.

Why backup Gmail Inbox

You can trust Google to provide you 100% uptime. But uptime won’t make any difference if your Gmail account get’s hacked – will it? What if someone hacks into your account and deletes all your emails. All your important emails will be gone unless you have a backup. When it comes to security, nothing beats backup.

Backup to another Gmail Account

Easy and free – you can backup your existing Gmail account to another Gmail account. Start with enabling POP support in your current Gmail account.

Login to your Gmail account and go to your Settings

Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and select Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded)

enable POP support in Gmail

Also, set what should happen When messages are accessed with POP.

Next, get yourself a new Gmail account. Login to your new Gmail account. Go to the Settings and visit the Accounts and Import tab.

Click Add a POP3 mail account you own and provide the details of your other Gmail account.

add POP3 mail account

If you are having trouble setting this up, then check the official guide available here.

Once setup, all your emails from the other Gmail account will be imported to your new Gmail account using Gmail’s Mail Fetcher feature. You will also receive new emails from your other account right in your new inbox.

Depending on how large your inbox is, it may take a few days before all your data get imported.

Backup Gmail to

If backing up a Gmail account in another Gmail account is not your thing then try Importing Gmail account is now easier than ever before. First, signup for Create an alias if you are already using a Microsoft account with Windows, OneDrive or Xbox.

Run the import wizard. import wizard

The import wizard will help you migrate existing emails from your Gmail account. It will also walk you through the steps needed to receive future Gmail messages in your account.

Backup to Backupify

Backupify is the leading cloud backup provider for the cloud. Backupify provides a backup solution for popular cloud platforms like Google Apps, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Features include automated backup, one-click restore, top notch security and much more. Depending on your subscription plan, 1 to 3 automated backups will be available. On demand additional backup is also available.

If you don’t mind spending bucks for convenience, then sign up for a Backupify account, authenticate Backupify to access your Google Apps account and forget it. The Backupify servers will pull all your Google cloud data and store them in their own cloud servers. For a large Google account, it may take some time before the initial backup is complete.