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Bandwidth Place
By Hrishi Updated

Now, many of us are not aware what actually is a bandwidth, they hear it in internet connections all the time but do not know the meaning etc. Don’t worry we will guide you though. Bandwidth place is the name of the website. It is one of a few advanced internet speed testing website that uses modern technology to check your connection. It is very simple to use. You have to just click on a single button and the rest will be done by the website itself.

Bandwidth is the range of frequencies that are used to transfer a signal. This is usually seen in an internet service. In other words, it refers to the speed that the internet service provides for transmission of data like for upload and download of files etc. which takes place online and to check its speed and to see that did your internet provider provided what he promised the following site can prove to be really helpful.

What is Bandwidth place?

Bandwidth place is a bandwidth testing website that lets your check your internet connection speed without the use of any high – tech, not – understandable language or graphs that leave us in awe. This page simply lets you test the upload and the download speed and shows you your speed results in the end in a very attractive yet decent graphical form with the use of good colors that catch the eye.

The technology used by this site is HTML5 which is a new technology in this industry and has a big positive edge over other such websites that do not use HTML5. HTML5 can directly operate your mobile phone. As well as your computer or laptop without the need of any plugins that are used by the Flash and Java operated sites. Like doesn’t it make us angry if we see that the plugin is not supported? Come on man, in the 21st century with quite advanced technology you are giving us a website that uses plugins and we have to update them timely, messed up. With the best evolution of sites like bandwidth place, and which uses HTML5 this industry has gone to a whole new level, there is a need of updating your sites.

Anyways, Bandwidth place downloads random non-malicious stuff onto your system to check the speed.  It gives a detailed result in the end of the test which is completely human – friendly.  And it is very easy to understand to all irrespective of his involvement in the tech world etc. Moreover, the graphics of the page are too good.

Other than the use of HTML5 and top graphics there is another advantage of using this site. Bandwidth place lets you keep your internet test speed. Yes, you heard me right. You can download the speed in the form of an image on your mobile or your computer. Even you can get a link to the result.

You can choose from four available server options or can even let the website automatically decide which one will be the best for you depending upon your location.

Pros and cons of bandwidth place: –

Pros –

  1. The biggest advantage is the use of HTML5. This makes the website usable on any device without the use of installing or updating plugins.
  2. Use of great graphics makes it really interesting for the users.
  3. The website is accessible to both mobile and computers.
  4. It is very easy to use as you just have to click a button and you will find the result.
  5. You can download the results and store it for future reference on your computer. The site also provides an option to share them if you want.

Cons –

  1. The site does not allow you to make an account on the website and store the results there itself. You can only download the results.
  2. The number of servers used is a little less in number as compared to other such websites which run a massive number of servers.

Personal Review: –

Bandwidth place is a fairly decent website for checking your internet speed. If you would like to know your upload and download speed only then this is the one to go for. Moreover, like the website etc. which lets you compare the best information with other internet service providers and companies. It also shows your average compared to the country’s average speed, bandwidth place does not have such feature. It is a basic testing site that uses HTML5 which is accessible to any device and does not need plugins. Coming to the positive side, this site is really helpful if you have to check the speed from your browser that does not support flash or java etc. plugins.

On the other hand, where other such websites let you make an account on the site for future references this website does not have this feature. Though you can download the image of your result and use it to compare with the future results.

With proper testing, we further came to know that other website that uses HTML5 like or Those offer a more accurate result in the terms of speed as compared to bandwidth place.

Overall, like any other such website, Bandwidth place too has a mixed opinion review where the people are in favor as well as in opposition to the site. It was really confusing to decide the winner. So we decided to take help from you guys and leave the decision to you. Comment down below if you liked the website or not and we will pick whether the site won or not very soon.

And as usual, if you have doubts or queries then please comment down in the comment section. We will definitely try to solve them for you. Discussions or suggestions are more than welcome. You can also tell us your experience with bandwidth place.