12 Best Android Music Players for Listening Music With Ease

best Android music player
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While most of the music addicts are moving to music streaming services like, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora etc. there are some old school music lovers who still enjoy listening to songs which are pre-downloaded on their devices. If you belong to the second group then we have something decent in store for you. We would list some of the best Android music players in order to keep you attached to your favorite soundtracks.


Best Android Music Players for Keeping Your Music Fever on

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best music player for android

The first best Android music player we would talk about is, n7player. The specialty of this Android music player is its out-of-the-box user interface. Songs are organized in this app in a scattered manner so that you can reach your favorite soundtrack without much searching. The next best feature of this music player is, it supports literally all media formats, be it, MP3 or OGG or XMF or MID or MP4 etc.

And if personalization is what you prefer, then too you get enough options as you can change themes, widgets and what not! Additionally, with the 10-band equalizer, this best music player for Android makes sure that you get to enjoy music to the fullest.

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best free music player for android

If simplicity is what you cherish, then BlackPlayer is possibly the best Android music player you can choose. There is hardly any difficulty in this app; all you can expect is an ad-free user interface, customizable widgets, themes, fonts, built-in equalizer and the ID3 Tag Editor which lets you edit your playlist according to your preference.

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Pi Music Player

best music player android

The next best Android music player which is also free to use is Pi Music Player. This skillfully constructed music player comes with all the essential features which are a must for any music player. It includes a 5-band equalizer, a cool ringtone cutter which can cut any mp3 file, a sleep timer, some sleek themes, smart widget support and so on. Additionally, it comes with the cross-platform sharing feature named Pi power share. This music player grabs a rating of 4.8 in Google play store, which clearly depicts how popular it is among the users.

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Now we would talk about another best music player for Android, named, Pulsar. If you desire a simple yet vivid music player for listening music on your Android phone, then you have to install Pulsar. Apart from the sleek user interface, its other features include Chromecast support, Last.fm scrobbling, various themes, sleep timer, unlimited playback support and so on. With a 5-band equalizer, Pulsar too is counted among the best Android music players.

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Another best Android music player which comes with a shining design and a smart user interface is named Phonograph. With a cool 4.4 Google Play rating, this free Android music player makes quite a mark in the hearts of its users. Its popular features are, a simple user interface, tag editor, some classic customizable options, Last.fm integration and what not!


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Neutron Player

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Neutron music player, which is not that popular, does all it takes to make itself a best Android music player. It has a never-ending feature list, the best ones being, HD audio quality with 32/64-bit processing, large audio file support, Chromecast support, 4-30 band Parametric Equalizer, sleep timer and so on. Additionally, it supports possibly every music formats, be it MP1 or MP2 or OGG or MOV and so on.

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jetAudio music player is available for both free and paid downloads and the difference lies between the two in terms of features. While the free version of this best Android music player has some basic features like, tag editor, 20-band Graphic equalizer, a pitch shifter, playback speed control etc. the paid version comes with the above features along with a set of other cool features; like, Crossfading, Bluetooth headphone button control, Last.fm integration and so forth. The paid version of this best Android music player app would cost you around $4.

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The next best Android music player on our list is, Poweramp music player. It has a trial version, which is a free Android music app and holds several pleasant features, like crossfade support, tag editor, a fast scan of the music library and extreme customization features, four functional widgets and so forth. The paid version comes for $1.02.

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Another best Android music player which comes in both free and paid versions is called MediaMonkey. The pro version costs only $3.67 and holds some additional features like Wi-Fi pairing, high-level of configuration benefits, folder browsing etc. along with the regular features.

On the other hand, the free version too is quite rich in terms of its features, like, sleep timer, bookmark support, playlist support, lock screen support and so on. If you’re looking for only the basic features, and don’t enjoy much hype, then the free version would offer you enough features.

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best music player for android

Shuttle music player offers you both free and paid features and manages a smart 4.5 rating to establish itself as a best Android music player. The free app offers you a simple user interface, 6-band equalizer, sleep timer, Last.fm integration, multiple themes etc.

The paid version provides you some additional features like Chromecast support, ID3 tagging, Folder browsing etc. It comes for $2.68.

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The next best Android music player we would talk about is, PlayerPro. For only $1 you get a lot of happening features, like, tag editing, import and export options, choice of 2 lock screens and 5 home screen widgets, a sleep timer and so on. There is a free version as well. But the paid version costs too less and comes with more promising features, so if you’re a true music lover, you can opt for the paid version.

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Special Mention – Google Play Music

best music player for android

Finally, we would end our list with that best Android music player which comes pre-downloaded with your Android phone, and that is Google Play Music. In fact, Google Play Music now lets you stream music online from its vast music library along with offline listening. This best free Android music player comes with some rich features and is available in iOS and web versions as well.

There are some features which you can access only if you subscribe to this app, like, YouTube membership, ad-free user interface etc.

These were the best Android music players we prefer. So, keep listening music as music soothes your soul and helps you overcome the difficult phases of your life.