15 Best Anime Sites To Watch Anime Online

best anime sites
By Tapas Pal Updated

Anime movies and TV shows are primarily based on Japan but Anime addicts are scattered in every part of the world. A true Anime addict would prefer streaming Anime movies and TV series over regular movies, any day.

And it is quite evident that Anime lovers are always looking for sites where they can stream Anime, without being worried. And now that, streaming movies and TV shows have become a top trend, why on earth would the Anime freaks lag behind?

So, Anime lovers, buckle up! We are bringing you a list of best Anime sites so that you can stream your favorite Anime shows anytime and anywhere you prefer.

 Best Anime Sites To Watch Out For

Anime Websites Hulu
Hulu web portal

You might have heard about Hulu already as it is one of the best movies and TV show streaming sites. But did you know that this premium website has a separate section dedicated to Anime? Hulu has an envious collection of Anime. Anime movies are disseminated in categories like Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance and so on.

They have tons of Anime shows to binge on as well. But Anime download is not possible on this site. Also, post free trial, you have to choose between two plans namely, Hulu ($5.99/month) and Hulu Live TV ($39.99/month). Though premium, Hulu is undeniably one of the best Anime sites.

Anime Sites AnimeHeaven
Anime-Heaven Web Portal

The next name in the list of best Anime sites is AnimeHeaven. This Anime site is like a wonderland for the Anime freaks as it has numerous number of Anime and over 100 genres to choose from.

The facts that it is one of the free Anime sites and downloading of Anime movies and TV shows is also possible here, make it even more popular among the viewers. It supports the Windows 7,8 and 10 versions as well as Mac. But the frequent ad pop-ups might irritate the viewers.

best anime websites KissAnime
KissAnime Web Portal

KissAnime is an extremely admired and one of the best Anime sites. They let you stream both Anime movies and TV shows in possibly the best picture quality and that too at free of cost. Any binge watcher would judge a streaming site on the basis of good picture quality, better sound quality, speed and an enriched Anime collection, and KissAnime ticks all these boxes.

You can watch Anime on this site without signing up, but if you want to download an Anime movie or show, or take part in their Forum’s discussions, you have to register with them. KissAnime supports HTML5. Hence you can stream Anime shows on your smartphones as well. It is indeed one of the best Anime sites.

Anime site Crunchy Roll
Crunchy-roll Web Portal

Crunchyroll is one of those Anime streaming sites which is completely legal. You won’t have to bear the pain of ad pop-ups, and you can stream Anime all day long. This one is a freemium Anime site, that means it has both free and premium plans.

The premium plan is not very costly either. Post 14-day free trial, you would have to pay only $6.95/month to enjoy continuous streaming. Crunchyroll has four sections, namely, shows, Manga, News, and Forums. Their collection of Anime movies and TV shows are quite vast. Crunchyroll has their own mobile app and online Anime DVD store.

NOTE: Manga is another kind of Japanese styled comics. They too have a huge fan base like that of Anime.  They were created in Japan, back in the 19th century.

best anime streaming sites GoGo Anime
GoGo Anime Web Portal

GoGoAnime is one of the best Anime sites to watch Anime online and that too for free. They have a collection to kill for. The categories in GoGoAnime include Anime list, New season, Movies and Popular.

But the best feature of GoGoAnime probably is the fact that, it broadcasts Japanese language Anime with English subtitles; making it simpler for viewers who don’t understand Japanese language but crave for Anime. You can download the GoGoAnime app on your Android or iOS phones and stream Anime movies for hours.

watch anime online sites Sidereel
Sidereel Web Portal

Sidereel is another familiar name, residing on the list of best Anime sites. It lets you stream Anime movies and shows for free. Sidereel is basically a movie and TV show streaming site which has a separate section for Anime.

This is not a legal site and broadcasts Anime shows from third-party sources. So, if authenticity is a matter of concern for you, then you better avoid this site. But other than that, their Anime collection is quite large, containing both Japanese and Korean Anime movies and TV series.

Watch Anime anime-plus
Anime Plus Web Portal

The next name is AnimePlus, which happens to be one of the free Anime sites.  The categories on this Anime website include Anime series, Movies and Dubbed Anime. Also, there is an option of searching Anime alphabetically. In the “Daily Update” section, you can get the latest updates of the Anime world, without signing up. AnimePlus is, therefore, one decent site to watch Anime online.

best site to watch Anime Anime Season
Anime Season Web Portal

Anime Season is one of the best Anime sites, and where it shines brighter than other free Anime sites is, this site has the least number of commercials. Also, this site scores high on sophistication. Every viewer prefers an Anime streaming site, where simplicity and ease are given primary importance. And this site is a great one that way.

Also, this site gives user rating a high level of preference and organizes shows based on user ratings; that means, an Anime series with high user rating occupies a better rank. Downloading facility is also available on this site.  Anime lovers, to binge on both latest and old Anime shows, rush to Anime Season!

Anime streaming sites Chia Anime
Chia Anime Web Portal

The next go-to place to watch Anime is Chia-anime. It is one of the best Anime sites, and the finest feature of this site is, they upload latest seasons and episodes of any Anime series faster than any other Anime streaming sites, mentioned in this list.

Anime on this site are organized in various conventional genres, namely, adventure, mystery, comedy, romance etc. and also in some unconventional genres, like, Demons, Slice of life, Aliens, Sports, Ninja and so on. Hence, you would get the taste of both conventional and quirky Anime. Needless to say, it is one of the free Anime sites, but the dashboard of this site is a bit chaotic.

dubbed Anime HD 9anime
9Anime Web Portal

If you’re not happy with just English subtitles and looking for an Anime streaming site which broadcasts HD Anime dubbed in English language, then 9Anime is your place to go for. You can both stream and download Anime for free on this site. The categories include genre, newest, last update, ongoing, types, schedule, and request.

The last two categories, namely, Schedule and Request provide you some unique features. On the Schedule section, you can check the upcoming Anime movies and shows to be aired on 9Anime. And on clicking the “Request” button, you may request for an Anime of your choice. They do their best to fulfill your request and bring the Anime you have asked for.

top anime sites Soul Anime Web Portal
Soul Anime Web Portal

The next position of this list of best Anime sites is occupied by Soul-Anime. This free Anime site has a neat portal where you can easily search for your favorite Anime. There are several unique genres like Assassins, Girls with Guns, Space, School etc. along with the common ones. Anime movies can be searched alphabetically as well. This free Anime website is, therefore, a top choice for Anime addicts because of its simplicity and clarity.

Sites to watch Anime Anime Lab
Anime Lab Web Portal

The best thing about AnimeLab is that it is a free and legal Anime streaming site. This kind of sites are rare and therefore a hot favorite among the Anime addicts. But the worst thing about AnimeLab is it is only accessible to the citizens of Australia and New Zealand. Other than that, there’re hardly any flaws. You are getting a legal as well as a free Anime site, what more do you want?

best free anime sites Anime Nova
Anime Nova Web Portal

Anime Nova is one of the best Anime sites to stream Anime movies and TV shows online. It is a free site with a clean user interface and some versatile categories. There are some annoying commercials and ad pop-ups, but other than that, it can be a decent site for every Anime addict.

good anime sites Funimation
Funimation Web Portal

Funimation is one of the best Anime sites which is legal and limited to the users of US only. They have an enhanced collection of Anime movies and TV shows. Register today and stream Anime in both dubbed and original versions.

Anime Watching Sites Anime Seed
Anime Seed Web Portal

The final name in this list is Anime Seed. it is one of the best Anime sites where you can stream as well as download Anime for free. Other than having an incredible collection of Anime movies and shows, you can take part in various discussions in the Forum section. They publish some skillfully written articles on Anime and provide the facility of chatting. But to enjoy these facilities, you need to register with them.

These are the best Anime sites which we prefer watching Anime from. But while summing up, I must remind you that, some of these sites are not legal, and some sites come with too many ad pop-ups. These ads are not only frustrating, they are quite harmful to your device as well. So, beware of which site you are choosing.