20 Best Anime of All Time Which You Would Enjoy Watching

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By Tapas Pal Updated

Anime is much more than just a typical Japanese animation or cartoon. In fact, for a true Anime addict, Anime is an emotion. Let’s face the fact, that this special form of Japanese artwork has become a part of global cinema. And if you have not yet watched a single Anime movie or TV series, you are missing out on something literally wonderful.

Here we have come up with a list of best Anime movies and TV series. Hopefully, both Anime addicts and Anime newbies would enjoy watching them.

Best Anime Series to Binge On

Death Note (2006-2007)
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If you are talking about best Anime series and not mentioning Death Note, then you are doing a crime. With only one season, 37 episodes and after almost 12 years, Death Note still remains the best Anime series of all time.

The plot of this show revolves around a high school student (Who is not a typical good boy), who invents a magical notebook. The secret of this notebook is that, if you write someone’s name in it, they die! How captivating is that? In this context to be mentioned, in 2017, Netflix tried to recreate Death Note and failed terribly.

Cowboy Bebop (1998-2003)
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The next best Anime series in Cowboy Bebop. This show too had only one season, but that one season is still enough to keep the Anime lovers hooked. It tells the journey of a courageous hunter Spike Spiegel and his friends. This Anime series has all the elements which make an Anime series evergreen, be it creepiness, or some dark humor, a bit of romance, strong action and what not! This is one intriguing watch.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988-1997)
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Another iconic name in the list of best Anime series is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It aired from 1988 to 1997, and has a total of four seasons and 110 episodes. It tells the story of a war between two major kingdoms and the values and ideologies they possess. Give yourself a break from the regular shows, and try this one for once. you won’t regret watching it as it is one of the best Anime of all time.

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (1999-2000)
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Set in the 1860s, when the Bakumatsu Revolution was taking place in Japan, this top Anime series tells a fierce story of both love and betrayal. With only one limited season, this series had left its mark in the heart of the Anime lovers. A lot of us still seek more.

Naruto (2002-2007)
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Naruto is one of the top Anime of all time and it ruled the Japanese TV screens from 2002 to 2007. It tracks the journey of young Ninja Naruto Uzumaki. From being the host of a demonic fox to being humiliated by the villagers, Naruto had seen it all. This show, set in the Japanese village Konoha, shows the ups and downs of Naruto’s life and how he ends up surviving. This show featured for only one season and 220 episodes, but all of them were exhilarating enough for the Anime lovers to crave for more.

Attack on Titan (2013-Present)
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Set in a fantasy world, Attack on Titan imagines a time when humanity is almost diminished and some man-eating monsters known as Titans are reigning the world. It is the story of how an almost lost set of humans fight back to regain their position. This series already has three seasons and more seasons are on the way.

Restaurant to Another World (2017)
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If you’re done with watching the retro ones and looking for some recent best Anime to watch, you better watch Restaurant to Another World. Though only a season old, this Anime has created enough buzz already. It tells the story of Restaurant Nekoya, which serves both Japanese and Western food and is open on the weekdays.

But the mystery here is, Nekoya is secretly opened on Saturdays, as it welcomes dragons, elves, animal-men and other fantastic creatures coming from a different fantasy world. If you are a die-hard foodie and also enjoy watching Anime, then this is the ultimate show which could turn out to be the best Anime ever, for you. In all the 14 episodes which have aired, they have displayed some delicious looking foods and recipes. To get the taste of some animated food and to enjoy an out-of-the-box Anime TV show, you can totally watch this one.

Alice & Zouroku (2017)
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Another recent Anime series which started off as a typical action Anime but soon settled in to become a sweet parenting Anime (which is now a trend by the way!) is Alice & Zouroku. It tells the story of Sana, a little girl with supernatural powers. Within a very short span of time, this top Anime series became a hit among the viewers.

Sana was initially part of a research lab because of her unconventional powers called, “Alice’s Dreams”. Soon she fled away from there and met a weird yet kind man Zouroku, who took Sana to his place. This show focusses on Sana’s journey, how from being a complete loner, she becomes the part of a loving family. I got a bit of Stranger Things vibe ( Remember Eleven?) but it is one lovely show with full of warmth.

Tsukigakirei (2017)
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The next best Anime TV series of recent times is Tsukigakirei. If romance is your favorite genre, then get ready to watch an awkward yet cute love-story of two teenagers. With only 13 episodes, this series depicts the struggles and excitements of young lovers beautifully.

Two teenagers who go to Middle school fall for each other. This leads to some uncomfortable silences, excitements over messages, struggles in expressing each others’ feelings and a lot of other teenage confusions, which are actually quite adorable. Once you start watching this one, you are bound to identify with the phases these two kids are going through.

Girls’ Last Tour (2017)
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Have you ever imagined how the world would look like when the civilization is abolished and every human being on the planet is dead? Well, this show deals with that concept and sees the world through two girls’ eyes, who are the only ones alive.

You probably would agree with us if we call this series one of the best Anime series of all time, as it deals with an unconventional topic. Chito and Yuuri are the only ones alive and struggling to survive. They are wondering here and there in search of food, but they still have a ray of hope in their hearts. Girls’ Last Tour is an enthralling watch with a touch of the harsh reality.

Land of the Lustrous(2017)
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Land of the Lustrous is possibly the best Anime series on this list. It deals with a quirky plot and tells the story of a bunch genderless creatures named, Gems, who are fighting with the violent Lunarians in order to save themselves from destruction.

It tells the story from Phosphophyllite’s point of view, who is the youngest of the Gems and the weakest of the lot. Hence, Phosphophyllite is not suitable for all the brutal assignments which others are up to. This show depicts the tragedy and vulnerability of the Gems with occasionally a light touch of humor.

Princess Principle(2017)
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What happens when you trust a group of schoolgirls with special ability in solving crimes? An utter mess! Well, that’s how it all starts, but soon it gets better. Set in the 19th century England, this show revolves around five school girls (including the princess) who indulge in spy activities and use their special powers to fly in the shadow.

This show starts off with a hilarious watch and soon becomes more and more intriguing. And by the time you are finished with all the 12 episodes of the first season, you only end up craving for more.

Best Anime Movies For The Anime Freaks

Spirited Away (2001)
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Director – Hayao Miyazaki and Kirk Wise

The plot of this brilliantly made movie revolves around a little girl named Chihiro. It so happens that, Chihiro and her parents were moving to a place in the countryside and on their way, they find an amusement park attached to a restaurant. While Chihiro explores the amusement park, her parents enter the restaurant and somehow gets cursed.

Now Chihiro needs to get them out of this spell, and she has only one friend whom she can trust, a boy named Haku. The strength of this movie lies in its innocence. Though based on a child’s journey, Spirited Away is one of those best Anime movies, which would be enjoyed by viewers of every age group.

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
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Director – Isao Takahata

The next name in this list of best Anime movies is Grave of the Fireflies. It is one of those movies which stays with you long after you finish watching it. Made on the backdrop of world war II, this movie tells the tale of two siblings who lose their parents, and who are only left with each other. What they have ahead of them is a difficult battle for survival. This movie is a classic which released back in 1988 and still remains a favorite among the Anime buffs.

Princess Mononoke (1997)
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Director – Hayao Miyazaki

Another masterpiece from director Hayao Miyazaki, this epic revolves around the battle between two fearless and valiant princesses, namely, Lady Eboshi and Mononoke and also about the struggle prince Ashitakat goes through in order to free himself from a dangerous curse. Set in the Muromachi period of Japan, this movie is one of those best Anime movies, where you can’t risk to miss a single scene.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)
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Director – Hayao Miyazaki

My Neighbor Totoro is another classic from 1988 and totally deserves a place on this list of best Anime movies.

This movie revolves around two little siblings Satsuki and Mei who move to a place with their father so that they can visit their sick mother at the hospital. But what is in store for them is an adventurous journey, as they befriend some magical creatures named Totoro. With its unique and innovative plot, this movie has a warmth to it and promises to win over the heart of every Anime addict.

Akira (1988)
best action anime

Director – Katsuhiro Ôtomo

Set in Neo-Tokyo i.e. 2019, this movie is a visual delight. It is among those best Anime movies, which has every element of being a blockbuster. And quite naturally it became one. The movie starts 31 years after world war III when Tokyo is full of cruelty, violence, and destruction. Akira is a tale of biker Kaneda and his friend Tetsuo, who become a part of a project called Akira and who needs to deal with a bunch of self-centered and greedy people.

Akira has the right amount of violence, power-packed action, thrill, and horror. If you are a beginner and trying your hands in Anime movies, then my suggestion would be, you start with this one. Akira is one of the best action Anime of all times. This movie is a total entertainer and keeps you glued to the TV screen throughout.

Ghost in the Shell (1995)
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Director – Mamoru Oshii

Set in 2029, Ghost in the Shell depicts an extreme level of progression in technology, when human brains can directly connect themselves with the internet. This movie takes us on the quest of a policewoman and her companion, who are in search of a dangerous hacker.

Though this movie released back in 1995, we bet it could challenge any modern-day Anime in the fields of technology. It is an enthralling mix of both the action and Sci-Fi genres and is a gripping watch. It could totally be called as one of the best Anime movies ever.

Perfect Blue (1997)
best anime ever

Director – Satoshi Kon

If you think Anime is all about some crazy action and Scientifical twists, then think twice! As the movie we would talk about now would prove you completely wrong. Perfect Blue deals with a delicate subject of the crisis and humiliations faced by the celebrities.

We all envy celebrities and crave to live the life they are living. But do we ever think of the consequences which come with it? Perfect Blue tells the story of a retired singer who decides to try her hands in the acting profession. But things take an ugly turn when she gets stalked by an obsessed fan and is also made to face the demons from her past. Once you start watching this Nerve-wracking movie, we bet it would give you goosebumps!

Your Name (2016)
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Director – Makoto Shinkai

You might have watched movies based on the plot of identity crisis or identity mismatch and so on. But this not-so-old movie handles the concept of identity exchange beautifully. Your Name is on this list of best Anime movies because this 2016-release is a critically acclaimed Anime movie which has gained many accolades.

It tells the story of an urban boy  Taki who dreams of becoming an artist and a village girl Mitsuha who wants to go to Tokyo to try her luck. But fate has something else in store for them, as one night, their bodies are switched. What happens next? Can they ever meet? To find out all these, go watch this movie now because I don’t want to be responsible for any spoiler alert.

Now, that we have reached towards the end, we hope you had a nice time reading about the best Anime of all time. And probably you’re already rushing to watch them. Go, watch, and enjoy every bit of this superbly creative and thoroughly entertaining Artwork, named Anime.