50 Best inspirational Blogs for women

best blogs for women
By Tapas Pal Updated

Whether we are writing, reading or listening, social media has a way of affecting us. It calms us, amuses us, excites us and gets us out of our mind even for a while. There are blogs that can provoke your thoughts, can bring you a circle of friends, provide you a space to discover yourself and can give you a sense of confidence. Here, I am presenting you the best blogs for women that anyone can read but they are must read for women. I will be sharing the details of the blogs that are for the women in their twenties, some blogs for working women, and some inspirational and thought provoking blogs for women.

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Best Blogs For Women

1. Advice From A Twenty Something


The blog is started by Amanda Holstein in 2012. Amanda is a blogger from California who shares her wisdom with twenty somethings. The blog covers everything from beauty and fashion to career and finance. It is one of the must-read blogs by women in twenties.

2. Biz Chick Blogs


Editor Tia Peterson of this blog shares everything on this blog – business, social media, cooking, and relationship. You will find the topics that are mostly centered on the women and the blog is also known as a digital magazine for smart women.

3. Well And Good


Well And Good was co-founded by Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula and share all things healthy. You can find everything from nutritious recipes, restaurant reviews and the best places for natural cosmetics.

If you are a working woman and find it challenging to balance busy work days and healthy life choices, this is one of the best blogs for women and the ideal place to get tips and tricks to simplify living healthy.

4. Maria Popova Blog at Brain Pickings


If you read her articles, then only you can know how much research she does for her articles. You can find a collection of the lessons she had learned on creativity, intellectuality, spirituality, anxiety and more.

5. I will teach you to be reach


Ramit Sethi of “I will teach you to be rich” gives you realistic and actionable advice to help you to be there. Well, this blog is supposed to be for men but there is no harm in reading that blog. In fact, it can prove to be one of the best blogs for women, who are looking for the ways to negotiate the raise in a current job, want to start a new business or get a new job.

6. Britannica blog


Yes, there is a blog of Encyclopedia Britannica with a lot of intelligent posts which never repeats and you will always find something new. You can find various thought-provoking posts about historical moments, current events, and scientific experiments.

7. Ann Coulter

The blog run by Ann Coulter is both praised and criticized by people. Coulter is one of the most outspoken and notorious writers known for her provocative posts.

8. The Everygirl

the everygirl

The Everygirl is run by a team of 14 women and is considered as the best blog for women. The blog shares the full in-depth articles which can provide a lot of insight to the girls in twenties.

9. Levo


This blog is for the hard-working women who are interested in connecting with friends and co-workers, meeting with mentors, or who want to develop skills and grow professionally. You can scour the endless guides, and videos, inspirational articles, or initiate conversations with mentors on work-related issues.

10. Blog by Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene co-founded “Recreate Your Life Story eCourse”. She is the author of Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself and creator of Tiny Buddha, a site on simple wisdom, mindfulness inspiration, and, relationships. While many of the posts are based on Buddhism’s teachings, it’s not exclusively about Buddhism—or religion.

11. The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind

Catherine Beard, a girl from Seattle in her twenties started this blog.  If you are in your twenties and feeling a little directionless and lost then you must visit this blog. Catherine shares a heap of advice on her blog. This one of the best blogs for women as they can post related to self-care, productivity, wellness and health all at the one place.

12. Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is an award-winning politically conservative blogger. You can find all the political happenings in her blog. If you want to get a lot of insight into politics, you must pay a visit to the blog.

13. Memorandum

The blog is started by Mary Orton which was formerly known as “The Classy Cubicle,” provides advice on how to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern work ensembles. Orton guides how to dress professional and feel confident. She will not let you leave the house looking anything but professional and confident.

14. Notes from Joanna

notes upon notes

Joanna Ferreira is the author of the blog, “ Notes from Joanna”. This is one of the best blogs for women who are ambitious, confident and self-driven. The blog focuses on goal settings, personal development and has everything that tells you how to get most out of your life.

15. Love your way

The blog is run by an engaged couple Lizzie and Isaiah will make you think. This blog chronicles their journey from fiancées to newlyweds without the usual sap and fluff you see on couples’ blogs. You can always find a tasty tidbit to read and they have a variety of post series on subjects like marriage demons, DIY projects, and geeking out.

16. Feministe

Feministe is a blog founded by Lauren in 2001 and now the blog is run by her and many co-bloggers. It is one of the oldest and the best blog for women, designed and run by the women. The blog discusses the feminism in a smart and humorous way.

Currently, the active blogging collective consists of Jill, Sally, Caperton, and Tigtog, Sometimes the contribution is made by many marvelous Guest Bloggers and the emeritus bloggers appears of nowhere to give an occasional surprise.

17. Yourstory


Shraddha Sharma is the founder and editor-in-chief of Yourstory. The blog emphasizes on women power, business deals, success stories and start-ups. If you are feeling low or sad, you should read this blog.

18. Simplyrecipes.com


The blog is run by Elisa Bauer. She started the cooking blog for sharing the simple notes with her family and friends. However, the whole world now reads, comments and try out her recipes.

19. Women 2.0

“Women 2.0” focuses on technology and business articles to help the women to achieve their goals. This is one of the must read and best blogs for women.

20. Blog by Elyse Fitzpatrick

She writes with wisdom and clarity. She is the author of 18 books and co-authored one book with her daughter.

21. Blog of Lauren Conrad

If you have been scouring the best blogs for women in their twenties then you might have come across LaurenConrad.com. he runs her blog along with the team of editors and contributors and you can find the advice on health, fitness, decorations, career, fashion and relationship.

22. The Skimm

The Skimm will change the way you read and view the news. You can subscribe for their daily mail which will brighten up your day.

23. Revelintherubble.com

This blog is run by Mary Fairchild. You will like to appreciate her scholarly approach to real life questions as well as to other rich topics.

24. Simply + Fiercely

On this blog, Jennifer Burger shares her refreshing take on simple and intentional living, relatable stories full of practical advice.

25. Wouldashoulda.com

The blog was started by Mir Kamin. She shares all her real life experiences on the blog which will surely inspire you.

26. Life Goals Mag

Life Goals Mag

Coley Lane started the Life Goals Mag as the online magazine for the women in twenties. It is one of the best blogs for women who want insightful and actionable advice on various matters.

27. The Minimalista

The Minimalista

It is recently launched by Amanda but she offers the amazing tips and tricks on minimalism.

28.  Kellyminter.com

Kelly Minter started this blog which is known for amazing insights it provides.

29. Craftychica.com

You will find everything on this blog from haircuts to crafts, glitter, and drama. The blog is run by Kathy Cano-Murillo.

30. Femtrepreneur


Maria Coz, the author of this blog is so generous to provide advice on blogging, content creation and business owner.

31. Dailyworth


This is one of the best blogs for women who want to gain financial independence, manage money and overcome the financial crisis

32. Taylor Marsh


Taylor Marsh is famous for tackling provocative and complex issues. She is an insightful journalist and a political analyst.

33. Simplychurch.com

Felicity Dale is an advocate of women, plain and simple, and her writing in the blog reflects this.

34. Run Like a girl

Run Like a girl

The blog is about running, you can get fitness tips. It also discusses the friends, family, career and health.

35. Everything health

Everything health

The blog is run by Dr. Toni Brayer, addresses on health, rapid changes in science and medicines and healing in this era.

36. The Wonder Forest

Dana Fox of the Wonder Forest has become a popular choice for seeking advice on creativity and entrepreneurship.

37. Pink Pot

Pink pot is started by Chaitra, a girl from Seattle. You can read about the design and photography on her blog.

38. Blog by Emily Chang

Emily Chang is co-founder and principal of ideacodes.com. She is an award-winning strategic designer.

39. Style Me Pretty

The blog is run by Abby Larson. She likes to write about all beautiful things. This is the best blog for women who are looking for wedding ideas and things.

40. Paper Droids

Paper Droids publishes content on science, technology, literature, entertainment and art. It’s kind of online magazine for women geeks.

41. HelloGiggles


It is a fun community of women. You can find news, street, style, pop culture etc. with a humorous approach.

42.Wardrobe Oxygen


Alison Gary runs this blog and this is one of the best blogs for women over 30. You will get awesome wardrobe suggestion and many beauty tips.

43. World of Wanderlust

Australian travel blogger Brooke Saward started this blog in 2012. She has visited dozens of country and you can take all her advice on travel and adventures.

44. Smart Twenties

Sam Brown of smart twenties likes to help the women in their twenties and advises them to make the most out of their twenties.

45. Penny Chic

Penny Chic is run by Shauna. You can read about the ways for getting dressed in a good manner.

46. Apartment therapy


This is one of the best blogs for women who are looking for creating a beautiful and healthy home in an affordable manner.

47. Real Simple

You can get tips on organizing, entertainment, decoration and travel.

48. Endlessly Exploring

It is another blog started by a travel blogger Kelly Ross of Australia. You will find the practical advice on traveling and the beautiful photos on her blog.