Best Camera Apps for Android – Let Your Every Picture Portray A Story

Best Camera Apps for Android to Replace Your DSLR
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Gone are those days when we used to carry a camera to capture our best moments. Now, we are the part of a generation which never says ‘No’ to technology. That’s why we’re going to talk about the best camera apps for Android.

We have our smartphones loaded with the best camera apps that can even replace your digital cameras. Though DSLRs still have maintained its reputation and demand, mobile cameras are also involving the DSLR features in it. Since our mobiles are handy and super portable to carry, it’s just a matter of seconds to get a new camera app installed on our mobile devices.

Keeping the endless number of users in mind, we have kept our focus only on the best Android camera apps. The camera app that comes preinstalled on our smartphones doesn’t often match up with our creativity and satisfy our expectation. That’s the reason it’s always reasonable to take a trip to Google Play Store and explore the thousands of staggering camera apps.

Well, opening every camera app from Play Store and reading their specification and choosing the best could be hassling. If you want to skip the dull part and get into the fun zone or enhance your creativity, this article can cater you exactly what is needed. Now, let’s jump to the main topic.

Best Camera Apps for Android You Need to Download Today

The cameras given below are as per our choice. You need to understand your requirement, and chose the best Android camera app that fits your need.

1. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 Best Android Camera App

If you are a DSLR maniac and love to play around with the manual mode of DSLR cameras, Camera FV-5 is the coolest option you can ever have. The app is thoroughly designed and developed keeping the photography professionals and buffs in mind. This very camera app for Android comes with intuitive functionalities and interface which are superiorly easy to handle.

Top Features

  • Adjustable photographic parameters such as ISO, focus mode, program mode, light metering mode, exposure compensation, and white balance.
  • Real-time Viewfinder Display like a DSLR including exposure time and aperture.
  • Built-in intervalometer for creating awesome time-lapses.
  • Long exposure time up to 30 seconds allows you to click pictures at night and capture the light trails.
  • Image format: JPEG, DNG (16-bit raw), PNG.
  • 1/80000 to 2″ manual shutter speed.
  • Auto exposure, Autofocus, Auto white balance, Manual focus, Touch-to-focus, and
  • Multilingual interface (30 languages).

Every feature of Camera FV-5 makes it truly one of the best camera apps for Android. But the free version of the camera doesn’t feature all the specifications. In order to get control of all the professional features, you need to upgrade to a premium version that comes with $3.95.

2. Bacon Camera

One of the finest camera apps for Android - Bacon Camera

Another entry to the list of the best Android camera apps that can deliver you a DSLR-like feeling is Bacon Camera. Bacon Camera is a new member of the list of camera apps that offer manual controls to mobile cameras. Similar to iPhone’s camera, the obvious highlight of the camera is naturally the manual controls but there’s more to explore.

Top Features

  • Full Manual Focus, and White Balance.
  • Full Manual Exposure Time, and Exposure Compensation.
  • Semi-Manual ISO speed.
  • Bayer DNG and RAW support.
  • Intervalometer for time-lapse.
  • Live Histogram.

Not just the above features, Bacon Camera avails you an array of useful and creative basic controls including GIF, Panorama, Multi-Exposure Shots, etc. The app is completely free but comes with advertisements. You have the authority to turn off the ads by ‘donating’ to the developer as a help for further development.

3. Camera MX

Camera MX - Best Android Camera apps like a DSLR

If you are in search of the best camera apps for Android, you cannot skip Camera MX. Through this camera app, you can get the full control resolution which results in sharp pictures. You can create animated images and videos through Camera MX along with heaps of frames, effects, filters and much more for editing like a pro.

Top Features

  • Shoot-The-Past Burst Mode avails you to select a better moment of a picture even after pulling the trigger.
  • Low light adaption with auto optimization and HDR mode.
  • Real-time video cuts while recording.
  • Every resolution and ratio are supported.
  • Selfie display flash for low light selfies.
  • Long touch locks the focus and exposure.
  • Live image capture like iPhone which moves once touched.

So, if you have an Android device with the Android version of 2.3 or above, you may download the app directly from Google Play Store without spending a single penny.

4. Footej Camera

Best Camera apps for Android to handle manual controls - Footej

Whether you are a professional photographer or a rookie who just clicks pictures for fun, you are certainly going to fall in love with Footej Camera. Despite being a new limb in the category of the best Android Camera apps, Footej Camera never leaves a single scope to amaze you with a lavish set of features.

Top Features

  • Makes use of Android’s Camera 2 API (if the device supports).
  • Burst mode with more than 20 shots.
  • Manual control over, shutter speed, focus, and ISO (if the device supports).
  • Produces Raw file formats (if the device supports).
  • Selfie light and snapshots during recording a video.
  • Supports animated GIFs.
  • Slow motion video recording.

The best thing about Footej Camera is it doesn’t come with any in-app purchases, so, you can leave the concern regarding investing any money to avail the features that don’t come with the free version. Overall, it has every potential to become the best camera app for your Android device.

5. Open Camera

Open Camera - best android camera apps with DSLR-like features

Open Camera is one of the best camera apps for Android and comes with light-weight and best features. This camera app is open source and doesn’t come with any advertisement or cost. Open Camera delivers you every necessary camera features that are required for a camera on your Android device.

Top Features

  • Auto-Stabilize option of Open Camera levels your pictures.
  • Offers handy remote controls including auto-repeat mode and timer.
  • Geotagging of videos and pictures.
  • Supports the Camera 2 API.
  • Produces images with small file size.
  • Images can be clicked by voice command.
  • Date and timestamp in images and subtitle files (.SRT) in the videos.
  • Supports ISO, white balance, color effects, face detection, focus modes, torch, exposure compensation/lock, etc.

With all the superiorly fruitful features, Open Camera promptly becomes one of the most recognized applications to click your best moments with friends and families. Since the Android camera app doesn’t include any cost, it is worth an attempt.

6. Camera ZOOM FX

Best Android Camera like DSLR - Camera ZOOM FX

Another feature-rich android camera app that avails you the full DSLR-like manual controls. You can experiment with Camera ZOOM FX while capturing any moment and blend your creativity with every picture you click through the camera from your Android Device.

Top Features

  • Incognito camera.
  • Uses Camera 2 API to provide full manual controls just like DSLRs.
  • Produces Raw DNG images (If your device supports).
  • Killer speed burst mode.
  • Combination of multiple useful shooting modes: Time-lapse + Stable, HDR + Timer
  • Manual ISO, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, focus area.
  • Voice command activated.
  • Selfie flash.

Camera ZOOM FX comes with two different options: you can use the free version or upgrade to the premium to enjoy pro features that come only with the premium version. You can purchase the Camera ZOOM FX premium version at $3.49. While all the above features fit in your mobile, it won’t be an exaggeration to call it one of the best camera apps for Android.

7. Manual Camera

Best Camera Apps for Android with Manual Control - Manual Camera

As the name suggests, Manual Camera offers you every feature that can be controlled manually, just like a DSLR. When the topic revolves around the best Android camera apps, Manual Camera appears effortlessly on the list with a wide range of intuitive features. You will get an interface loaded with manual controls and awesome features.

Top Features

  • Manual shutter speed, white balance, ISO, focus distance and exposure compensation
  • Producing Raw images in DNG format.
  • Set timer to click delayed pictures.
  • Geotagging option available.
  • Manual Camera can be labeled one of the fastest Android camera apps.

You need to have a minimum Android version of Lollipop to install and run the functionality of this app. If you have Lollipop Android version yet not able to utilize the full functionality of Manual Camera, you need to contact the ROM manufacturer (such as Samsung or LG). This is a free camera app but a few functionalities may come with the paid version. The premium version of Manual Camera comes with $2.99. So, that’s quite an affordable price to get one of the best camera apps for Android.

8. Candy Camera

Best camera apps for selfie - Candy Camera

While all the above Android camera apps are focused on professional picture-clicking with the features evocative of the DSLRs, let’s not forget about the humongous popularity of the selfies among the young blood (in some cases among the veterans as well). With the emergence of social media and other stuff, people are quite attentive to taking selfies, and that’s the reason we have come up with the best Android camera app that focuses on clicking awesome selfies. Candy Camera should be at the top of the selfie clicking applications.

Top Features

  • A wide range of filters will make every selfie worth clicking. With every click, your skin is going to look amazing.
  • You can edit the clicked pictures or use an array of stickers for beautifying each selfie of yours such as concealer, blush, slimming, whitening, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.
  • Both cute and artistic stickers can be found in Candy Camera which enhances your image output. Moreover, new stickers are added with every update.
  • The silent camera mode lets you take pictures without even letting anyone know.
  • Create awesome collages by clicking multiple pictures.

As described above, if you are a serious photographer, Candy Camera isn’t what you need. On the flipside, it can be one of the best camera apps for Android if you want the app just for fun or just to take selfies. Candy Camera doesn’t come with any price. You can go to Play Store and download it now but have to bear some in-app advertisements.

9. Cymera

Cymera - Best Android camera app to take awesome selfies

Cymera is another entry to the list of the best Android apps to replace your mobile camera. If you are a selfie maniac and looking for an app that can enhance the quality of your selfie, Cymera is the foremost name that comes in mind with a touch of creativity and uniqueness in each selfie you click.

Top Features

  • For multiple beautifications such as wrinkle removal, skin makeup, face makeup and body or face reshape, Cymera contains professional beauty tools.
  • 130 different filters.
  • 7 Camera Lenses which are both captivating and distinct.
  • The app allows Bluetooth connection or the selfie sticks.
  • Auto face recognition.
  • Blurs any background with just a tap.
  • Put watermark with 15 different styles.

All these awesome features and great positive reviews have made Cymera one of the finest choices for the best camera apps for Android. If you consider the free price with these astounding features, you will understand that nothing comes close to Cymera when Selfies are concerned. Are you ready selfie lovers?

10. YouCam Perfect

Best camera apps for android to take selfies and editing - YouCam Perfect

Like the name itself, YouCam Perfect is the perfect camera app for Android to take a selfie. Moreover, this camera application will enable you to stylize pictures and share them with your friends. If you love editing, YouCam won’t disappoint you either. You can get into the world full of exciting editing features like ‘cutout’ or ‘object remover’ to name a few.

Top Features

  • Capture glowing and perfect face in every picture.
  • Various blurring options including background defocus, Gaussian blur, and other blur options.
  • Create short videos to get selfies into life! Your device needs to be Android 4.3 or above.
  • Incorporate your selfie into numerous grids, or templates.
  • The ‘Smart Collage’ feature offers a perfect placement for your selfies into a collage.
  • Advanced tools like skin smoothener, and face reshaper makes you look perfect after the click.
  • The object and background remover cut out the unwanted portions from your pictures.
  • You can remove your dark circle by ‘Eye Bag’ feature.

While YouCam Perfect is a cost-free choice among the Android camera apps, you may discover a few in-app purchases. From the day, the app has stepped foot in the industry, selfie-maniacs could not resist themselves from availing the app for capturing their cherishing moments in form of captivating selfies.

So, this was our list of the best camera apps for Android. We have kept both the creative photographers and selfie lovers in mind. If your device’s inbuilt camera is not meeting your expectation (which is quite normal), the above camera apps for Android are the worthiest options you may go for. Use those apps, click pictures and write us back in the comment section how much you’ve enjoyed. If you have any suggestion, feel free to let us know; we’ll definitely consider. Till then, happy clicking!