Best Discord Bots to Accelerate Your Gaming and Server Experience

Specially designed for gamers, Discord is a texting and chatting software which is quite popular among the players because of its user-friendliness as well as ease of set up with a chat server. But managing the server can be a really hectic task and you need to be online for a major part of the day, not to mention the impossibility to chat with a ton of gamers that are online at that time which will only increase the dissatisfaction among them. But not anymore, nowadays discord servers support discord bots that help the users to have a better overall experience.

You, as a server manager, will be relieved to quite an extent after using these bots as they not only automatically manage and enhance the functionality of the server but also provides a great deal of customization as well as flexibility. So, if you are finding ways to improve your discord server, below listed are some of the top 6 discord bots that can help you in doing so.

Top 6 Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server Experience

Below are the best bots you can find on the market which will be able to cater you an amazing scope to improve your experience with discord servers. So, let’s take a quick tour.

  1. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki - Best Discord Bots

Tatsumaki is rated as one of the best discord bots currently available in the market. Other than encouraging the users to sign in to the owner’s server and motivating them to have more interactions with the present users, the software also helps develop the host server to its full potential and best efficiency.

Other salient features of this bot are proving the owner with a profile management system, member score method, customization of profiles, management of chats etc. Plus, the bot also integrates various platforms like Reddit, Google search etc. with well-known platforms like YouTube.

  1. CouchBot

CouchBot - Discord Bot

CouchBot is a very helpful bot designed specifically for streamers. Everyone connected to your server receives an update message or email whenever you stream or go live on any of the platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc. The owners are given complete control over their server and they have to complete liberty to perform desired actions.

Giving messages to the server users when you upload on YouTube, engaging your users with the help of star poll commands are some of the features of this bot that have let the bot secure a place for itself in the topmost liked apps for streaming platforms.

  1. Aethex

Aesthex - Top Discord Bots

If you like to keep things simple and stick to a single bot for all the needs and functions of your server, then Aethex is definitely the one designed for you. You can get all the necessary commands like giving social commands, utility commands, moderation tools etc. in this single application.

The moderation tool enables you to mute and even kick out a particular misbehaving user. Flipping coins, surfing the internet are some other features which make this bot a perfect tool for user interaction and entertainment. Plus, you also can listen to audio songs and even line them up to play accordingly. So, all these make Aesthex one of the most cherished discord bots among the lot.

  1. Dyno

Dyno - Discord Bots for Gaming

Dyno is another great name to be added to this list. The dyno discord bot provides you with a ton of really cool features like custom announcement and messages that spread all across the server, timed mutes and bans on a particular player which will be automatically removed once the time gets completed and the power of customizing your dashboard according to your own will.

The best feature of the bot is that it comes with spam detection software that recognizes a spam message and blocks the user immediately to keep your server spam free. So, you can call Dyno a safe bot among the lot.

  1. Hexacircle

Hexacircle - Discord Bots

Hexacircle is another bot to look out for. Equipped with an array of features like kicking out, permanently banning, soft banning the users, this bot is definitely on the most preferred list. The bot comes with integrations with various platforms like Twitch, Giphy etc. which enables the users to make use of gifs on the server.

Along with it, the server lets you customize a message for the users joining and leaving the server, control playback, adjust volume and many other such features.

  1. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons - Best Discord Bots for Gamers

Discord dungeons is a quite unique bot for discord servers that lets the users play a game called discord dungeons. The game lets the players fight enemies, solve mysteries and unblock achievements which help in leveling up and opening up an option of inventories like weapons, protection shields and many more.

Since this game runs on discord itself, you can even play it by simply logging in your discord application from anywhere anytime.

Final Words

Overall, discord bots are a great choice if you wish to enhance your discord server and improve its efficiency and productiveness. The above-listed bots are the best in their game and have helped a ton of server owners. If you think that we missed a bot that should have made it on this list, comment it down below in the comment section below. Also, do share this article with your friends so that more people come to know about this amazing innovation and increase their gaming experience.