23 Best Free Discord Bots to Boost Your Server Experience

Best Discord Bots
By Hrishi Updated

Discord bots are one of the hottest commodities among the gamers at the moment! If you are a game-lover but unaware of the discord, it’s time that you should know a thing or two. Discord is a communication software and application for the gamers for chatting with the other gamers across the globe. The discord is highly customizable and lets you set up your own server. You can send texts, images, videos, and make calls through this discord. And the best part is you can improve the performance and functionalities of your discord server by adding multiple bots to it.

These bots are capable of adding fun to your discord server experience as well as offering a better management of the server.

23 Best Discord Bots to Boost Your Discord Server

Below are the most useful bots you can find on the internet at the moment. They will be able to cater you an amazing scope to improve your discord servers in terms of features, functionalities, communication, and fun. So, let’s take a quick tour.

1. Miki

Miki - Versatile Discord Bot

Miki is one of the most versatile discord bots you can ever find. Often it is called the Jack-of-all-trades bot considering its features across many domains like achievements, profiles and levels, user generated pastas, marriages, user interactions, image searching, role management (NEW!), Osu and overwatch statistics, and many more!

Built using C#, this bot has a strong community where you can customize and flaunt your profile, complete achievements and badges, and show your affection through the marriage system. You, being a server owner, get complete server control and do a lot of stuff like implementing role rewards and level-based role assignment. With Miki, you can also clear chats, remove users from server, and do many more vital moderation jobs with ease.

With new features being introduced on a daily basis on Miki, you can donate to Miki for better experience in terms of extra commands and doubled daily rewards. However, the free version also comes with a number of commands that will be enough for any gamer.

2. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki - Best Discord Bots

Tatsumaki is rated as one of the best discord bots currently available in the market. Other than encouraging the users to sign in to the owner’s server and motivating them to have more interactions with the present users, the software also helps develop the host server to its full potential and best efficiency. Also, the bot allows you to give loads of useful commands for setting a welcome message, moderation, notification, and much more features which are adored by one and all.

Other salient features of this bot are proving the owner with a profile management system, member score method, customization of profiles, management of chats etc. Plus, the bot also integrates various platforms like Reddit, Google search etc. with well-known platforms like YouTube. Tatsumaki is not only restricted to the discords, but it also offers you a dedicated dashboard from which you would be able to change the settings of the bot.

3. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot - Best Discord Bots

GAwesome Bot comes handy when you are aiming to include a multipurpose bot to your discord server. This is one of the most powerful and superiorly customizable bots due to the fact that the discord bot is not only a perfect chat moderation tool but a great medium for accelerating the user activity on the server by bringing down a range of fun elements and features. While using GAwesome, you will be equipped to not only award members ranks, ban, or kick them, but you will also be able to create sick memes, conduct the giveaways, polls, and loads of other things.

However, the most fascinating aspect of this bot will always be the fact that it has a full-bodied augmentation system featured. This feature allows the users to ask GAwesome Bot to fetch results from the popular platforms like Wikipedia, Google, YouTube as well as Reddit! Furthermore, the users also have the access to customize and arrange your personal custom RSS feeds in chat.

4. Vexera

Vexera - most used discord bot

Vexera is one of the most used and liked discord music bots across the globe with 256,729 discord servers availing its services. Vexera offers a handful of features which would surely enhance the discord server experience of any gamer. You can play music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Mixer, Spotify, and more. Moreover, it comes with multi-lingual support from the likes of French, Spanish, German, and Russian. This discord bot also lets you search your song lyrics, control and view the music being played on the official Vexera site, shuffle, seek, and delete songs.

Vexera is a flexible bot that also allows you to kick, ban, mute or voice kick any member of your server. There will be a number of easy commands on Vexera which will make it easier to take any action. You can find the commands categorically organized on the Vexera’s Command page.

Vexera also has different paid subscription packages which come with even more enhanced features at $3/month and $5/month. You can get any kind of support from Vexera if you have a registered account.

5. Zandercraft

Zandercraft - One of the best Discord Bots

Zandercraft has been a true revolution among the discord bots. This bot puts emphasis on the chat, GIFs, fun, and productivity. By serving all these essential elements of our life, Zandercraft promptly becomes a full-fledged package. Well, the funky antics are not the highlight of the bot; rather the facility the user gets to play the XHD (Extra HD) and Hi-Fi music in the bot adds a feather to its crown. Hence, the music junkies are surely going to fall in love for this bot and implement it on their server.

You will be able to connect your server’s voice channel to the Zandercraft. If you wish to listen to any music any time, type in the command section. ‘+music’ <play> to start playing the game and ‘+music’ <pause> to pause a running tune. In order to add any music to the Zandercraft playlist, you just need to go to the command section and type +request <name of the song>. Zandercraft will fetch the tune from the YouTube or Soundcloud.

6. CouchBot

CouchBot - Discord Bot

CouchBot is a very helpful bot designed specifically for streamers. Everyone connected to your server receives an update message or email whenever you stream or go live on any of the platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Live.me, etc. The owners are given complete control over their server and they have the complete liberty to perform desired actions.

Giving messages to the server users when you upload on YouTube, engaging your users with the help of star poll commands are some of the features of this bot that have let the bot secure a place for itself in the topmost liked apps for streaming platforms. So, if you are a streamer and want to let all your connections know when your contents go live, CouchBot is the foremost solution for you. And the last but definitely not the least feature to be mentioned is the helpful community and customization options of the discord bot.

7. Mee6

Mee6 - Easy to use discord bot

One of the easy-to-use discord bots, Mee6 comes with a ton of features and functionalities which can undoubtedly drag you towards the bot! The moderation, leveling, and custom commands make this bot a lucrative option for any gaming-nerd.

With Mee6, you can configure welcome message and auto-role, set the leveling system to recognize and reward the most active member of your community, avail the explicit moderation system to protect your server from spam, ads, swearing, and unnecessary emojis. Moreover, you can also send alerts to your discord server with Mee6 when you or your favorite streamer goes live on Twitch or a video is published on YouTube or a new post is written on subreddit.

There are three premium versions of Mee6 which will cost you $4.99/month, $49.90/year, and $149.90/year respectively. Each of these premium versions come with some added perks that are going to surely enhance your discord server experience.

8. MeMezBot

MeMezBot - Discord Bots for Memes and Jokes

You won’t find any single person who doesn’t like to roll out on the floor laughing and chuckle after coming across a meme. If you are one of the people who like memes more than anything else, then the MeMezBot is the best discord bot that will enhance your interest level. If you are willing to enjoy some time with your friends laughing by sharing the quality dank memes with your pals in the Discord Community, MeMezBot would come up as the foremost option for you.

This meme bot actually brings a handful of applauded memes such as Pepe the frog, doggo, cute cats, and much more commands. Quite certainly, these commands are going to spice up your time spent during the conversation using the bot. You can even use the MeMezBot in order to convey a story about someone’s ruined life, your mama, or share some random tracks (or sounds) through the voice channel. Below are the commands you may use on MeMezBot for the following actions.


What it does

You can send a quality dank meme


You can share random sounds on your voice channel

Sends you a quality crappy photo


You will be able to send a cute picture of a cat <3


You can share a doggo

You can share a story of someone’s ruined life


You can share a story about your mama

9. Aethex

Aesthex - Top Discord Bots

If you like to keep things simple and stick to a single bot for all the needs and functions of your server, then Aethex is definitely the one designed for you. You can get all the necessary commands like giving social commands, utility commands, music commands, moderation tools etc. in this single application.

The moderation tool enables you to mute and even kick out a particular misbehaving user. Flipping coins, surfing the internet are some other features which make this bot a perfect tool for user interaction and entertainment. Plus, you also can listen to audio songs and even line them up to play accordingly. So, all these make Aesthex one of the best discord bots you can ever find in the market. We are also mentioning the most important commands used in the bot.

10. Nightbot

Nightbot - Discord bots for gamers

Nightbot is an advanced chat moderation bot for Gaming, YouTube, Twitch, and more. You will surely fall in love with this particular discord bot after interacting with its chat commands and auto-moderation tools. Nightbot offers a blacklist for inappropriate phrases and words which reduces the scope of spamming in a big way.

With this bot, you are handed a range of features which will enhance your discord experience. Nightbot offers a dashboard that will help you find the top chatters, commands, and many more. You can customize the default features of Nightbot in a way how you want it. What’s more is you’ll also be handed spam filters for filtering out any spam that may harm your discord server.

Apart from these features, you can get additional features of song requests, giveaways, and timers. Nightbot is completely free to use by signing up with Twitch or YouTube account.

11. GameStats

GameStats - Best Discord Bot for Stats of Games

They say, “What’s in a name!” But in this case, the name depicts everything. GameStats is one of the finest discord bots that lets you set up the profiles of your gaming pseudonyms and share all the statistics with the friends. You will also be able to share the statistics of a variety of popular games such as Xbox Live, Rainbow Six: Siege, PUBG, World of Worships, Paragon, Rust, and various other games.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is that the commands used in GameStats will be a bit different from the other games you are used to. The commands are like below. Have a look at the commands.


What it does
.gs profile

Create your profile

.gs add uplay

Add a game account
.gs accounts

Find Supported accounts

.gs pubg

.gs steam


.gs rust

.gs tf2

Team Fortress 2

.gs dota2

.gs siege

Rainbow Six: Siege

.gs ffxiv

FFXIV (with Free Company stats)
.gs ow


.gs destiny

.gs csgo


.gs lol

League of Legends
.gs paragon


.gs wot

World of Tanks
.gs wows

World of Warships

.gs wowp

World of Warplanes
.gs psn

PlayStation Network

.gs xbl

Xbox Live
.gs paladins


.gs smite


12. FredBoat

FredBoat - Discord Music Bot

One of the topmost free discord music bots, FredBoat comprises all the features that you may require in a music bot for your discord server. FredBoat can easily be added to your discord server without requiring any kind of configuration.

FredBoat promptly becomes your music buddy with its wide range of music integration from YouTube, Bandcamp, Twitch, Soundcloud, and direct links. Moreover, FredBoat also supports the live streams and playlists along with a search option for searching the songs you want to listen. FredBoat enables you to shuffle and repeat your playlist and songs.

Despite being an open-source platform, FredBoat is totally secure with robust permission system where you can put restrictions on the modification of queue. Alongside the commands and the other usual features, FredBoat comes with a special advantage of selfhosting where the advanced users will be equipped to host their own FredBoat.

13. Dyno Bot

Dyno - Discord Bots for Gaming

Dyno is another great name to be added to this list of discord bots. Dyno Bot often comes up as the foremost bot to be installed in any discord server since it upgrades the capabilities of the server to a fine extent. The dyno bot provides you with a ton of really cool features like custom announcement and messages that spread all across the server, timed mutes and bans on a particular player which will be automatically removed once the time gets completed and the power of customizing your dashboard according to your own will.

The best feature of the bot is that it comes with spam detection software that recognizes a spam message and blocks the user immediately to keep your server spam free. So, you can call Dyno a safe bot among the lot. Moreover, the bot offers you a dedicated dashboard that provides you each and every support including the bans, timed mutes, and auto moderation with Mod log. Also, the bot has recently been updated to identify the rapid spam or mass-mention in the community chats.

14. TriviaBot

TriviaBot - Discord Bot for Trivia

Basically, the discord is used for the post-game discussions and voice chats but you are equipped to add TriviaBot to enjoy a time with the community filled with endless fun. TriviaBot is a multiplayer trivia game that contains 24 different categories and more than 3000 questions! These questions will test your expertise and know-how. You are going to find an array of different categories here such as science, sports, television, manga, film, nature and much more.

TriviaBot is considered as one of the most simplistic bots that have ever stepped in the market. There are just three commands that can allow you to start playing the game. Below are the three commands you need to know during the interaction with the bot.


What it does
trivia help

View all the commands

trivia start

Start playing the game
trivia categories

Choose the category or topic

15. GuildedBot

GuildedBot - Best Discord Bots

If you love playing games like WOW (World of Warcraft), DOTA 2, or PUBG, GuildedBot is one of the best discord bots for such team players. The users can always invite the GuildedBot to a Discord server in order to help a team enroll new players, enhance the aptitudes, and finish a mission together. The activities of each of your team members can be managed via the GuildedBot’s dashboard. This denotes that you can have all your team members synced and manageable through the Discord Bot in your server.

This bot can be used to post the updates and augment your server team further with the extended features like discussion tools, scheduling, and advanced recruiting. A range of popular and accepted games are supported on GuildedBot. A few mentionable games are Call of Duty, WoW, FFXIV, League of Legends, CS: GO, Dota 2, Minecraft, PUBG, Destiny, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm.

16. Gaius Bot

Gaius Discord Bot

Gaius Bot has three different bots for three different activities. Gaius Cicereius focuses on the content part by integrating a filter for detecting and removing the NSFW to any other unwanted contents. The filters work by refining your server with Discord guidelines. Moreover, it has a global ban feature which will help in keeping the malicious users away from your server.

Now, Gaius Plus is an enhanced version of Gaius Cicereius which brings in additional features to the table like Extreme logging, Reaction Roles, and many more. This bot ensures quickest response time and highest uptime with a dedicated server. On the other hand, Gaius Play focuses on the fun part like reward roles, calculator, leveling, and games. The free version of Gaius Play allows to set six reward roles which will be unlimited by subscribing to Patreon authorized communities.

17. TypicalBot

TypicalBot - Discord Bot for Server Moderation

If you are familiar with the term – ironical, you would be able to truly evaluate the bot as it is quite far from the word ‘Typical’ that the name suggests. TypicalBot is one of such discord bots that are going to offer you a blazing, stable and easy-to-use experience. The discord bot will also help you in your server moderation (ban, kick, soft-ban or any of these) along with a range of entertaining features to offer your clients. The fun features along with the mini-games and music can be streamed via YouTube.

One of the most adored aspects regarding the discord bot is that no random person can start playing the music. You have the full control over the permission. You can queue or skip the whole song! The bot will provide you random jokes and the pictures of the dogs and cats on whom you can swoon over! Moreover, you will also receive vital information like ChannelID, ServerID, and much more.

18. Hexacircle

Hexacircle - Discord Bots

Hexacircle is another great discord bot to look out for. Equipped with an array of features like kicking out, permanently banning, soft banning the users, this bot is definitely on the most preferred list. The bot comes with integrations with various platforms like Twitch, Giphy etc. which enables the users to make use of gifs on the server.

Along with it, the bot offers a range of commands that will help you customize a message for the users joining and leaving the server, control playback, adjust volume and many other such features. Below are the commands of Hexacircle you must know in order to use the bot in the best possible manner.


What It Does

+set prefix

For setting a custom prefix for the server
+set joinmessage

For setting a custom join message when users join your server

+set leavemessage

For creating a custom leave message when users leave your server
+set joinnick

For creating a custom join nickname when users join your server

+set joinrole

For creating up a custom join role to assign users when they join
+set botrole

For creating up a custom join role for assigning to bots when the users join


Used to get the RoleID and permission bits for a role

Used to give a user a role


Used to remove a user from a role

Used to create a role


Used to delete a role

Used to nickname a member in your server


Used to Kick a member in your server

Used to Ban a member in your server


sed to Kick a member in your server and remove that members messages from the past 7 days

Used to Mute a member in your server


Just unmutes a user. (Read command above for muting a user!

19. RuneInfo

RuneInfo - Discord Bots Based on RuneScape

The utility of this discord bot stays relevant in the name of the bot itself! You will be equipped to play the hugely-famous RuneScape game right on the server if you avail RuneInfo. It’s not commonly possible to play an MMORPG game in a messaging client, but it is actually possible when you are dealing with RuneInfo. There is an astounding number of 113 commands provided by the bot in order to allow you to play the game.

Along with the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and RS3 commands, you are also going to enjoy using the commands like the Portables Locations, Comprehensive Price, 9/9 Nemi forest and GE additions tracker, etc. It depicts that the developers of RuneInfo have successfully ported the whole game and made it accessible via a few plain commands. So, it’s time to make your message client into a gaming zone!

20. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons - Best Discord Bots for Gamers

Discord dungeons is a quite unique bot for discord servers that lets the users play a game called Discord Dungeons. The game lets the players fight enemies, solve mysteries and unblock achievements which help in leveling up and opening up an option of inventories like weapons, protection shields and many more.

Since this game runs on discord itself, you can even play it by simply logging in your discord application from anywhere anytime. You can play the game online and can receive daily updates. Since the game runs as the discord bot, you don’t have to think twice about losing your progress. It takes the backup along with your progress in the game and saves everything in a secure database. So, if you want a destination that you can use as the discord bot and use it for playing a stimulating game as well, Discord Dungeons is one of the most viable names.

Bonus Bots for Your Discord Server

Apart from the above bots, there are thousands of bots which are waiting to be discovered and utilized for a discord server. Take a look at some and choose wisely before making any sort of decisions.

Serum Bot

It is one of the most intriguing discord bots despite the fact that it is listed after many bots. After the successful configuration of the bot, you would be able to give voice commands for controlling your server. Thus, it promptly becomes your personal Siri! However, you would not find many robust features in the voice command but it comes with all the basic necessities of voice assistance at your fingertips.

One of the sheer advantages that the users may enjoy with the bot is that they don’t have to minimize their games to type the commands in the discord severs. You are stepping into the advancement of technology while interacting with the Serum Bot. You just need to simply say, “Hey Serum” along with the command after it you wish to give, and the discord bot will act according to the command. This bot and the modus operandi of it simplifies all the interactions you have with your friends or with a community eliminating the annoying hop between windows.

One tragic news regarding Serum Bot is that the bot is currently offline. No user, at the moment, can use the bot to interact with the voice assistant in the discord.


MedalBot is one of the most lucrative discord bots for gamers who want to preserve the clips of games you (or someone else) played. With MedalBot, you can integrate your discord server with medal.tv which is a game clip sharing website.


The name DonateBot makes it quite clear about the purpose of the bot that it is integrated with the discord servers to collect payments and sell roles. Moreover, this bot is completely free to use. This bot requires no coding skills; you just need a discord and you will start accepting the payments directly on your PayPal account. You can make money by selling products, access, memberships, and content through DonateBot.

Winding Up

Discord bots are a great choice if you wish to enhance your discord server and add fun to it. The above-listed bots are the best bots we could find on the internet by far for different domains like music, payment, security, and many more. If you think that we missed a bot that should have made it on this list, comment the name; if we find it relevant, it will surely be included in the article. Also, do share this article with your friends so that more people come to know about this amazing innovation and increase their gaming experience.