Fall in love with Six Best Fitness Apps for Android to stay well

Fitness Apps for Android
By Ankur Mishra Updated

I have a low blood pressure. I have low haemoglobin. I am suffering from diabetes. I can’t tolerate this acidity. Today, I got a heart attack. The whole day I had a stomach ache. I think I have a low sight. OMG! Do you suffer from all such various health issues? You would say YES, right? All this is due to our improper diet and no exercise. We all are so busy in our day to day life that we don’t even have time for the workouts. Don’t worry I have a great solution.

We all have a big android phone, other smart android devices. Ever wondered what wonders they can do to you? I tell you it’s gonna make you go crazy.

Play store’s fitness apps for android can be a sorcerer to solve all your health stuff problems. No if no but just bang on to these fitness apps as given below.

1)    The very first, the very fitness app is Goggle Fit

Goggle Fit

Do you know how much you need to walk to stay fit? Do you know how much you need to do your physical fitness activities to stay healthy? Actually, nobody knows this themselves. It’s your GOOGLE FIT health tracking app which knows it all. Google fit make use of a sensor in your android device to track all your physical fitness activities and then measure it against your fitness goals. It was developed by Google in 2014 and works perfectly on android 4.0 and higher.

It has various apps integrated like Nike, Running, Strava etc. You are able to track your fitness progress report from your phone, tablet, and your android wearable devices.

It is a wonderful handy healthy kit to make you stay healthy, to make you stay fit with just one android fitness app thing.

2)    The second app, the Runkeeper Fitness app

Runkeeper Fitness app

The Runkeeper fitness android app was developed by FitnessKeeper in the year 2008. Today, the app is acquired by ASICS. It is basically a GPS fitness tracking app for iOS and android devices. It is for everyone for their every run. Run, walk, dance, cycle according to this fitness app and you will discover changes in you. You want to have to suffer from health issues and wait for a coach to guide you. You can set your own goals and prepare your workouts. It tracks all your fitness activities over time. It gives you detailed information about your working habits. It is connected with built-in music and social networking websites like facebook, twitter.

It is in a short one for all, one for your fitness goal. Happy Running!

 3)    The third app, the Pedometer and Weight Loss Coach

Pedometer and Weight Loss Coach

You want to lose excessive weight from your body, then this is the best fitness app for you.

You can lose kgs of weight within a month. The app as a built-in pedometer which tracks all of your steps done during a day. You can track your BMI and weight over time. You can even connect to your friend who wishes to do the same. You can maintain your weight lose accounts and so on.

It is a weight loss app for all worrying people.

4)    The fourth app, S Health app

S Health app

S health is a fitness android app for you to stay fit and healthy all the day long. It serves to be your personal coach which trains you, assists you to achieve your daily goals with just a download. It has built-in trackers for tracking your various physical exercises. It also creates a daily lifestyle pattern for all of your intakes. It tells you how much to sleep, how much to eat, how much to walk, how much to run and much more. It works automatically for all your doings. It’s a Samsung product and works on android 4.4 and above supporting devices. It supports various language which makes it unique.

Stay fit, Stay well with S health app.

5)    The fifth app, The Calorie Counter App

The Calorie Counter App

It is a product of MyFitnessPal and is a very popular weight loss app. It connects you with various other fitness apps within a minute of time. It tracks diet and exercise in few minutes and is very easy to access. It has the largest food database which tells you about all the food and their calorie count. It suggests you which food is healthy for you and which food you need to intake to stay fit and healthy. It is inbuilt with a feature of a barcode scanner to track a food by just simple scanning. It connects you with your friends and healthy communities. You can easily view your progress reports. It is free and is recently being updates on 18th April 2016.

Check calories, feel free with a calorie counter.

6)    The sixth app, Lybrate App

Lybrate App

It’s an innovative app wherein you can find doctors, consult them and make appointments everything online. You can ask all your health related problems from qualified doctors all over India. You can simply post a health issue of yours and receive multiple solutions, discuss on them from your home. You can ask private questions to doctors of your choice. You can daily health tips to stay fit and sound. You may manage your medical records. It has cloud computing facility where you can upload your documents and photos and access them whenever and wherever you want.

You get clear cut answers from doctors and has been updates recently on 19th April 2016.Every android device should have this app installed to stay fit, to stay disease free.

Consult a doctor with Lybrate app.

All these above mentioned SIX Fitness apps are amazing apps for your obesity problems, for your chronic problems and for all of your health related sufferings. These Fitness Apps on your Android devices will do a miracle for you. The suggestions and tracking with all the progress reports will astonish you with the outcomes. For sure you will visit remarkable changes.

Go for these first-rate apps and count your healthy beginning with a home nutritionist for free. Live happy, make happy.