12 Best Free Android Music Players

Best Free Android Music Player

A music player is an integrated part of our Android phones. It is true that most of the Android phones come with Google Play Music as their default player. But a true musicophile would always look for a music player which offers features like tag editor, a built-in equalizer, vivid themes which would go with the music and so on. And if you get an Android music player which offers you all these features at free of cost, that would be even more exciting.

Here we’re listing some of the best free Android Music Players which are quite advanced in their offerings. Take a look.

 List of Best Free Android Music Players

best free music player for android

The first best free Android music player on our list is Pi Music Player. This beautifully designed music player has everything it takes to make itself a highly appreciated app among the users. Its features include 5-band equalizer, a ringtone cutter, a sleep timer, some stunning themes, widget support and so on. Additionally, the Pi Power Share feature is a bonus which enables sharing of soundtracks, albums, playlists with anybody you want.

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VLC for Android

best free music player app for android

There is hardly anyone who has not played music or videos on VLC from PC. If VLC has become a part of your nostalgia then the good news is, this app is now available as a free Android app on play store. It supports almost all audio and video formats like MKV, MP4, OGG etc. and holds all the typical features of a best free Android music player, like, build in equalizer, an ad-free user interface, volume and headset controls and so on.

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best free music player android

If you’re looking for such a best free Android music player which is light in nature and is very simple to use, then the Android music player you must choose is, Musicolet. This cool music app has some remarkable features like, folder browsing, the Musicolet equalizer, tag editor, a sleep timer, both bright as well as dark themes and so on. Additionally, you can fast-forward a song using earphone controls, and listen to your favorite soundtracks even though your home screen is locked.

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The next best free Android music player on our list is Pulsar. It is thoroughly ad-free and is too simple to use with tons of customizable options. This best free music player app for Android holds features like, resizable widgets, Chromecast support, Last.fm integration, a sleep timer, some vibrant themes and so on. Also, the Google voice support and gapless playback support makes listening music simpler.

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best music player for android free

BlackPlayer is not only a best free Android music player we prefer but if you go by the opinion of the users, you would see how popular it is as it manages a cool 4.5 rating in Google play store. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to the must-have features of a free Android music player; be it the ability of this app to support MP3, WAV, OGG file formats or a built-in equalizer, or the crossfading feature, or a sleep timer, you name it and you would get it. The ID3 tag editor and customizable themes make it, even more, user-friendly.

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n7player is one such best free Android music player which has quite a quirky user interface, but quirky in a good way. Songs are distributed on the dashboard in such a manner that you don’t require to search much and can easily find your favorite track or album or artist. Apart from that, they provide you high-quality audio with tag editor, control keys, some cool personalization features and what not! Also, this best free Android music player supports almost all file formats out there, be it MP3 or M4A or OGG, or XMF or WAV and so on.

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best free music player android

The next best free Android music player on our list is, doubleTwist. This free music app comes with features like Chromecast support, Airplay, a 10-band equalizer, sleep timer and so on. The Airplay feature is its biggest catch which enables wireless music streaming. Additionally, you can sync your iTunes playlists with the help of this best free Android music player. doubleTwist also works as a Podcast manager and hence does perfect justice to its name.

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Mp3 Player

best free music player for android

The next best free Android music player we would talk about is, Mp3 Player. Like its name, this music app is simple, light-weight music player which offers all the required features of a music app. This app only occupies 5MB storage of your phone and offers features like 5-band powerful equalizer, a sleep timer, widget support, multiple lively themes and so on. Another bonus is, this app is available in twenty different languages.

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best android music player free

Another best Android music player which plays both audio and video files with extreme efficiency is, KMPlayer. It was already famous in the PC version and now it is even available in Android medium. This multi-tasking audio-video player lets you play videos, movies, TV shows and definitely tons of music and is available in 30 different languages.

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Bass Booster

best free android music player app

Bass Booster was launched only a few months back, but within a short span time, it has proved that this best free Android music player is here to stay. Its dark and vivid user interface is quite catchy and attracts you instantly. You can play music by albums, artists, genres and so on, adjust the equalizer according to your preference, customize your playlist and do tons of other things on this music player.

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Audio Beats

best android music player free

Another not-so-old, free Android music player on our list is Audio Beats. Its features include a strong equalizer, built-in tag editor support, widget support, Last.fm integration, an efficient sleep timer, lots of beautiful themes and so on. This free music player provides Bluetooth support and gives lyrics support. So, music addicts, you can definitely give this best free Android music player a try!

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best free music player android

Finally, the best free Android music player we would talk about is, AudioVision. The benefits of using this app are, it is tiny in size and hence occupies less space, there is a highly customizable visualizer which lets you play songs with suitable visual effects, you can mark your favorite songs, there are lock screen and widget support and so on. Additionally, the user interface is funky and easy to operate.

These were the best free music players we think you must try in order to enjoy music to the fullest. Keep listening music and don’t forget to let us know how you liked these music apps.


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