Best Free Graphics Software everyone need to know!!

Best Free Graphics Software
By Tapas Pal Updated

Graphic software is a must for any upcoming design company. Not everyone can purchase insanely expensive software when starting a new business. Luckily there are free design tools that can make your task easier. Here we have compiled a list of free tools that can help you in graphic designing.

Best Free Graphics Software

1. Vectr


Vectr is a vector art tool that is available as a web app as well as a desktop app. It can be used to create 2D graphics. Other features include filters, shadows, and fonts. The application can be used to create illustrations, icons, logos, etc. One of its attractive features is real-time collaboration.

Platform – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Web Application

2. SVG- Edit

SVG Edit

Built on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, SVG-edit is one of the best applications that can be used to create vector art. Since, it’s open source, users can also modify the code to suit your needs. The only limitation is the editor which only works on SVG format. As the browsers can display SVG format videos as easily as the other formats, it is the best tool available without any need of any server-side processing.

Platform – Web Application

3. Inkscape


Inkscape is an  Another editor with a good SVG integration and  an open-source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or Xara X. What sets Inkscape apart is its use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an open XML-based W3C standard, as the native format.

Inkscape which has support for cloned objects, markers, alpha bending, as well as a brilliant interface for creating artwork, trace bitmap images, variable width strokes and import of illustrator files. Also includes a 3D boxes tool for drawing and editing, while Bezier curves can help in drawing complicated shapes, modify the transparency etc.

Platform – Mac, Windows, Linux

4. Pixlr


Pixlr, free design software with an easy UI and is rated as the “most popular online photo editor in the world.” It comes with more than 600 effects, overlays and borders. With its free app available in iOS and Android, it can easily serve your needs to crop, re-size, and removing red-eye among tons of other features.

Platform – iOS, Android

5., an infographic maker is free graphic design software suitable for people looking to make infographics. You can whip up an infographic easily by just picking a theme, objects, shapes and adding some text. It can let users create attractive infographic that are quite awesome for a free tool.

6. Blender


If you are looking for 3D graphic software, Blender is the best in the market. It can be used to add stunning effects, create animated movies, 3D printed model and so much more. It is the best designing software for a Mac user.

Platform – Mac, Windows and Linux

7. Sculptris


Coming from the creators of ZBrush, Pixologic offers a robust modeling application similar to Blender. It allows users to create detailed models without the need for any subdivision. The files can be saved as editable culture files and exported as a ZBrush or a wavefront file to import it into additional programs. It is a great tool for people interested in 3D modeling.

Platform – Mac, Windows

8. Serif DrawPlus


It is a capable and intuitive tool that can be used by professionals. It has a wide range of tools – create 3D objects, apply 3D styles, draw your own bevel profile to apply to objects. Users can also use brushes and templates to let you work quickly.

Platform – Windows

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