Best Kodi Skins 2017 (XBMC Skins)

Best Kodi Skins
By Tapas Pal Updated

Kodi Skins – A lot of people might not be familiar with these two words. Or maybe they know what Kodi Skin is all about but don’t have sufficient information to utilise it.

Well! Whatever the situation might be, this article is going to be a help for everybody. If you already know about Kodi skins, just sharp up your knowledge, so that you can explore it properly. And if you don’t know about it, then this article would totally guide you to understand the A to Zs of Kodi Skin.

Kodi Skin consists of two words, i.e Kodi and Skin.

The first word Kodi is a free of cost, open source media player. It was previously known as X-Box Media Centre (XBMC). Kodi is a non profit technology association. It is available in numerous operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MAC etc. It allows the viewers to play and record videos, movies, TV shows and music from the internet.

The other word Skin is used here as a graphical appearance package that can be achieved by using GUI (Graphical User Interface) and that can be functional in some specific operating systems and websites only. Kodi’s default skin is – Confluence.

Kodi is identified as a flexible and vigorous network, that has made skinning and personalization accessible to the users. It also has the feature of creating one’s own skin and sharing it with others. But the real icing on the cake is its Add-ons. Kodi offers huge number of additional add-ons that can be installed and updated to the newest versions automatically. Some popular add-ons are – Pluto.TV, Sound Cloud, Plex etc.

Best Kodi Skins

Hopefully the readers now have fetched some basic idea about Kodi Skins. Now let us move to the next part of the article, where I will be discussing about some of the best Kodi Skins. So,read On.

Aeon Nox
Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox is probably the best skin after Confluence. It works smoothly in all devices due to its frivolous nature. It’s easy to use and comes with satisfactory customization options. To add to these, it also comes with a glossy look and fresh feel.

Amber Kodi Skin

Amber Kodi Skin has a polished and elegant look. It gives a lot of opportunity for customization as well. This is pretty light in nature and runs efficiently in all devices.  Amber runs in tablets and smart phones, as well as in devices which have limitations in their hardware capabilities.

Black Glass Nova
Blck Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is not only uncomplicated and convenient to use, but also it comes with a unique feature called fan art. Some key features of this skin are – personalization, skin widgets, art work downloader etc.

Mimic Kodi Skin

In comparison with all the other skins, Mimic shines brighter because of its speed. It is so fast that the effects seem to be visible even before clicking the options in the menu. This skin also has its own sleek look. It gives best result when controlled with a wireless keyboard.


Refocus is a flawlessly designed skin whose main features are its sophistication, ease, consistency and enhancement.


This one is a sleek looking skin with some exciting features. The feel of this skin is also pretty decent and eye-catching. All in all it brings a nice experience.


This HD Kodi skin offers you some great visualisation effects. It comes with a grand look and allows the users to switch between two themes i.e the light and the dark. It works pretty efficiently as well.

Xperience 1080

Xperience 1080 is skilfully designed skin that looks great on the big screen. It is primarily dark in colour. The menus are easy to navigate and each section comes with customization options.


This skin is few steps behind to the other skins, when it comes to look and design. It has low resolution and poor background images. But this skin shines in the field of performance.


Ace is a decent looking skin that comes with numerous customization options. Its only negative aspect is that it does not run in live TV. Other than that it’s undoubtedly satisfactory.

Before concluding the article, I would like to touch some of the negative features of Kodi. Kodi, though an otherwise nice software, sometimes is less appreciated because of the existence of third party plug-ins. These plug-ins cause illegal access to media library. But then again, every software has their own set of pros and cons. And kodi mostly has positive aspects only.

Lastly, Here only ten most admired Kodi Skins are described. There are many more such skins. The readers have full freedom to opt for whichever skin they love according to their personal choices. In fact there is no harm in giving all the skins a try. So, go for it.

And don’t forget to let me know about your experience. Do comment.