12 Best and Free Media Players for Windows 10

best media player for Windows 10
By Tapas Pal Updated

If you’re a movie freak then you would always prefer watching movies on your laptop while you’re resting on your couch with a bowl of hot noodles next to you. Though online movie streaming is quite a trend these days, a true movie buff still likes to keep their favorite movies pre-downloaded, so that he or she does not require to depend on an internet connection to watch a movie or a certain episode of a TV show. But when you’re watching a movie on your laptop, you need to make sure that your media player is compatible with the latest Windows version i.e. Windows 10. Therefore, we are listing here some of the best media players for Windows 10 so that you gain a smoother movie watching experience.

VLC Media Player
best free media player for windows 10

When you’re looking for the best media player for Windows 10, what are the primary qualities you would look for? We personally prefer a media player which is compatible with Windows 10, which supports multiple video formats and which is definitely free of cost. Well! VLC offers you all these. This free and open-source media player supports almost all video formats, is compatible with not only Windows 10 but also Mac, Linux etc. mediums, is completely ad-free and even gives the support of subtitles.

Their user interface is too easy to operate and has various customization options, like, adding of skins, creating your own skin with their skin editor, installing various extensions and so on. This media player has been ruling our computers since 1996 and by now you’ve probably figured out why!

the best media player for windows 10

Another best free media player which is absolutely compatible with all the latest versions of Windows including Windows 10 is, KMPlayer. In fact, KMPlayer is our personal favorite when we’re talking about a best media player for Windows 10. The best thing about watching a movie or a TV show on KMPlayer is its ability to support 3D, 4K, and UHD videos. Also, it supports various media formats, be it RTS or MPEG1 or MPEG2 or WMA7 or OGG and so on.

There are various personalization options on KMPlayer as well. Like, they offer you full control over choosing your DVDs. There are separate movie menus, audio menus, subtitle bar and every other thing which would make your movie watching experience simpler. It even supports more than 24 worldwide languages. And above all, KMPlayer is free of cost.

best free media player for windows 10

Potplayer is yet another media player which can appropriately be called a best media player for Windows 10. It is free and has enough enhanced features to become a favorite among the movie buffs. Compatible with all latest versions of Windows, Potplayer is available for download in both 32bit and 64bit. This free media player provides a smooth video play by using very less amount of resources. Additionally, it supports 3D glasses, various video formats, subtitles and what not!

In fact, this video player is compatible with your HDTV as well. You get the benefit of bookmarking your favorite scene, previewing a scene with snapshots and much more.

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC)
best free media player for windows 10

If you’re looking for one such best media player for Windows 10 which is free, lightweight as well as supports all possible media formats, then your search ends at MPC-HC. The best thing about this media player is, it is completely ad-free and even though it is lightweight in nature, it supports various video files and does not compromise with its speed.

MPC-HC is not any far when it comes to customization features. There are various customizable skins and a recently added custom toolbar which make movie watching more comforting. It is also available in a portable version which does not even require the hassle of installation and you can start playing movies right away. MPC-HC has recently added the unique feature of Skype integration which makes this media player even more interesting.

DivX Player
what is the best media player for windows 10

If High-quality video is what you crave for, DivX Player can be a smart choice for you. This best free media player for Windows 10 offers free HEVC playback and makes sure that you get to watch movies and TV shows in Ultra HD. It supports multiple video formats, like, MKV, AVI, MP4 and obviously DivX. You can even stream your videos on Xbox, PS3, the Samsung Galaxy range of products with the help of this media player.

You can track your favorite movies and shows and play your favorite part of a certain episode without bearing the pain of forwarding and back-warding. Their audio features are also admirable and this best media player for Windows 10 supports various audio file formats as well.

GOM Media Player
the best media player for windows 10

The next best media player for Windows 10 on our list is GOM Player. You can download it for free and play any file format out there, be it, AVI or MP4 or MOV and so on. Additionally, there is a powerful subtitles library and a strong codec finder. GOM Player’s customization features too are top notch. It offers different skins, lets you download new logos and supports front, back, left and right viewing due to the 360 degrees VR feature.

Along with these customization features, GOM Media Player provides certain advanced features as well, like, screen capture, playback speed control, various video effects and so on. You can even control the GOM player with the GOM remote. Isn’t that cool?

best free media player for windows 10

5KPlayer is the next entry in our list of best media players for Windows 10. You can play both music and movies on this media player with the highest picture and sound quality. It is perfectly compatible with both Windows and Mac mediums. 5KPlayer’s clean and hassle-free user interface is another reason for it being so famous among the viewers. They also let you import and play videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, MTV etc. It converts these videos into MP3 format so that you can play them with ease. In fact, it not only supports various media file formats but also enhances their video quality.

the best media player for windows 10

Now we would talk about a free and open source media player which is certainly a best media player for Windows 10, and its name is Kodi. You can listen to music in MP3 format, watch movies and TV shows in great picture quality and can even view photos in slideshow via Kodi. The best feature of Kodi lies in its skins and add-ons. There are tons of Kodi Skins which let you personalize your whole interface according to your preference. They have a long list of add-ons as well, including Crackle, Plex, Watchbox, Wakanim and so on. Each day they are adding more to the list. You can even control the Kodi player by using remote controls.

best paid media player for windows 10

There are two freemium media players on this list which have both free and paid versions available for download. The first one is, RealPlayer. The top feature of this best media player for Windows 10 is, it stores your videos in cloud storage. This player also holds the regular features of a media player, like, downloading and playing videos offline, providing Chromecast support, bookmarking, giving your videos proper safety, converting videos to other formats and so on.

You can even burn and play DVDs and CDs in the theatre mode. There are two premium plans available, named Plus and Premium. The Plus plan would cost you $39.99 at one go and you won’t require any subscription. The premium plan would charge you $4.99/month. Though a bit costly, considering the additional features you get, the paid plans are definitely worth a try!

the best media player for windows 10

The next best media player for Windows 10 which has all the top features of a smart media player is, SMPlayer. This free, open source media player is quite rich in terms of its features. It lets you play various video formats, like, AVI, MP4, MKV, MPEG, DivX etc. gives subtitle downloading support, is compatible with both old and new versions of Windows and so on. SMPlayer is highly customizable and offers you several skins for personalization. This media player is available in 30+ languages and holds a video equalizer. So, what is stopping you from downloading this best free media player for Windows 10?

best paid media player for windows 10

The second freemium media player on our list is, Plex. Plex has a bunch of envious features, but most of them belong to the paid plans. It lets you enjoy movies, TV shows, and music offline. You can share your favorite movies with your friends and family via Plex. One notable feature of Plex which is normally missing in other media players is, it enables the parental control mode, by which you can hide the adult contents from your little ones. There are various other enhanced features available on this best media player for Windows 10, like Plex news, Plex VR, unlimited storage, media optimizer, Plex Cloud, Lyrics support and so on. Needless to say, Plex supports various media file formats. Its premium plan would charge you $4.99/month.

ACG Player
best free media player for windows 10

Finally, we end our list with the ACG Player. This cool media player is specifically designed for Windows 10. This free media player has several cool features under its hood, like, interactive music animation, snapshot support, various audio and video effects, speed control and so on. If you prefer a lightweight media player for Windows phone or PC, then this one can be a simple and smart choice for you.

These are the media players which we think are the best ones. Each of them is perfectly compatible with Windows 10 and makes sure that the movie buffs enjoy their favorite movies and shows thoroughly. Choose the media player according to your needs and requirements and start playing your desired videos.