20 Best Minecraft Mods For A Better Gaming Experience

best minecraft mods
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Minecraft is a popular 3D video game created by the renowned game developing house Mojang. It is one of those games where the player does not have any specific goal and is left free to choose his or her actions and activities; this type of games are called Sandbox games. The activities of this game include building and structuring cubes, gathering resources, crafting, digging mines, killing mobs and so on.

Now, you probably know that a Mod refers to modifications in a video game. Minecraft has thousands of such independent user-made mods. These mods can be downloaded for free of cost. In fact, it is the mods which make Minecraft so pleasing.

This article intends to suggest the best Minecraft mods so that you can enjoy an upgraded gaming experience.

20 Best Minecraft Mods to Install

It is impossible to estimate the total number of Minecraft mods, as there are tons of them. So, here we are jotting down some of the best Minecraft mods to help you out.

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optifine best minecraft mod
Optifine Minecraft Mod

The first name in this list of best Minecraft mods is, OptiFine. This mod becomes, even more, fun if you have a highly configured PC. This mod makes Minecraft run faster and smoother and it is also a treat to the eyes.

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best Minecraft mods CandyCraft
CandyCraft Minecraft Mod

In case you are fond of candies or you have an irresistible sweet tooth, then this mod would surely make you happy. Get ready to lose yourself in a world made of marshmallows, critters etc. and keep building blocks, gathering items, killing mobs while you stuff your mouth with candies. And don’t forget to brush your teeth after playing this sweet saga.

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top mincraft mods WAILA
WAILA Mnecraft mod

Ever got confused and lost track of which mod you are using? Well! This is quite a common problem, as most of the Minecraft addicts end up downloading too many Minecraft mods. This results in utter confusion, and that is the time when WAILA, the third name in this list of best Minecraft mods, comes to our rescue.

WAILA stands for, What Am I Looking At. Once you get confused, point your cursor at any one block and you would get to see the whole detail of the mod you are using.

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top minecraft mods Decocraft
Decocraft Minecraft mod

The next name in this list of best Minecraft mods is Decocraft. If you like things organized and decorated, then Decocraft is your best choice and there is no doubt about that. There are a lot of stuff to garnish your Minecraft world.

You would get lamps, toys, chairs, tables, curtains and tons of other things to adorn your bedroom, kitchen, living room and every other corner. In fact, in the essence of Christmas and New Year, this mod is letting you beautify your Christmas tree and presents in exactly the way you prefer.

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cool minecraft mods journey map
Journey Map Mod

As the name suggests, JourneyMap mod helps you in finding your own location as well as the location of the mobs. There is an added feature of saving all those locations which you have already visited.

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good Mincraft Mods Bibliocraft
Bibliocraft mod

Another trendy mod in this list of best Minecraft mods is, Bibliocraft. It contains some artistically designed blocks which are also rich in their functionality. This mod is one of the fun Minecraft mods as it lets you organize your inventories in shelves, chests etc. This mod basically aims at keeping your excess belongings in an orderly manner.

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Blood Magic

cool minecraft mods blood magic
Blood Magic Mod

This mod makes the otherwise flat Minecraft game a bit dark and gloomy. Blood Magic mod gives Minecraft a thrilling touch as the plot of this mod revolves around gaining energy by collecting the Mobs’ blood.

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Progressive Automation

minecraft best mods progressive automation
Progressive Automation mod

The eighth position in this list of best Minecraft mods is occupied by the Progressive Automation mod. This mod intends to track various advanced machinery into a single block. This results in less occupation of space and full optimization of your Minecraft world.

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cool minecraft mods quiverbow
Quiverbow mod

The Quiverbow mod brings into action the nostalgia of traditional weapons arch and arrow. Gamers who are obsessed with archery or any other projectile based weapons, Quiverbow is one of the best Minecraft mods for them.

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awesome mincraft mods caterpillar
caterpillar mincraft mod

Digging is the essence of Minecraft and that is why Caterpiller is one of the most popular Minecraft mods. This is a useful tool as it lets you dig a 3×3 hole, which would eventually help you in rebuilding your base, killing mobs and adding more resources and materials to it. This drill based tool is a must to reform your mining.

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best minecraft mods Botania
Botania Mod

The Botania mod adds some sparkle and beauty to your Minecraft world, by providing lots of flowers. Flowers symbolize peace and joy, and so does this mod. But don’t yet tag this mod as a boring one. All of these flowers come with different set of powers. Sometimes even two mobs fight between them over these flowers. It is, therefore, one of the top Minecraft mods.

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Still Hungry

top minecraft mods
Still hungry mod

If you are a regular gamer of Minecraft then you surely know how essential food is in this game. The regular food available in this game is quite monotonous. Still hungry mod, therefore, comes with a variety of foods.

Are you hungry? Grab a bite right away. This is also one of those best Minecraft mods which let you grow 3 extra crops and provides you some new cooking tools.

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Magic Yarn

popular minecraft mods magic yarn
Magic yarn mod

There is hardly any player who has played Minecraft but never got lost. Very frequently, users get lost in the woods or lands and can’t find their way back home. Magic Yarn mod comes to your help in those situations. No doubt, it is one of the must-have Minecraft mods.

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Waterfree Farming

best minecraft mods waterfree farming
Waterfree farming mod

This is one of the helpful and best Minecraft mods because it lets you grow your crops without any watering. Constant watering kills your time in the game and this mod helps you in saving your time as it combines water with the dirt and the sands, so that you can enjoy water free firming.

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The Space Age Mod

fun minecraft mods the space age
The Space Age Mod

The next mod is a bit unique and interesting one. The Space Age Mod lets you travel the space in a rocket ship and also lets you build anything you want inside the ship, as long as it does not interrupt the flying of the ship. It is, therefore, one of the amazing Minecraft mods.

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Twilight Forest

must have minecraft mods twilight forest
Twilight Forest Mod

The Twilight Forest mod creates a wide, deep, mysterious forest with tons of trees, lakes, castles, ponds etc. As you move forward in the forest you would get new adventures and on finishing those adventures successfully you would be rewarded suitably.

But what lies in this journey are some fierce monsters. And your main challenge is to survive while continuing your journey. So, this is one of the coolest Minecraft mods.

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Apple Trees

good minecraft mods apple trees
Apple trees mod

With all the complex and scary mods around, sometimes you feel like the need of a simple mod. Apple Trees mod is one of those. It lets you harvest and grow apple trees by combining a sapling with an apple. It is that simple.

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Styled Blocks

fun minecraft mods styled blocks
Styled Blocks Mod

Regular gamers would know that Minecraft always had an issue with stairs and slabs. There were hardly any stairs and the only available thing was blocks. Styled Blocks mod solves this issue and brings into picture some styled blocks.

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essential minecraft mods calculations
Calculations mod

The next name in this list of best Minecraft mods is Calculations. We all know Minecraft requires a lot of calculations regarding how many blocks to take, how many blocks to not take and so on. This mod enables a calculator on the screen so that you can carry on in the game with proper calculations and measurements. This is, therefore, one of the most essential Minecraft mods.

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Better Foliage

best minecraft mods Better Foliage
Better Foliage Mod

The final name in this list of best Minecraft mods is Better Foliage. Better foliage refers to more greenery. And this mod does perfect justice to its name. the visual representation of this mod is all about trees, green grasses, falling leaves, mountains and many objects which add to the greenery.

These were the best Minecraft mods which we prefer. You can give each of these mods a try to make the most of the Minecraft game. So, start playing now!