5 Best Webcam Software for Windows and MAC (Paid and Free)

Best Webcam Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 and MAC in 2018
By Tapas Pal Updated

Webcams were quite famous a little while ago, although its usage has declined a bit, they are still useful for meetings, selfies, video chats, facetime etc. We’ve elaborated about the best webcam software in this article since the basic webcam software (the one that is pre-installed on your system by default) does not contain many modifications or settings that can be adjusted to make it a little better. It simply does its job in the easiest and the basic way.

In this time of technological advancement, it honestly sucks that we are not able to customize our selfies and our video chats because of drawbacks in the webcam software.

But not anymore. We have come up with some of the best webcam software for you, filled up with a ton of options other than basic selfie and video. You can have a wide-angle view, use multiple filters depending on your mood and what not!

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it:

Best Webcam Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 and MAC


  1. CyberLink YouCam 7:

best Webcam Software - CyberLink YouCam 7
Image taken from: CyberLink official website

CyberLink YouCam 7 is one of the best options for webcam software. Apart from its basic function of shooting selfies and videoes, a lot of things can be done like surveillance, application of a ton of effects etc. The company offers two versions of this software –

  • Standard – $34.95
  • Deluxe – $44.95

As you must have understood out by now, since the standard version is a little cheaper it lacks few features like beautification and dual camera support which are present in the deluxe version of the software.

The features and functions can be divided into two major sections. In the first, the webcam software helps you to apply tons of effects, frames, screens, funny emoticons, emojis etc. On the other hand, you can also use its beautification tool and turn the software into a full-fledged image editing software and enhance your pictures.

Coming to the safety point of view, this webcam can be used for surveillance of your home as well when you are not around, you simply need to sign in your windows account with the help of facial recognition. CyberLink YouCam 7 is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 which definitely makes the software the best webcam software.

  1. ManyCam:

ManyCam - Best Free Webcam Software for Windows and Mac
Image courtesy: ManyCam official website

ManyCam is one of the webcam software that can be downloaded from the web easily. It supports both Windows and MAC operating systems. It is a one-stop destination for all your webcam issues as it has tons and tons of solutions for them. It is a typical funny webcam tool, not to mention the amazing effects and cartoon characters that can be added to your photographs using this software.

There are three versions of ManyCam:


  • ManyCam Standard: $19
  • ManyCam Pro: $45
  • ManyCam Enterprise: $179

Although the pricing is on the high-end side it is definitely worth the purchase. You can expect even more features than CyberLink YouCam in the paid versions of this software. The best part is that there is a special feature to connect the webcam directly to YouTube which proves to be quite helpful for video bloggers as well as the YouTubers. Other features of ManyCam such as video effects and screencast are worth an attempt.

  1. SplitCam:

Free Webcam Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 - SplitCam
Image courtesy: SplitCam official Website

SplitCam is the best free webcam software with no paid versions to offer. Being free for the tons of features that it offers is unbelievable.

Apart from adding effects and editing the videos in the webcam software itself, it has other amazing capabilities too. You can use it as a video streaming software and it offers you to choose the optimal resolution for your video (which is quite rare in other such software’s).

While talking about the features, SplitCam definitely tops the list. Besides all the amazing effects, filters, emoji’s, frames, 3D Masks and every other offering of the software, you can use it as a video splitting tool as well, meaning that you can use the webcam along with other tools simultaneously.

SplitCam only supports Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, and 10 and does not compatible with MAC OS. So, SplitCam can be called the best webcam software for Windows users.

  1. Debut Video Capture Software:

Best Webcam Software - Debut Video Capture Software

Although Debut Video Capture Software isn’t exactly a webcam software, but it deserves a place on this list. This software is basically a screen capture software (meaning that you can record the screen using it).

There are two versions of this software. The basic version is completely free while the pro version is going to cost you some bucks.

  • Pro – $49.99

It allows you to capture videos in many formats like AVI, MP4, MKV and several others as well. The best part of this software is that it allows you to record videos from many sources like IP webcams etc. You also have some available features like mouse zoom in and highlighting while recording the video. You can also edit your video using this software. Unfortunately, this too only supports Windows operating system versions 10, 8.1, 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

  1. IGlasses:

Iglasses - Best Free Webcam Software for MAC

Finally a dedicated software for the MAC users! IGlasses is a webcam software which offers amazing features and functions just like the ManyCam software. You can add stunning visual effects to your photographs taken using the webcam.

IGlasses is available in two versions. The basic version is completely free and can be easily downloaded from the web, whereas the premium version is paid.

  • Premium – $19.99

Unlike other such softwares, IGlasses has a really competitive pricing for the features that it offers to its users. Its really simple and user-friendly interface is like no other, you can view, edit and manipulate your shots instantly after the click.

It can be integrated with Facebook and Skype as well to give you a really awesome picture quality while you face time with others. Colour correction, 3D Accessories etc. are some of its other features. All of these features of IGlasses, make it the best webcam software for MAC users.

So this is the list of the best webcam software that can be used to have an amazing shot or video. If you have some more suggestions please feel free to comment them down in the comment section below and we will definitely consider them.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to buying a webcam in near future, go through this detailed review of the best wireless webcam, available online at reasonable rate. Make sure you go through the specifications and consider your specific requirements before making a purchase.