Best Whatsapp Group Names List for Friends, Family, and Cousins.

Whatsapp group names
By Tapas Pal Updated

When we get bored, we think about doing something then we come up with the idea of chatting with our loved ones on Whatsapp. This app is something that is already replaced by many other apps and even messaging.The app is already popular worldwide because of its impressive features. Some of its best features include its status, where you can put any status you like, calling, where you can quickly call anybody without any charge. Others are video calling where you can simply talk face to face, DP’s, where you can upload the images you like, WhatsApp group, where you can add as many people you want, WhatsApp group names in English or any other language and so many.

Among all these, group chat is something where you can add many people, and many of them even prefer this as one can talk with everyone just at one place. You can’t make a call on the group but can communicate with many people at one time.

The admin, who creates the group, can change the name or profile picture of their choice and even anyone can do this in a group. Everyone wants their Whatsapp group names to be unique and little attractive, the name that would be the best for the group.

Even while asking for the number of anyone, people first ask ‘are you on WhatsApp?’ It is the trend nowadays. Selecting the WhatsApp group names is not an easy task.

So, the question that arises is what will be the group names for WhatsApp? That’s why we are here to share with you some of the cool, funny, family, friends and cousin WhatsApp group names in all of the languages.

Cool Whatsapp group names for friends

WhatsApp group names for friends

Friends are someone who plays very important role in our life. They are just like family, helping hand whenever we need them. When you have got more than one friend and that too mutual it becomes necessary to generate the group and give the unique WhatsApp group names for friends. Check out some of the names given below

Game Changers Friends Forever
We talk a lot Rock & Roll
Dil Dosti Awesome Friends
Hangover Last Benchers
Buddies for life Teenagers
Childhood Buddies Bachelors
Chatter Box Best Brothers
Enter at your own risk Weekend Devils
The Folks Waste Brains
The trouble makers The Spartans
So called engineers Happiness all around
Just Chat The Jumping Jacks
Silent Killers Life for friends
No more singles Music Maniacs
Sports lovers My Amigos
Lions Three Idiots
Party People Crazy People
We tie until we die Status King
Explosion Fabulous students
Blast Lions
Crazy Engineers So-called engineers
Warriors Playing my way
Walky Talky Full on
Local Losers Dear ones
Valet Minds Six spoons
Awesome Blossom Amazing pals
Life and music The Insomniacs
The invincibles Kingdom
Life for friends Non-stop notifications
Trash Toxic Texting
Don’t spoil it Rockstars
Silence not allowed We talk a lot

Funny Whatsapp group names for college & school friends

Whatsapp group names for college & school friends

After completing studies, who doesn’t miss the school & college friends? Here are some of the funniest WhatsApp group names for school friends for you.

Crazy school friends Pencil chors
The awara group Boring classes
Nadaan Parindey Whatsapp fund raiser
Golden memories Royal benchers
The adventures of texting Bhaia Ji smile
Telegram lovers Joint family
Buddies in crime Searching for name
Why do exams come? Just U
Protectors of superman None of your business
Langoti friends Game of phones
Canteen lovers Bunkers
Utilize precious time Chatting till I die

WhatsApp group names for family  

WhatsApp group names for family

The family is something that stays with you and supports you in every situation no matter what. Here are some of the WhatsApp group names that you can use for the family group. You can also suggest these WhatsApp family group names to your friends.

Family Forever Happy family
My family Family ho to aisi
Happy house The family gang
Bonding The public square
We are family Rocking family
Family ties Good times
Yes, we are family Fantastic family
Modern family ABC Family
Perfect family Love you, family
People of my life Karate family
Mad family We are awesome
Drama Club We are unique
Dad is don Cool family
Welcome to the family club Strong ties
Strong bonding Best bonding
Kahanighargharki Mad house
Cool family My superb family
My folks Irritating family
Lifeline Devil’s home
Cutest family Whatsapp connection
The “surname” family Pretty family
Beautiful family The Adam’s family

WhatsApp group names for cousins

WhatsApp group names for cousins

When it comes to family, how can we forget our cousins? After all, they are just like the real brother and sister. There are many WhatsApp group names that can be used for the cousin group. So let’s take a look at cool WhatsApp group names for cousins.

Just chat Cousins Love
Mad cousins Colonial Cousins
Across borders The people I love
Near ones Dear ones
World of cousins Happiness all around
Weekend Kings Dull decisions
Fabulous people Social confusion
Pink pearls Gorgeous subjective
Freaky fun room Mean cuties
Friends laboratory Nonsense junction
Black stones Sausage rolls

WhatsApp group names in Hindi

Let’s check out WhatsApp group names in Hindi for all the Hindi language lovers out there. These are some of the names that can be used as a group name in Hindi.

Velle log Bakar Point
Dil se Punjabi Kudis
Jab takhaijaan Apnasapna
Andaazapnaapna Golmaal
The Gujjus ChupkeChupke
Yaaronkakaafila Theawaara group
Pencil kiudhari Dosti Warriors
DilDostiDuniyadari Pagalpanti
Tipu Sultan Group Hahakari Group
Sirfhumara group kaafihai Do jismekjaan

So, these were some of the best WhatsApp group names that you can include in your group. Many people are going crazy over WhatsApp groups, but they don’t know what name to include in the group. No need to worry, check all the mentioned names above and you are ready to go.