Top Timely 12 WhenIsGood Alternatives to Schedule Your Meetings

WhenIsGood Alternatives - Alternatives to WhrenIsGood
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“If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes” – Crystal Paine. In order to see the light of success, productivity is such a thing that never fails to get the job done. While we’re living in a world of tremendous competition and busyness, we ought to maintain and increase our productivity.

With technology involved in every step we step out in this world, we’ve started to utilize numerous tools and web apps that can bump up our productivity in terms of planning tasks, automating works and analyzing information. WhenIsGood is such a web application to perform every probable task with ease. But if you consider WhenIsGood to be the only way out, you’re making a big mistake. Ample of WhenIsGood alternatives are there to help you out in increasing your productivity!

What is WhenIsGood?

What is WhenIsGood
WhenIsGood plans tasks and automate works for scheduling meetings

Perhaps you’ve got an overall idea about WhenIsGood from the very first paragraph. But I’ll try to depict it in an explanatory mannerism along with an array of alternatives to WhenIsGood. WhenIsGood [see the site] is a web-based meeting scheduler app which enables us to optimize our workflow and get a job finished in a much shorter period. You can get rid of the pretty frustrating sales calls, and avail plenty of useful aspects regarding endless back and forth communication service, analyzing calendars, locating the best place for meeting, calling attendees, combining meetings to the calendar, and arranging a call-in number with WhenIsGood.

How Does It Work?

WhenIsGood is an ideal destination for managing holidays, official appointments and other schedules. The best thing about this web application is there’s no hassle of registration. Let’s see how it works.

  1. You can simply fill the calendar with the upcoming appointments and affairs.
  2. Entering your email ID will help WhenIsGood to notify you with an invitation message along with a unique URL.
  3. You can send the pushover to your invitees, and they can choose their comfortable timing among those.

There are a few issues of WhenIsGood that have become a matter of anxiety from a lengthy period. Those limitations and drawbacks have incited me to note down the top WhenIsGood Alternatives. So, let’s discover the websites and apps that can replace WhenIsGood to manage your daily schedules and meetings.

Top 12 WhenIsGood Alternatives – Create Some Great Possibilities



Special Features



Finding availability for recurring meetings Free; Premium features from $8/month


Scheduling with Slack


Presdo Match Multiple language Support, up to 500 attendees and above

Free, Premium features start at $999


Automatic time-zone management, ‘My Meeting’ page Free, Premium features start at $19.99 for single user Scheduling detailed meetings in Gmail


Boomerang Calendar

Scheduling group meetings within Gmail Free
FreeBusy Schedule meetings with people inside or outside your company

Free; from monthly $12/user for premium features

Meeting management and preparation from monthly $12
MeetingBird Scheduling frequent meetings via email

Free for up to monthly 25 meetings; unlimited meetings from monthly $9

Personal assistant with artificial intelligence Free; from monthly $39 for Pro features
Time Zone Ninja Finding the best hour to meet with international colleagues



Taking quick polls for your meetings



1. Calendly

Calendly - Alternatives to WhenIsGood
Calendly finds the availability of recurring meetings

Calendly comes first on the list and in the thought as well whenever individuals consider the best alternatives to WhenIsGood. People can schedule meetings depending on your availability through Calendly. You need to set up your availability for various sorts of meetings and send your colleagues, clients, and friends an auto-generated link provided by Calendly. Calendly provides you a personalized URL after getting integrated with the Office 365 or Google Calendar.

Calendly comes with both the free and premium versions where you can unveil prime options such as group scheduling! You can utilize the site for in-house meeting scheduling and share it with clients too by the outgoing links. All these facilities make Calendly one of the most elegant WhenIsGood alternatives and a must-have tool for everyday jobs.

2. Meekan

WhenIsGood Alternatives - Meekan
Meekan schedules meetings with Slack

If you’re looking for a humanly meeting scheduler who’ll take care of your daily schedules, Meekan is the perfect destination. Meekan is one of the rarest WhenIsGood alternatives that respond to human-readable requests. If you ask Meekan to fix an appointment on “Next Monday,” it will analyze each party’s calendar and find the perfect time. The meeting attendees can vote the best time according to them. Moreover, Meekan can set up an alert for the attendees on the day of the meeting if you’re running out of time.

The majority of professionals use Slack for team collaboration concerning file transfer, communication, and alerts. Through Meekan, you can schedule meetings from Slack with just a few keystrokes. You need to install Meekan’s Slack Bot and set an appointment only by starting a message in any channel of Meekan. You’ll find the same functionality of Meekan for Microsoft and Hipchat which makes it one of the excellent alternatives to WhenIsGood.

3. Presdo Match

WhenIsGood Alternatives - Presdo Match
Multiple-language support and 500 and above attendees make Presdo match the best meeting scheduler

Presdo Match is one of the WhenIsGood alternatives which can surpass the functionalities and features of WhenIsGood itself. Presdo can offer mindboggling features by which you can export the calendar to Outlook, Yahoo, iCal or Google calendar. Moreover, you can enjoy the features of Google Map Integration, and messaging in the midst of a big event for detailed discussion.

You can incorporate description, select location, and send invitation emails to individuals joining you in the event created by Presdo. Both you and your invitees can recommend the preferred timings and dates. All these extremely beneficial features depict Presdo as one of the prime results if we talk about alternatives to WhenIsGood.

4. Meet-O-Matic

Meet-O-Matic - Alternatives to WhenIsGood
Meet-O-Matic automatically detects the time zones and alerts you

One of the unique WhenIsGood alternatives, Meet-O-Matic is a flawless meeting scheduler web application which selects the available date with no-nonsense and straightforward web interface without requiring any registration procedure. The web app can assist you in finishing the short work of choosing the next meeting date. Meet-O-Matic is surprisingly easy to use. You just need to pick your available dates from the calendar, add the meeting info and share the auto-generated URL with friends and office colleagues. They can choose their preferred date and time as well.


Assistant.To - Alternatives to WhenIsGood
Schedule detailed meeting in Gmail by

If you use Google Calendar, is one of the most advantageous alternatives to WhenIsGood for you. The recipient can reply to your invitation by the calendar app since extension uses Google Calendar data to flag the possible time conflicts. can be integrated to the popular meeting tools such as GoToMeeting, and ReadyTalk! This integration allows the app to generate meeting links automatically and add them to these meeting tools. automatically adds a widget to all the “Compose New Message” windows in Gmail after installation. The app will attach your comfortable meeting timings to your emails automatically after you select your convenient timings. Now, the recipients of your emails can pick the date and time according to their convenience. works for both personal and business-grade Google accounts but only deals in the one-on-one meetings. Due to its inability to schedule meetings with multiple people, it’ll be wise to call it one of the most convenient WhenIsGood Alternatives for individual use.

6. Boomerang Calendar

WhenIsGood Alternatives - Boomerang Calendar
Boomerang Calendar does the best work when it comes to group meetings

Another browser extension that can be associated with Gmail and Google Calendar is Boomerang Calendar. But the surprising feature it comes with is its compatibility with both Chrome and Firefox unlike the other extensions available. Boomerang calendar is one of those alternatives to WhenIsGood which provides group meeting support on the website. Boomerang Calendar will inform you of any probable meeting time intersections as it can access your Google Calendar.

Boomerang Calendar offers the users a single click notification of their availability for several days in future without sharing any access to your Calendar. That very feature makes the browser extension one of the most secured WhenIsGood alternatives.

7. FreeBusy

WhenIsGood Alternatives - FreeBusy
FreeBusy is a great help for scheduling meetings inside and outside company

FreeBusy is one of the beneficial alternatives to WhenIsGood when one requires a handy tool for scheduling meetings inside and outside companies. This web-based app is well-integrated with all the significant calendars available in the market and leads you to the whole process of creating meetings.

You may choose two different paths to set up meetings quickly with FreeBusy.

  1. Create specific meetings by adding frequent participants by email or by the contact list. Suggest a free time. If the time doesn’t suite for the selected participants, they can locate your availability for the following week and suggest a different time based on your schedule.
  2. If you don’t want to schedule a meeting yourself, you can share your FreeBusy page to let the viewers schedule a meeting according to their convenience considering your time of availability. Not only you have the authority to accept or refuse any appointment proposal, but you can restrict the number of applicants and give yourself a little time between meetings by adjusting the settings.

So, if you are considering to switch to WhenIsGood alternatives, FreeBusy doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.

8. - Alternatives to WhenIsGood is your best companion for meeting management and preparation

There’s a proverb – Jack of all trades, Master of none. But is also the master of all the possible aspects associated with any meeting tool! This web-based app schedule meetings by a personal scheduling page or by arranging a meeting with Google Calendar and Outlook contacts. has an incredible ability to get integrated with live communication tools like Slack. So, your meeting invitation will comprise of all the teleconferencing information as well. And these are exactly what it takes to be one of the leading WhenIsGood alternatives.

You can discover every scheduled meeting in a timeline format and can organize them as well from the in-app dashboard. You can easily find your next meeting schedule, which is one of the preferable features that every individual opts for in the alternatives to WhenIsGood. The action-item tool and in-app agenda of will lend you a hand in managing any meeting before, during, and after its occurrence. The web app of syncs only with Google Calendar but its mobile apps built for Android and iOS syncs almost every Calendar including AOL, Outlook, and Yahoo!

9. Meetingbird

Meetingbird - Alternatives to WhenIsGood
MeetingBird works best for frequent meeting scheduling

Often, I become incredibly busy and Meetingbird comes to rescue me every time! Yes, if you’re in a profession that requires frequent meetings, Meetingbird can do wonder, being one of the quickest meeting schedulers via email and one of the most important WhenIsGood alternatives. The Chrome extension of the amazing calendar management tool places the calendar quick-view right beside your Gmail inbox.

The feature I personally find the finest in Meetingbird is its capability of time-blocking and hyper-scheduling the time when I’m available for meetings. Basically, I like this time-blocking as it becomes productive for my daily work and schedules. And that’s why I cannot but keep Meetingbird among the topmost alternatives to WhenIsGood. One can perform every task regarding a meeting (from generating calendar invites, sharing accessible meeting timing’s links) without leaving inbox.

10. X.AI

X-AI - WhenIsGood Alternatives is a newly invented AI assistant for scheduling meetings is literally a revolution in the meeting schedulers. You just need to CC on an email and all the monotonous emails will be handled by her while you’ll be trying to organize a meeting time. This nearly zero effort makes a great solution when you’ll be seeking for the worthy WhenIsGood alternatives.

Amy is your AI assistant who is aware of your contact details (including Skype username, phone number) and appointments that can be required from a client while scheduling a meeting with you. This information is used by the AI to communicate with the attendees via emails. On the day of the meeting, Amy adds the appointment to your calendar and invites other attendees as well.

Furthermore, Amy responds more humanly than you can possibly think! This AI detects unique speaking patterns and responds according to that pattern! For instance, she’ll write “This Monday Morning!” if she wants to inform about a meeting holding on Monday morning. All these humanly features provided by makes it indeed one of the most reliable alternatives to WhenIsGood.

11. Time Zone Ninja

Alternatives to WhenIsGood - Time Zone Ninja
Time Zone Ninja finds the best hour for international meeting

If you’re dealing only with the international clients, Time Zone Ninja is a must-have tool that can be an excellent replacement for WhenIsGood. This tool is one of the WhenIsGood alternatives that makes international meeting scheduling a lot easier.

You need to type the location of yours and up to eight different attendees from the different part of the globe. Moreover, you can also select the meeting date and your preferred time for the meeting. Following the step, you need to hit ‘Find the Ninja Hour’ to find a comfortable time for all of you. Clicking the ‘Find the Ninja Hour’ button generates a table displaying the individual time zones of the attendees. You’ll also find a color-coded indicator reviewing your suggested time comparing to the attendees’ time.

Time Zone Ninja will provide three timings: your suggested time, and an hour before and after the time. This three-hour based time proposal is used only to give you the options of best meeting times. But sometimes, it doesn’t work! In that case, you can drag the slider under your location to adjust the time. If you deal with the overseas clients and colleagues, Time Zone Ninja seems to be the one of a kind from the rage of alternatives to WhenIsGood.

12. Xoyondo

Xoyondo - WhenIsGood Alternatives
Xoyondo takes quick polls for scheduling meetings

Xoyondo promises to ‘locate meeting times fast’ and lives up to its promise. This browser-based application is considered as one of the worthiest names that come to mind whenever WhenIsGood alternatives are concerned. The meeting coordinator can suggest times for a meeting inside Xoyondo, and generate a page where attendees can vote.

This voting process really makes Xoyondo the only democratic app among the other alternatives to WhenIsGood. The organizers can also avail the poll facility from Xoyondo that makes it possible to provide the attendees with multiple-choice and customizable surveys. Now, forget about the hassle of arranging the foods or beverages every attendee of your meeting will love.