Avail Big Discount by Booking IRCTC Train Tickets Through Paytm Cash

IRCTC train tickets through Paytm Cash
By Subhas Das Updated

Yes, you read it correct! you can get discounts while booking IRCTC train tickets. Even though IRCTC doesn’t directly provide any discount while you book tickets, you can avail discounts by paying money through Paytm. IRCTC has now added Paytm wallet as a payment transaction method. In this article, we will explain you in detail

How to avail discounts on IRCTC Train ticket bookings using Paytm cash.

Using Paytm cash to book tickets also has another advantage. You can save time and effort taken while you book directly with your bank. Paying through a bank is time taking and very hectic. But paying with Paytm is very easy. You just need to be logged in to your Paytm account using the same browser. Paytm cash will put an end to time wasting during money transactions.

Procedure to book Ticket through Paytm

In order to book tickets using Paytm cash, you should have money in your Paytm wallet in advance. You cannot add money in-between the transaction process. You need to add the required amount of money to your Paytm account before you book tickets.

  • Go to IRCTC website
  • Enter the details for your journey and proceed to payment
  • Once you reach the payment mode section, select Wallet/Cash card option
  • Now in the sub category of Wallet/Cash card, select Paytm wallet


booking IRCTC train tickets through Paytm
  • Now click on the Make Payment button
  • You will be automatically redirected to the Paytm Site for payment transaction
  • Login to your Paytm account using your username and password
  • Make payment and wait for a confirmation message.

It is the easiest way to book a train ticket using Paytm cash. No need to enter hundreds of passwords and no need to waste time for the transaction processes to complete. IRCTC e-wallet, which is another wallet developed by IRCTC which is also an e-wallet which can be used for booking tickets rather than Paytm. But Paytm offers you a discount and here’s how you can avail it.

Methods to get Discounts while booking IRCTC train tickets using Paytm cash.

IRCTC will never offer you any discounts while booking tickets since it is the biggest industry in India. They have enough and more profit and there is no need for them to give discounts to increase sales. The Irony is that they charge you more while booking through tatkal. Paytm is the first digital wallet in India, which is approved by the Reserve Bank of India. Paytm always has offers for you in the form of cashback, discounts and they even offer giveaways. Similarly Paytm introduces a variety of offers.

Now Paytm offers a 5% cash back when you add money to your Paytm wallet. Which means when you add 10000 rupees into your Paytm account, you will get Rupees 500 as cash back. Then you can use this money to book tickets in IRCTC. Hence, you will get an additional indirect 5% discount when you add money to your Paytm wallet for booking Train Tickets. You can use this trick not only for Train Ticket booking but while you buy anything through Paytm.

In this article, we have helped you to avail an indirect discount while booking IRCTC train tickets using Paytm cash. Comment your queries and doubts in the comments section below. We are happy to help you out always.