Btfo Meaning And Explanation

btfo meaning
By Gunjan Roy Updated

With the rise in internet slang words and acronyms, it is getting really tough in keeping up with the new slangs that come up every now and then. Although, it is a faster and more convenient way of getting the message across to the targeted person but can prove to be time-consuming and confusing at times.

Just like in this case, ‘btfo’. Btfo can have tons of meaning depending upon the person’s skills to interpret it. But if you interpret it wrong, the whole meaning of the message can be changed drastically and that may be embarrassing to you. Btfo is not a commonly used acronym but it has been gaining a lot of popularity lately.

Below listed are the two actual and original meaning of this acronym which can save you from all the embarrassment that you may have to go through by interpreting it wrong.

So, let us start: –

What does btfo mean

  • Back the F*** Off
  • Blown the F*** out

Yes, both of these words contain the F-word but it is there just to add an extra tinge aggression to make the expression look more expressing.

btfo Meanings

  1. Back the F*** off

As the name suggests Back the F*** off means that you want someone to stop something that you do not like or something that is hurting you in any way.  It is a more aggressive way of telling a person to back off and stop his activities.

It is very commonly used at road rages and during fights and represent a level of intensity. Another manner where it is used is that it represents that you are being victimized to are being annoyed by the tasks the other person is doing so to communicate to ‘stop it’ in a forceful manner you use this sentence.


  • ‘’BTFO my property, you are trespassing’’- In this case, btfo is used to present a warning to the trespasser and command him to go back.
  • “Don’t you dare touch that, BTFO” – This represents a sense of warning.
  • “You are surrounded by the police, BTFO”
  1. Blown the F*** Out

Blown the F*** out is an intensive way of expressing the feeling of losing to someone or some kind of match or competition by a minimal margin of goals or marks. The competition can be anything of football, soccer, even cake-eating etc. Even if the person loses to another individual such kind of acronym can be used.

Blown the F*** out can also mean a level of anxiousness and excitement that the person gets by defeating someone else.


  • “Arsenal btfo of the real Madrid last night and lifted the trophy”
  • “My team btfo of the blues and defeated the Phillis in the last lap”

So, now that you are aware of what does ‘btfo’ mean and how it can be used in various sentences you should be able to understand its exact usage in the messages and save yourself from the embarrassment.

But, before you go out and try your hand at them, let us look at the circumstances and the situations where these can have different meanings. The most important step is to understand the context of the message.

Tips and Tricks to understand the correct meaning

The following are a few hacks which will help you to get a better understanding of the word.

1. Reading the message with both the meanings

If you not already sure which meaning does the sender means then this method will definitely help you get out of your misery. Once you read the content of the message, you should read it again twice with different meanings of ‘btfo’. Maybe the second one makes more sense or the first one suits more. Although this is not a one hundred percent sure shot method it will give you a hint about the meaning.

2. Look for the sender showing signs of being annoyed or angry: –

The most important thing to understand is that do you find the sender anger or annoyed while sending this message? This can be easily understood from his writing method and use of words as an angry or victimized person prefers to use harsh and rude words. Furthermore, if there are any signs of negativity or complaint I the message then the sender probably means “Back the f*** off”.

3. Is the sender talking about some kind of competition or contest?

If you are unable to find any sign of being annoyed to victimized then you can search for the sign of a competition of a contest that the sender want to talk about. Maybe he was involved in a competition and he won or lost it by a very minimal margin etc. If such is the case then the sender probably means ‘Blown the F***out’.

‘Blown the F*** out’ should have a tone of amusement wrapped around it.

4. Simply ask them

If none of the above-mentioned steps works for you then this is the one that should and will. Btfo is not at all a common slang term that is used regularly on the internet and if you do not know the meaning (or simply do not want to invest your time in cracking its meaning) then the best possible step is to directly ask the sender. Do not worry as you won’t be judged on this, plus this has a benefit too, from now onwards your friend will send you messages in simple and understandable terms without any possible slang acronym. Congratulations! You just saved yourself tons of time and energy.

If you know another meaning of ‘btfo’ do share it with us in the comment section. Let us see how many meanings this acronym has.

Further, if you have a doubt in interpreting acronyms you can ask them as well, we will be more than happy to help you out and save you from all the embarrassment that you may go through if you interpret it wrong.