How To Build Games Without Programming [Resources]

Create Games Without Programming
By Tapas Pal Updated

Many of us want to create awesome games, but very few of us knows programming. Don’t worry, You can still make your game. There are plenty of software available online which will help you to create games without coding. These engines can’t replace the core programming so don’t expect to build your own GTA, but you can surely make your personalized version of Zend

Before creating a game you’ll need few things to start with:  Game Idea, Gameplan, resources like sound, graphic, etc. Then you have to select a game builder, there are already many good game builders available over the internet; select the best you like.

Here are list of Top Game Builders which required no coding and programming  knowledge to build a game :

Game Maker

game maker

Game Maker is one of the most famous game creator tools. It has many good and user-friendly features like drag and drop, with which even a person who is alien to coding will get the job done. And for the people who know programming, it is better because of its built-in scripting language which further gives more options to explore. Games like Hotline Miami were built by Game Maker. Its free version is good but its premium version is little costly as it costs around 500$, but it has everything you need to build a game.

 RPG Maker

RPG Maker

RPG Maker is known for its easiness and with its huge number of tilesets, it is best at handling numerical elements. Many features are being added every year to make it more useful which gives you a wider range of possibilities. There are many versions available of this game maker in the market and version VX ACE is the latest among them. It costs around 60$.

Game Salad

game salad

Game Salad is has some similarities with Game Maker, it also has that drag and drop interface just like Game Maker. The best thing about it is the behavior library which let you put complex behaviors in your game. It is a rent based game builder which costs at 29$ per month.

 Adventure Game Studio

Adventure Game Studio

Adventure Game Studio is useful while making keyboard-controlled adventure games. This tool is not much useful for the beginners, but it can do wonders for a pro developer. This game maker is very fast and games like Blackwell were built by it. The best thing about Adventure Game Studio is, it is completely free. So start making your dream game now.

Tools like, and Marketplace like Graphic River and audio jungle will help you further to design your characters, game sounds and backgrounds. Lack of programming knowledge shouldn’t be your excuse for not to creating your dream game. All you need is to start doing it with the help of these tools.