Can I Use Browser Compatibility Check from Command Line

You can call CanIUse the ultimate browser compatibility cheat sheet. It list’s browser compatibility of front-end web technologies in all popular desktop and mobile browsers. It also keeps track of global browser usage, issues related to a feature, official W3C spec, MDN info and more.

With the help of a node.js module called caniuse-cmd, you can harness the power of CanIUse right from your command line. In this tutorial we show you how.

CanIUse Command Line

You will need to have node.js and npm installed to use caniuse from the command line. Download and install node.js. This will also install npm. When node is installed, you can install caniuse-cmd just like any other node module

npm install -g caniuse-cmd

Now, you can access CanIUse from the command line. The usage is very simple. Just type caniuse followed by the feature you want to look up. If you type “caniuse css filter” it will show all the info on CSS filter.

Can I Use Browser Compatibility Check from Command Line

If you mistype something, you will get all relevant or similar results.

Can I Use Browser Compatibility Check from Command Line - 2

The caniuse-cmd tool supports lots of command line options. You can use them to filter your results. Check out the complete list of the available options here.

Conclusion is an invaluable resource for a front end web developer. Being able to use this from the command line will streamline your workflow even further.

The entire CanIUse data is freely available under CC BY 4.0 license at this link.