12 Sites That Can Help You To Make cartoonize yourself

cartoonize yourself
By Tapas Pal Updated

Many of us are interested in creating cartoons of ourselves and our friends just for fun. Also, many of us do not prefer to upload our pics on social media sites so you have got a choice, do you know there are many websites where you can create free cartoons of yourself that too without any efforts. What you need to do is to just post your profile photo on these sites and just perform some mix and match and you can simply cartoon yourself and enjoy with you friends. You can also cartoon your near and dear friends and have fun with them.

Here are the top 12 sites to cartoonize yourself for free

Cartoonize yourself

1. Pick a Face

Pick a Face is one of the most favorite and most used websites. To cartoonize yourself or you’re your near dear one you  just need to click on the link provided, select your preferable language after reaching to the website and then Click “Create Avatar”. Last but not the least, select your face and start.

2. Cartoon.Pho.to

It is really an amazing site that makes you look like a cartoon. It is one of the most interesting site and surely you all will like this website. This website also provides you with such features through which you can convert your face into different emotions. Try this fun.

3. Meez

Meez is a Social entertainment website through this users can create their own animated avatars, or “3D I.D.” graphics, for the Web, also users can play casual games with their avatars, and can use them on different social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and much more.

4. BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF

Here you can create your own cartoon character with wild body parts. You can add body parts of wild animals, other cartoon characters or anything you like. You can make amazing combinations with body parts of wild animals and get different funny looks.

5. Custom Anime

Custom anime is also the best site to cartoon yourself. Using this site you can completely dress in a cartoon look. It is really an amazing and interesting website to create cartoon characters.


It is an easy and absolutely free place to create cartoon characters. All it need is few clicks and no more effort. It is the easiest way to cartoonize yourself. Have a fun here.

7. Be Funky

It is another interesting website to cartoon yourself it has a huge amount of photo effects. You can re-create your face into a cartoon with multiple effects that looks more funny and comic. You just need to upload your photo and then you can cartoonize your photo with its amazing effects and have fun with friends

8. Cartoonize

It is also a great site to cartoon your face. It is very simple to create a cartoon of yourself using this website. You just need to upload a photo of yours directly on the homepage of the site from your computer, you can also crop the photo if you want and simply apply effects.

9. Mii

Mii is a fantastic and very easy tool to cartoonize yourself just in few clicks that too without any efforts. It is an easy and fast way to cartoons yourself.

10. Moron Face

Here you can create your funny pictures by uploading your fresh pictures to moronize yourself by applying many different effects.

11. Avatar Face Maker

Here you cannot create exactly same cartoon as your face but you can create cartoon characters slightly similar to your face by using Avatar Face Maker. It lets you select eyes, hairs, lips, mouth and other parts to create a cartoon character of yourself.

12. Cartoon Me

To cartoon yourself using Cartoon Me is as simple as uploading your photo, Cartoon Me will do it all that you need.

Final words

You can use these funny effects to create cartoon characters of yourself. These all are interesting and amazing websites that let you into a world of fantasies i.e., cartoon world. I hope you all will like this.