Best Free Android Music Player

12 Best Free Android Music Players

Here we have come up with a list of free Android music players. Choose the best free Android music player of your choice and keep enjoying music.
best Android music player

12 Best Android Music Players for Listening Music With Ease

If listening music is what you love and prefer playing tracks on your Android phone then here we have listed some of the best Android music players for you to choose. So read and choose the ideal app which would turn out to be the best Android music player for you.
apple music vs. spotify

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Music Service is Better?

If you are a music addict and love streaming music online, then here is an article which guides you thoroughly about the pros and cons of two huge music apps Apple Music and Spotify, and ultimately helps you find a winner in the Apple Music vs. Spotify war.
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Messenger vs Hangouts : Which One is Better?

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How much data does Pandora use

How Much Data Does Pandora Use On an iPhone

The applications like Pandora Radio is quietly small in size at the time of installation, but it probably the main reason behind the drainages of your mobile data. So just How much data does Pandora use on your iPhone!