How to check Your PNR status Online

check PNR status Online
By Subhas Das Updated

One of the most disturbing things is when you are not sure whether the train ticket you have booked is confirmed or not? We are never satisfied until we know whether we have a confirmed seat or berth in the train we travel. Checking your PNR status has always been a hectic task. Enquiring your PNR status at the railway stations or in the machines available at the railway station requires a lot of effort. But as part of IRCTC’s next generation ticket booking system available. A passenger can get his PNR status online. Which means once you have booked a ticket you can check your PNR status on your mobile or through your desktop. In this tutorial, we will explain how you can check your PNR status through desktop or mobile.

check your PNR status Online

Checking PNR status through Desktop

Believe it or not checking your PNR status online is really easy. No registration or sign up process is required to check your PNR status. Moreover, you don’t need to wait to check your PNR status. Everything is just a few clicks away. Here is how you can check Indian Railway PNR status through your desktop/PC

  • Open your favorite browser
  • In the address bar type in which is the official Indian Railways website
check PNR status Online
  • Now in the website that loads you can see an option ‘PNR status’ seen on the left side of the main bar.
  • Now in the next window that appears you are asked to input your PNR number
  • Input your PNR number in the box
  • Now click on Submit
  • That’s it! Now you will receive your PNR status accordingly.


Checking PNR status through your Mobile Phone

Check your PNR status on the go. Now you can check your tickets PNR status from your Android device.

  • Go to Play Store
  • In the search bar type
  • Download the app and install it
  • After that, open the application
  • Select your language
  • Skip the other steps
  • Now the main menu of the Application will appear
  • Select the second option PNR Status
  • Now in the next menu that appears, you will be asked to input your PNR number
  • Input your PNR number
  • Now press GO
  • Your PNR details will now be visible.

Now you have learned how to check your PNR status through your mobile device. There are more Android applications available for checking your PNR status. You can check them out if you want. IRCTC has not yet released their official app to check PNR status.

So now in this tutorial, we have explained you two ways to check your Train ticket PNR status. Through Desktop/PC or through your Android device. Using any of these methods is the better and efficient way for sure. Because last minute check of your PNR status will always end up in trouble. Check your PNR status in advance and plan accordingly. Check PNR status regularly. IRCTC will provide message confirmation with PNR number and ticket status to your registered mobile number after booking. Utilize the information wisely. Let us know your doubts and queries about checking PNR status online in the comment section below.