How to Find Computer Specifications in Windows 10 or 8

Computer Specifications in Windows 10
By Gopal Sengar Updated

A system’s Information Panel provides great help in retrieving computer’s specifications like hardware, software and the details about the connected accessories. These details are, however, easier to obtain. But in Windows 10 and 8 the Information Panel is shifted to an entirely new location. This has confused a lot of users who are using an upgraded version of Windows.
If you are one, you need not to worry about this anymore. Because, this article is all about how you can find your computer specifications in Windows 10.

How to access Computer Specifications in Windows 10

Method 1

Step1: Click the Start button (at the lower left corner) and click Run to open the Run dialog box.

Step2: Type msinfo32 into the box and hit Enter.

That’s it. You’ll see the System Information panel on your screen having categories listed up in the left pane and details about each category in the right pane. You can easily get any of your hardware or the software specifications from this window (System Information Panel).

Method 2

This is the easiest one. You just need to Click the Start button and type System Information in the search box. Press Enter after typing and this will display the System Information Panel on your screen. Just navigate to the category you want to check and you’ll get all the details you were looking for.
If this method fails to work, either try the one discussed above or see the next one.

Method 3

If you are looking for the executable file for the System Information, just navigate to \Windows\System32 directory. Open the file to access all your system’s hardware and software details. Also, you can note them down on any local device for any future references.

This was all about checking the computer’s specifications in Windows 10 and I know was simpler than you thought. However, this is somewhat more difficult to access in case of Windows 8. Not to worry about this as well.
Below are some steps using which you can accomplish your computer’s system Information Panel in Windows 8 as well. Try these out.

Step 1: Press Windows key + I and click Tiles from the menu.

Step 2: Click the tiny bar below Show administrative tools to make it a Yes, if it’s a No displayed there.

Step3: Go to the Start screen and check all the administrative tools at the right of the screen. You’ll find a tile labeled as System Information there. Click the Tile to open it.

Tadaa! You are in. The System Information panel would pop-up on your screen and you can therefore navigate through the categories to obtain the details you want.

So, this is how you can find your computer’s specifications in Windows 10 and 8 in a few minutes only. If you have any more of the working methods to access this panel, post them down in the comment section. Also, like and share this article so that we can extend our helping hands to reach more people looking for the same stuff.