Concept of the Dark Web

concept of dark web
By Tapas Pal Updated

Dark in its very basic sense has always been used to denote something contradictory to the positivity. The term Dark Web also bears no exception from the general meaning. A very few people are aware about the concept of the dark web as it is not a thing which is routinely common or a compulsion to adhere to.

Dark Web is basically a term used to denote a group of websites which you can access publicly but cannot detect the IP addresses of the servers running them.

Unlike Normal Web (the part of the World Wide Web which can be indexed by search engines), special configurations or authorizations are required to access the Dark Web. Their content can be accessed but who is actually behind their existence is hard to find unless the cases are exceptional.

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Dark Web and Deep Web

Most often these terms are used interchangeably but their meanings are completely different. Dark web is actually a portion of the deep web. Deep Web denotes the entire community of the web pages which search engines cannot find.

So in addition to the Dark web, deep web includes confidential databases, paywall pages and web forums which are not actively displayed on the web pages. In simple words, additional pages related to the active content which is not available on the public sites can be viewed by signing into Deep Web. For example, the password-protected bits of your online bank account or the additional pages formed each time a Gmail account is formed are displayed on the Deep Web.

Darknets: A Foundation to the Dark Web

Darknets actually are the overlay networks formed when a number of small (peer-to-peer) and large networks (Freenet, Tor etc.) combine in varying formats. These are operated by public organizations which can be accessed with the help of networks like Tor and I2P (Invisible Internet Project). Tor and I2P works hand in hand to maintain functioning of these Darknets. Tor provides anonymity to the internet access whereas I2P provides anonymous hosting to the sites.

Why are these (Darknets) Reliable?

One simply can’t track darknet user’s identity and location due to layers of advanced encryption systems lying all over the network. Unlike normal networks the user’s data in case of darknets is routed through those intermediate networks only, which guarantee absolutely no leakage of information. This way, confidentiality is retained to share blogs or valuable files over the internet.

Problems with the Dark Web

Many a times, it becomes a source of promoting illegal trades and information exchange for terrorists and other harmful elements of the society. Activities like Child Pornography, Gambling, Smuggling of drugs and arms, hacking and abusing are carried out through such hidden servers and this drags them to the category of something illegal unless its existence is shared with the legal authorities of the country.

So, while having you given a brief overview to these look alike terms we strongly appeal that this content is just to inform general public and not to promote or encourage anyone to switch to these sites and promote illegal activities.

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