How to Fix ‘Could Not Load Plugin’ Error in Chrome for Windows 7/8/10

By Suman Ghosal Updated

Sometimes Google Chrome suddenly stop to run any type of flash player. In this situation, your PC may show the popup message Could not load Plugin even if you do not make any change to your computer. So it is very annoying to you, and you can`t bring back your old workable and functional device. So what to do? Today I am going to tell you the processes how to fix it up.  And we all know that beyond its huge success Chrome also has some error.

You often faced some problems like some of your browser features doesn`t work.  And you have nothing to do with it. This type of errors appears due to the pepflashplayer.dll files or for some corrupted system files. Now, Plugins help the user to get a better experience over the particular application. Whereas Browser Plugin is the major part of an application. It normally improves the browser performance in a particular way. But it`s not our cup of tea today. Let’s jump to the method steps and the tricks to fix it up.

How to fix ‘Could not load Plugin’ error in Google Chrome – Tips and Tricks

Method 1 –Turn on PPAPI Plugins on Your Computer

  1. First, open The Google Chrome.
  2. Type “chrome://plugins” and hit enter
  3. Go to Details
  4. Scroll down to “PPAPI”, enable it.

The above processes don’t apply to the latest version of Google Chrome. So, here is how to you can fix the issue of ‘Could not load Plugin’ error in updated Chrome browser.

  1. After opening Chrome, go to the settings
Go to Chrome Settings - How to fix Could not load plugin
Go to Chrome Settings
  1. Scroll down and open the advanced settings by clicking on it.
Advanced Settings - Could Not load Plugin on Chrome
Go to Advanced Settings
  1. Once it’s opened, head to the ‘Content Settings’
How to fix Could not load plugin error in Chrome - Content Settings
Open Content Settings
  1. You will find a Flash option listed over there. Click on it and enable it.
Open and enable Flash - Could Not Load Plugin
Open and enable Flash

After completing these processes, you need to follow the steps below. Be careful while applying it.

  • Again open the Google Chrome.
  • Type “chrome://components” into the address bar and press Enter.
  • Under the path “pepper_flash” find whether it is updated or not.
update Pepper Flash - Fix Could not load plugin error
Update Pepper Flash
  • I believe this way the ‘Could not load Plugin’ problem can be solved.

Note: Plugin that used in the NPAPI, including Java, Unity and the Silverlight does not work in this process.

Method 2 – by Deleting the PepperFlash Folder

Though we are discoursing only about the Windows user, what happens if we find out all the possible way to fix it everywhere on every device.

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For Windows User:

  • Open your system.
  • Go to the path directory I provide below

Go to C drive\User\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\

  • Now delete the “Pepper Flash” folder.

For Linux User:

  • Head to the /opt/Google/chrome/
  • Now delete the “PepperFlash” folder.

For the MacOS:

  • First go to ~/Library/Application/support/Google/chrome/
  • Now delete the folder “PepperFlash”

So, I believe all the OS users now have the solution for ‘Could not load Plugin’

 Method 3 –By Running sfc and DISM commands

This is for the Microsoft Windows User. If you are a Windows 10 user, then let’s follow the method.

  • Press Windows key +X
  • It will open the Win+X menu
  • Elect Command Prompt (Admin)
Open Command Prompt Admin - Fix Could not load Plugin error
Open Command Prompt Admin
  • Type sfc/scannow and click enter
Type sfc/scannow on command Prompt - fix could not load plugin error on Chrome
Type sfc/scannow on Command Prompt
  • Now it will scan the wrong and corrupted files; please wait a while.
  • If your device faced some problem and can’t run then put DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHelth to your Prompt box.
Type DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHelth - Could not load plugin error on Chrome
Type DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHelth
  • It will sometimes take to scan your files and then it automatically resolve your problem.

Method 4 –by Disabling the ShockWave Flash

  • First, open the Google Chrome
  • Head to the Menu
  • Click on the More tools
  • Select the Task Manager.
Select task manager from more tools - Chrome could not load plugin error
Select task manager from more tools
  • Search for the Plugin named “Shockwave”
  • Click on the Shockwave Plugin
  • Select “End Process”
End Task of Shockwave Plugin - Could not load plugin error
End Task of Shockwave Plugin
  • Lastly, Reload your Browser.

Method 5 –By Renaming pepflashplayer.dll

There is a popular hack trick to fix the very problem simply by putting a new name to the Pepflashplayer.dll. But it does not work all the time in all the devices. Let`s have a try to find whether you are lucky or not.

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  1. Go to the C drive of your Computer
  2. Then follow the path directory given bellow  ->

Program files\Google Chrome\Application\PepperFlash directory

  1. Right-click on the pepflashplayer.dll and rename the folder
  2. I hope your problem would be solved.

Method 6 –Reinstalling the Google Chrome

If none of those above solutions works good, then you might head to uninstall and then reinstall the Chrome version. If you used an old version of Google Chrome, then you can simply install the latest version of the Google Chrome after uninstalling the older one. However, once it finished the process of installation, you have to check whether your problem is solved or not.

So, in this article, we have elaborated the way how one can fix the Could not load Plugin error by self.  We hope that it will help you during the serious time when you badly need the way out. Please do comment and share new ideas with us. Stay tuned, have a safe browsing.