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Critical Process Died Windows 10
By Tapas Pal Updated

BSOD errors are the most annoying thing that you’ll find on Windows versions. Windows 10 is the most susceptible version to this error. First of all, for those who do not know what BSOD is, let me explain this real quick. BSOD, Blue Screen Of Death, is a stop error that takes place when the system crashes all of a sudden. The state is reached when the Operating system can no longer function in the same safe mode. This error can occur both due to any glitch in hardware or software functioning. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss BSOD caused by Critical Process Died Windows 10 error in Windows 10. So buckle up, because this article is definitely going to help you while resolving the issue.

What is Critical Process Died error?

This error is caused when any critical component of the system detects that modifications have been done to its data. Modifications here in the general sense means changes that should not have been there. For eg, error in the memory functioning, error in any driver update or anything malfunctioning within the system may lead to this error. But it is not like that you can’t fix this issue. There are a number of ways through which you can get rid of this.
These solutions may or may not work depending upon the situation that has caused this error. Do use one or all of them to increase the probability to the maximum.

Methods to Solve Critical Process Died Windows 10 Error

Method1: Using SFC Scanner

This is one of the most popular solutions for detecting and solving Windows related problems. However, it does not assure whether the problem will be solved or not. Due to the fact that it repairs corrupt system files, restores certain settings to the default and carefully troubleshoot and resolves other petty issues, SFC has the maximum chances of resolving this error.

Here is how you can use SFC scanner to fix Critical Process Died Error In Windows 10.

Step1: Click the Start Button and type “cmd” in the search box. Hit Enter to open the Command Prompt (as an Administrator).

Step2: Type: sfc/scannow and press the Enter key.

Step3: Wait for a couple of minutes. Wait for the process to finish.

Step4: Restart the system to implement the changes.

Check if the BSOD (due to “critical process died” error) still continues. If no, then congratulations for finding out a solution to fix it. If “Yes”, check out other solutions for the same.

Method2: Using An Antivirus

Your system files may change due to the presence of a malware or a virus also. So you should install an antivirus to put the system to a scan. Most of the times, it is not a virus. The error is mostly due to a malicious spyware or malware.
Simply Deep Scan your system and your antivirus will do it all. The Antivirus will not only detect the malware, spyware, and viruses on your system but will also delete it permanently from the system.
If antivirus also can’t solve the issue, try more of the solutions (given below).

Method3: Uninstall the Latest Updates

Sometimes, updating an application or a software may change system settings. Some users reported that installing the latest Windows 10 update has triggered this BSOD problem on their PCs. Well, this can be the case. This is a serious issue obviously. Windows 10 functionality is solely based on keeping it updated. Without updating, some of its tools or drivers might not work properly. So what should one do in this case? Try changing or not having the updates for cumulative programs. Cumulative updates include all the previously released updates which become outdated sometimes. Install a new update for these programs soon after Microsoft releases them.

This will most possibly solve the BSOD problem due to critical process died windows 10 Error and all the previous versions.

Method4: Update all your drivers with the latest updates

Outdated drivers cause more serious issues within the system than the drivers not at all updated. Outdated drivers might also result into critical process died windows 10 error in Windows 10. It is, therefore, necessary to download the latest update for these drivers. You can check which drivers in your system need an update. Head on to the Device Manager and check whether all the drivers are up to date or not.
Moreover, Windows Update by itself notifies the users about installing the updates for graphic cards or sound driver cards.
Also, as you can’t manually update all the drivers on your PC, install any Driver updating tool/software first. Launch it and relax. The Updater tool would do all the needful.

Final Words on Critical Process Died Windows 10

Due to BSOD caused by Critical Process Died Windows 10, many users reported having switched back to Windows 8.1/7. This is really heartbreaking. Especially the users, you want to use the latest technology. This was not why Microsoft released the Windows 10 Update. These solutions are not the sure-shot but are most effective in eliminating this error. So, just try each one of them till your issue gets completely solved.

Don’t forget to share your queries with us. In case you have more working methods, kindly share them with us. We are certainly here to help more people with your Sureshot solutions.
I hope this article helped you in finding the exact solution to your problems, especially with this error.