5 Best CSS Preprocessors to Speed Up Design Workflow

You can turbo charge your front end development with a CSS preprocessors. Let’s check out the best CSS preprocessors out there.


Sass is the leading CSS preprocessor in the world. Sass is a feature-rich, stable and industry approved. Some widely used Sass frameworks include CompassBourbon, and Susy. Originally written in Ruby, Sass is now also available on node.js.


Less.js is formally known as Less. It is perhaps the only true competitor of Sass. Less was originally written in Ruby. Later it was ported to Javascript. Less is best used on node.js but you can also run it in the browser.


Stylus is one of the top two competitors of Sass. Stylus provides expressive and dynamic ways to generate CSS. You can omit braces, omit commas, omit semicolons, use transparent mixins and more. Stylus runs  on node.js so it’s pretty easy to setup.



CSS-Crush is an interesting one. Unlike other CSS preprocessors, CSS-Crunch runs on PHP. Expect all features that you would expect from a modern CSS preprocessor. CSS-Crush comes with out of the box support for automatic vendor prefixing which is based on information gathered from Mozilla and caniuse.
css crush


CSS-On-Diet is a CSS preprocessor that works like Emmet. CSS property names are specified using mnemonics which are 3 letters long. Colons and semicolons are optional. It has an intuitive media breakpoint system. CSS-On-Diet runs on Python. A Sublime Text package is also available.
CSS on Diet

Special Mention – Post CSS

PostCSS is a CSS post-processor used by industry leaders like Google, Twitter and WordPress. PostCSS transforms stylesheets using Javascript. Instead of learning new syntax, PostCSS allows you to write normal CSS following the W3C spec. The autoprefixer PostCSS plugin is one of the most popular CSS processors.

What’s your favourite CSS Preprocessor

What about you? What CSS preprocessor do you use? Have you used any of the CSS preprocessors that we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below.