What Is CTFU and What Does It Really Mean? Where To Use It?

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By Tapas Pal Updated

If you take part in discussions of online messaging forums, or if you chat on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Viber regularly, then you may have come across some online acronyms. There are loads of online acronyms out there which we use to keep our discussions or comments short, precise and cool. In fact, these online abbreviations are so popular these days,   that if you don’t know them, you’ll easily be tagged as an ignorant. You might have used acronyms like LMAO, OOTD, BAE, etc., several times, while chatting or while uploading your picture in Instagram or anywhere for that matter.  One such acronym is CTFU. If you already have an idea regarding CTFU, then well and good! But if you still don’t have a clue about what CTFU really means, or how it should be used, and if you are failing to keep up with your friends due to your lack of knowledge about online acronyms, then this article is exactly what you need. So, start reading and get updated.

What Does CTFU Stand For?

CTFU is an online acronym that stands for “Cracking The F*** Up” or “Cheer The F*** Up.” In this context, I must mention that 99% of the times CTFU stands for “Cracking The F*** Up” and only 1% of times it means “Cheer The F*** Up.” Now you are smart enough to get the meaning of “F***,” aren’t you?

What Does CTFU Mean?


If you remove the “TF” part from CTFU, then you are left with “CU,” which stands for Cracking Up. Dictionary meaning of “Cracking Up” or “Crack-Up” is “bursting into laughter” or “burst into laughter.”  Therefore if you are saying that you are cracking up, then what you truly mean is, you are literally laughing uncontrollably. Or it could also mean, you are laughing so hard that you are not being able to control your tears.

Hopefully, now you are getting an idea regarding the meaning of “Cracking Up”. Now what is left to understand is the reason behind using the F-word. It is quite easy to figure out why the F-word is added in this phase. You might have noticed before in acronyms like WTF, AF, etc., that the F-word is used to increase the intensity of the phrase. Also, the F-word gives your comment a rude and vulgar touch, which many individuals seem to enjoy.

Hence, this abbreviation is used to describe an extremely intense laughter.  A laughter so hard that you end up crying or your stomach starts aching.

How And Where To Use CTFU?

The answer to the “Why” is very simple. You can use these acronyms in online platforms like, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on.

Alternatively, the answer to the “How” is a tad too difficult. Let’s have a look.

  • The most popular use of CTFU is to express laughter. As I have already said, CTFU does not articulate the normal kind of laugh or smile or a simple chuckle. It is used when you are laughing like crazy. I know that “LOL” is a popular acronym already when it comes to laughing. But CTFU is a bigger and more intense kind of laugh. It is only used when something really funny happens. LOL, on the other hand, is used every now and then, and sometimes without any sign of fun. So, you get the difference, right?
  • Another usage of CTFU is to express a sudden outbreak of laughter. It is like you heard or saw something so funny, that you could not control yourself and started laughing frantically. This can be another usage of this acronym.

Where NOT To Use CTFU?

Though CTFU is an online acronym, that does not mean you can use it anywhere online. Yes, it is a must for you guys to know where NOT to use it. Because if you use it at an inappropriate place, that might cause you unnecessary awkwardness. So why take the risk?  Keep reading.

  • You must remember that you can’t drop the F-word here and there. You or your friends might be cool with it, but an elderly person like your parents or grandparents won’t be. These days everybody is on social media. So you must be very careful about the fact that you are not misusing this acronym or that you are not offending somebody by using it.
  • You surely know that CTFU is completely an informal acronym. Therefore, don’t even think of using it in the middle of a formal mail or letter. Or beware of using it in an exam, where spelling is important. If you use this acronym in an essay or in the middle of an answer, chances are you would score a big zero in that paper. So, be cautious.

 Examples  Of CTFU Usage

Still struggling to understand the usage of CTFU? Look into these examples.

  • “You totally look like a clown. CTFU.”
  • “Yesterday I saw your Facebook Dp, and I have been CTFU since then. What were you thinking?”
  • ‘The meme you sent me yesterday was so funny that I was CTFU.”

CTFU also stands for Cheer The F*** Up, Curb The F*** Up, Cowboy The F*** Up. But as I said, these phrases are used only 1% of the times. And for the rest of the 99% of times, CTFU means Cracking The F*** Up.

So, are you all prepared now to use this popular acronym and make your friends all green with envy?! I hope you are.

If you still have any doubt, let me know by comments. I promise I would help you.

So, Jet Set Go.