d3dx9_39.dll Missing Error – A Useful Review

d3dx9_39.dll Missing Error
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The d3dx9_39.dll error has a number of forms in which it can occur, it can be specific as well as general too. Some of the more specific issues or error messages are listed below and we are sure you must have come across them one time or the other: –

  1. d3dx9_39.dll not found.
  2. File d3dx9_39.dll not found or is missing.
  3. d3dx9_39.dll file error.
  4. Reinstall file d3dx9_39.dll to resolve the missing problem.

And sometimes what you see is only a general message which simply states that the following file is missing, it does not tell you anything about how to resolve it etc.

e.g. “d3dx9_39.dll error” and that’s it. This is the primary reason that today we have decided to help you with the particular error and present solutions for the same. The first that comes to the mind is ‘what is this “d3dx9_39.dll error’ and why do I see it often? Is there something wrong with my system? Virus maybe?

Today we will answer all your questions, so keep reading to find out.

What is d3dx9_39.dll error

A d3dx9_39.dll error is a basic error which occurs on the computer when your DLL file is corrupted or is missing. This is a usual warning for the gamers and can be easily fixed without an issue.

Don’t worry, this type of error does not occur because of virus or something on your computer. Your computer is perfectly fine. There is a problem only with the program or game.

Causes of d3dx9_39.dll error

The major reason behind the occurrence of this error is the software ‘Microsoft DirectX’.

There are a number of files in the DirectX and d3dx9_39.dll is one of them. Every game, be it windows or any other operating software uses this file in the DirectX to run the graphics. So, whenever there is a problem in the DirectX file like it misses the d3dx9_39.dll like this error message will show up.

Solution to fix the error (the easiest step)

This error has a few easy steps of solutions with the help of which you can easily resolve the error message and never see it again on the screen. The first and foremost thing which you can do is ‘troubleshooting’. This is a basic step before we move on to the technical stuff. This will help you to get the knowledge about the issue and its depth that you are dealing with in particular and precision steps can be taken.

Other methods

After you have found out the specific issue you can undertake any of the following to resolve it

Note: – Please do not download the file from any website irrespective of it being genuine or not it may come with various malware and viruses which can literally corrupt your whole system. If you already have and the error still occurs you need to uninstall it and then follow the below steps.

  1. A simple restart of your computer can help the problem. Many times the d3dx9_39.dll occurs by chance and in reality, there is no such error. You can simply restart the computer and the problem will vanish.
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  1. Another option which you can try is uninstalling and reinstalling the game or particular program which have the message flashing. Though if the file is missing this step will not help but it’s never bad to try.
  2. You can update the Microsoft DirectX file. If you do that, it gives you the solution of the problem for the majority of the cases. Microsoft keeps releasing the new version of the software and to ensure that you do not run into the d3dx9_39.dll error you need to be up to date.

Note: – The company time – to – time releases the updated versions without the change in the name or the version number at all. This meaning that the name would be the same but the software will have a few changes. You need to keep an eye on these updates.

  1. You can try to extract the d3dx9_39.dll file separately from the software package. This will resolve your issue of the error.
  2. If your DirectX misses the d3dx9_39.dll file completely you can look for it in the CD accompanied by the installation. If the particular program or game requires the file to be a part of the computer then it is a possibility that the developers would have put it on the installation CD.
d3dx9_39.dll Missing Error

Other than the above – mentioned solutions which will probably rectify the error. You can also write about the issue in online forums and receive decent advice from qualified people or the ones that have faced the issue and now are fine. These type of forums readily helps you and you can be sure to get your problem resolved in no time. League of Legends community forum is one of the many such forums which readily have the issue resolved.

Popular Games to which this error applies

There are loads and loads of games where you can come across this d3dx9_39.dll missing problem. Some of them are –

  1. Prince of Persia Series – There have been many complaints in a number of forums of people running into the issue while trying to open Prince of Persia game. One thing that you should know that we found out from the reviews that uninstalling and reinstalling this particular game does not have any effect on the error. Instead, you can try other methods stated above to solve it.
  2. Combat arms game
  3. Evidyon game etc.

If you are still facing the issue in spite of trying all of the above – mentioned solutions or have a query or doubt about a particular topic or game please comment down below and our team will be more than happy to help you out. Discussions or suggestions about the same are more than welcome. Our team always appreciate your constant love that we get from you guys. We are really thankful.