Deactivate Kik Account – Know How to Delete Kik Temporarily or Permanently

How to deactivate Kik account or delete a kik account
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Despite the strong presence and appeal of the online social Messengers like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and IMO, people are still eager to get hold of a better interactive and featured application. The new innovations in technology appear to be the root of the fluctuating mindset of individuals. The influence to deactivate Kik account is nothing but a consequence.

What is Kik Messenger?

Kik messenger is one of the most functional and featured online social messengers to send images, videos, documents, gifs, memes, and text messages. Kik Messenger is growing fast worldwide with 240 million downloads on Google Play Store. But lots of deactivations have also come to the sight.

Why are people switching from the application?

The reason revolves around security. The official site of Kik Messenger is already hacked in various places. Thus, the security and privacy question whether you want to keep texting or deactivate Kik.

Since maximum votes are on the deactivating side, We’ll describe how to delete Kik account. But before continuing to the main topic – deactivating your Kik Messenger, you need to keep the following points in your mind.

Things to Remember Before Deleting or Deactivating Kik Account

  • All the data attached to your account will be lost. It includes the contacts, chats photos, videos, and the other content.
  • You are prohibited to access a new account with the same username or the user ID.
  • Install a file manager and try to access your Kik Messenger folder. If you are able to access your messenger data, copy all the important files content in another folder. If file manager doesn’t work, try some other application.
  • Verify the given email address from an email sent by Kik to your email ID.

Deactivate Kik: How to Deactivate or Delete Kik Account

Basically, deactivating and deleting are similar words but not same. Yes, you can deactivate your Kik account both temporarily and permanently. The permanent deactivation can be labeled deletion. So, let’s jump to the process.

Verify Email Address and Username

Before continuing with the deactivation or deletion procedure of your Kik account, make sure you have verified your email address and username associated with Kik. This is immensely pivotal for later.

  • Open the Kik Messenger installed on your Smartphone. Sign in to Kik if not automatically logged in.
Open Kik Messenger app - How to delete a Kik account
  • Go to Settings by tapping on the Settings icon at the top.
Go to settings - Deactivate Kik
  • Open ‘Your Account’ from the Menu.
Tap on Your Account - Delete a Kik Account
  • Note your Username. If you’re looking for how to delete Kik Account, the username is a vital key.
Note username and Email ID - how to delete Kik Account
  • Review your email address. If the email address provided there isn’t accessible anymore, change it to an accessible one.
  • Make the confirmation of the email address modification from the email sent by Kik authority to your new email address.
Email Confirmation - Deactivate Kik Account

Deactivate Your Kik Account – Temporary Deactivation

This is an official process. So, no need to worry about any misplacement and misleading.

Open Kik Deactivation site - How to delete Kik
Official Kik Deactivation site
  • Fill up the required section with your email address given to the Kik account.
Enter email address to deactivate Kik
  • Hit the ‘Go’ button.
Hit Go Button - How to delete Kik
  • A page will appear stating a verification mail is sent to your registered email address.
Next Page showing deactivation mail sent - Deactivate Kik


  • Open the email sent by Kik to your email address.
Verification mail to deactivate Kik Account temporarily
  • Click on the Deactivate button will finish the job to deactivate Kik account temporarily.
Click on the Deactivate button to delete Kik account temporarily

Outcome of Temporary Deactivation

  1. You’ll no longer get any Kik message or email.
  2. Your username won’t provide any result when searched.
  3. Your name will be erased from your friends’ Kik Contact list.
  4. You can reactivate your Kik account by logging into your Kik account again.
  5. Kik Messenger will be uninstalled right after you deactivate your account.

Deactivate Your Kik Account – Permanent Deactivation

This is the answer to your question: ‘How to delete Kik Account’. You see, the permanent deactivation is the deletion. So, let’s explore the process.

Open Official Kik Deletion site - How to delete Kik Account
Official Kik site to deactivate Kik Account permanently
  • Write down your username and email address of your Kik Account in the given space.
Enter username and Email ID - Deactivate Kik permanently
  • Choose the reason why you’re leaving Kik from the drop-down menu. This process is compulsory to deactivate Kik account permanently.
Select the reason of deleting Kik Account
  • Tick the acknowledgment section to confirming your Kik account deletion and there’s no way of reactivation.
Tick acknowledgment box - How to delete Kik Account
  • Hit ‘Go’ to finish the process.
Hit Go Button to deactivate Kik Account permanently
  • The next page will show you that a verification mail has been sent to your email ID.
Page will show verification mail has been initiated by Kik to permanently deactivate Kik
  • Open the email sent by Kik authority.
Open Email sent by Kik - How to delete Kik Account
  • Click on the Permanently Deactivate button. This ends the ‘how to delete Kik account’ process.
Permanently Deactivate Kik account by clicking on the permanently Deactivate button

Outcome of Permanent Deactivation

  1. The Kik account with the same credentials will be inaccessible forever.
  2. You’ll no longer get any Kik message or email.
  3. Your username won’t provide any result when searched.
  4. Your name will be erased from your friends’ Kik Contact list.
  5. Kik Messenger will be uninstalled right after you deactivate your account.
  6. Reactivating your same Kik account will be impossible once you delete Kik account. Starting a new account will be the only option left.

We hope you’ve found your way to deactivate or delete a Kik account. These two techniques are handpicked and confirmed before suggesting. Try the points for yourself and if you find the least trouble, feel free to get back to us.

Comment your concerns and suggestions to the comment section. We’ll certainly incorporate your idea into our article. Stay tuned for more helpful articles.