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Documentary Heaven
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Watching online videos online is today`s trend. And everyone has a habit to spend their free time by doing something interesting. One of the best medium for entertainment is enjoining movies, TV Shows, video contents or listening music. It may be online or offline.

There are a number of websites that offer you the latest movies along with the old ones. They also come with a number of categories and sub-categories. But sometimes, you may have a special interest in a specified category such as action, horror, romance, biography and so on. Documentary films are the most different and prominent categories among them. You can also find your favorite documentary content in any online streaming website, but if you want a pure and ultimate website to keep your habit up, then you are reading the right article.

Documentary Haven is a free downloading and streaming website that provides the users each and every documentary film existing in the universe. The best thing is you have no need to sign up on the official website of Documentary Heaven. So you feel free to watch any documentary film without remembering any login ID and password. It allows you to search your desired movies and you can also find them in the well-classified categories. Oh, Yaa! I really forgot to tell you about its list of categories. It comes with 39 well-classified categories like Activist, Archaeology, Art and Artists, Biography, business, Crimes, Educational, Evolution, History, Science and so on.

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Basically, Documentary Heaven is a free online streaming video site. You can watch movies for free. Documentary Heaven doesn`t host any video content or movies itself, but it allows to watch free movies online without downloading them. It allows a lot of video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. Heaven Documentary allows the users to save their favorite movie l to their own customized playlist. To enable these services, all you need to finish is a simple registering process with a valid Email ID. This movie streaming site is not only the platform where you can find your favorite documentaries, but it also includes contents about modern technology, science, and the science fiction.

Key Features :

documentary movies

There are a number of points that make the online streaming website exclusive. People frequently visit this site only for the quality and the huge availability of each and every documentary movie. Here we’ve listed some of the important points for you:

  • A massive collection of free online documentary movies.
  • Options to search a movie or a documentary that you want to watch.
  • It comes with 39 of customised movie categories which are just rare on the internet.
  • No need to keep your password always with you, you can enjoy free documentary movies without signing up.
  • There is a tab named “Top 100” where you can see the most popular documentaries.
  • The users have an opportunity to submit their own videos to this website.

Who Hosts the Movies On Their Official Website?

Already I said that Documentary-heaven. Com never host the audio or video content available on the site, it actually streams the movies, which are hosted on some other video providing site.  All the video contents are embedded by other video providing sites like YouTube, Vimeo. The documentary Heaven authority allows the users to submit their own video files, but they do not attach a single file to their server.

Classified Categories

documentary movies

Documentary Heaven is a well-known site for documentary movies and video contents. It has earned a great success and there is no doubt that, the categories and the simple user interface are the main reasons behind that. There are 6 different main tabs on the upper bar of the official website and 39 categories that you have to explore. Here we listed up the categories that you can find on the “Home” page of the official website.

No Category name No Category name No Category name No Category name
1 911 11 Conspiracy 21 Human Rights 31 Psychology
2 Activist 12 Countries 22 Lifestyle 32 Religion
3 Archaeology 13 Drugs 23 Movies 33 Science
4 Art & Artists 14 Economics 24 Music 34 Society
5 Atheism 15 Educational 25 Mystery 35 Space
6 Biographies 16 Environment 26 Nature 36 Spiritual
7 Business 17 Evolution 27 News & Politics 37 Sports
8 Celebrity 18 Gangs 28 Performing Arts 38 Technology
9 Crime 19 Health 29 Philosophy 39 War
10 Conference 20 history 30 Preview only 40    —   —   —


Documentary Heaven Gives the True Privacy –DMCA Protocol

However documentary Heaven is basically a pro-DMCA site. It is wavering out a deep respect to every filmmaker. It offers a DMCA protocol to every user to drop a removal request for a violence or copyright issue. The website authority is willing to remove any infringing content immediately as per the report. The makers or the copyright owners just have to contact the authority to remove a content permanently from the internet. It offers the extreme as well as exclusive privacy policy to the owners and the users.

Is it Responsible for the Popup Ads Which Come Every Time I Play a Movie?

We all hate the popup ad`s that come while we watch an online documentary heaven movie. In simple words, the website authority is not responsible for this type of ads. Actually, they have nothing to do with this problem which we are facing frequently because it basically depends on the browsing DH of the web browser you’re using. What the authority simply recommends you is not to provide them any type personal details. Just skip them or close them off.

Is it Responsible for Broken Documentaries?

First, you have to know, Documentary Heaven doesn`t host any single video/audio content on its server, it just allows some video provider like YouTube, Vimeo to provide the video contents. One can simply find all of those movies on the official website of Youtube. While watching online movies, sometimes you may come with a problem of broken documentaries. It occurs when the video hosting website takes down the content for some reasons like violence, copyright issue or for any other issue. It`s not in the hand of the authority. Put an error message to the authority, and they will fix it up immediately.

So, this is our today`s review of the Documentary Heaven. If there are any queries about how to watch a free online movie, you simply discuss this in the comments section. You are more than welcome. We will be more than happy to help you out. Enjoy the article as well as your free movies on Documentary Heaven. Stay tuned.