The Secrets to Download YouTube Video Quickly

Download YouTube Video
By Ankur Mishra Updated

Youtubing has become an internal part of video geeks. Today, people are more dependent on watching rather than reading. When it comes to watching a video, a solution we all have is a YOUTUBE. There are as many videos as many hairs on your head. Thus, YouTube can be easily said to be broadcasting yourself endlessly.

Now, you watch a video and you like it. You can watch it over the active internet as many times as you want. But when it comes to saving, you puzzle around. Well, don’t worry friends. I am gonna tell you about some world class YouTube video downloading tools which will sooth you from inner self just like having an icy ice cream on hot summer days.

Let us go through them one by one.

YouTube Downloading Websites

The Very First, Very Simple, Very Charming Tool Is Your YouTube Downloading Websites.

We have various websites which can be used to download the YouTube videos by simply copying and pasting the URL of the YouTube videos.

I have added such few website’s link:

You can make use of these websites to download the videos of your choice.

Follow the steps below to download any YouTube video.

Step-1 Open the link in your web browser.

Step-2  Now enter the keyword to search the video.

Step-3  Copy the URL of the video from the address bar.

Step-4  Now open a new tab and open any one the website link mentioned above to download your respective video. For example –

Step-5  Now paste your copied URL link of the video in the address bar.

Step-6  Click on the download button to start downloading your video.

Step-7  Choose the quality of the video to download.

Step-8  Enjoy playing your video offline.

Add “ss” To Your Video URL.

Another Easy Method To Download A YouTube Video File Is To Add “ss” To Your Video URL.

Well, this is again a very simple method or tool to download any video file.

What you need to do is just follow these simple steps mentioned below.

Step-1 Open your web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Step-2 Go to

Step-3  Search for your favorite video by typing the keyword in your YouTube’s search bar.

Step-4  Move your cursor to the URL or address or link to your video in the address bar of the web browser.

Step-5  Now make a small change by adding the word “ss” after ‘www.’ and before ‘youtube’ in the video link.

For example –

And press enter key.

Step-6  This will redirect you to the web page.

Step-7  Select the quality of the video to download from the drop-down menu.

Step-8  Click on the download button.

Step-9  Your download starts.

Step-10  Feel your favorite video

Through A Browser Using Download Helper.

The Third Method To Download YouTube Video Is Through A Browser Using Download Helper.

This spectacular browser add-on or extension can solve all your problems of downloading a YouTube video. It is available on commonly used Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Follow the steps to make use of download helper.

Step-1  Go to browser’s menu button.

Step-2  Search for the “video downloadhelper” extension or add-on.

Step-3  Click the install button and restart the browser after installing.

Step-4  Open the link to the video for downloading the video.

Step-5  Click on the animated extension icon of downloadhelper which is on the browser toolbar.

Step-6  Open to display the format and quality options.

Step-7  Select the supporting format and resolution for downloading.

Step-8  Choose the location to save the downloading video file.

Step-9  Start the download and wait for its completion.

Step-10  Open the video and play using any supporting video player.

Make Use Of VLC Media Player

Another Method Is To Make Use Of VLC Media Player To Download Any Video.

Downloading a YouTube video using VLC player is an eye-catching method. You don’t need to care for downloading any add-on, using the command line.

Follow the steps below to download your likely video.

Step-1  Install the VLC player for free from Google.

Step-2 Go to and navigate to your favorite video’s link.

Step-3  Copy the complete URL from the address bar.

Step-4  Launch the VLC player from your installed programs.

Step-5  Click on the media menu.

Step-6  Select the “Open the Network Stream”.

Step-7  Paste the video’s URL into the field provided in the new window which is opened.

Step-8  Click on Play button to start streaming.

Step-9  Click on tools and then select codec information.

Step-10  Right-click on the text in the “Location” field at the bottom and then click “Select All” to select everything in the field.

Step-11 Right-click the selection and select copy the selected text.

Step-12  Open the new browser tab and paste the copied text to load the video directly in the browser.

Step-13  Right-click on the video in the browser and select “Save video as” .This opens the Save As window.

Step-14 Name the video and select the location to save.

Step-15  Save the video.

Step-16  Play it anytime from the downloaded location.

YTD Video Downloader

Next Method Is Saving Video Using YTD Video Downloader.

This is an astonishing method to download a YouTube video file. Just install it and by pasting the video URL download the video.

Follow the given below steps:

Step-1 Download the YTD video downloader from Goggle search engine or directly go to

Step-2  YTD setup file is downloaded to the specified location or is directly saved to the Downloads.

Step-3  Run the .exe file to install the software.

Step-4  After installing the software, run it to download the video.

Step-5 Copy the YouTube video URL from of your choice.

Step-6 Paste the URL in the field provided.

Step-7   You can also select the quality of the video and the location to save the file.

Step-8  Click on Download button.

Step-9 Open the file from specified location and listen to the video

I have explained you about all the extremely simple YouTube video downloading methods which won’t make you feel sad like before when you were not aware of any. These are proven methods to download video files with ease. You can now easily save all your loving videos and play them without any interruptions and without any internet connection in full high definition mode. Use these methods choose these methods and have fun with these methods and don’t let your smile fade away. Just download YouTube videos with great fun!