Download Whatsapp Plus APK For Android – Latest Version

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download
By Tapas Pal Updated

These days many people are using Whatsapp application because it is the best and easiest way to connect with friends and family members. Even though many business people also use this to create the groups because of their office needs. If you are reading this, you might also be having the Whatsapp account.The application got started in the year 2009 by the Yahoo employee Jan Koum but later it was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg by paying billions. Whatsapp Plus APK For Android is the best app which is used for chatting and many other purposes. The plus version consists of lots of features and themes.

Whatsapp plus is an android app that is popular among many people. Let’s discuss what exactly it is. The features and uses that were available in the original version are also there in this WhatsApp plus latest version.

Whatsapp Plus APK For Android

You can download Whatsapp Plus APK For Android here –

The plus version consists of the new features that include many things and you can also hide your last seen which is loved by all. Change the theme of your Whatsapp as you like and you can also share it with your friends that will get load easily on their device. Install the Whatsapp Plus on your Android device without doing any changes in your latest Whatsapp. The plus has different kinds of features that you will not get on any other version or app. Check the procedure of Whatsapp Plus APK download below and enjoy the benefits now.

Download the WhatsApp Plus 2017 latest version with the help of Google. Click on the download button to get it started on your Android phone and then install. Backup your previous chat by going to the settings – chats – backup on Whatsapp. Do the full backup of your chat history and wait for few seconds until it gets complete.

After that, you have to uninstall the Whatsapp from your device. To do that, go to the main settings – apps – Whatsapp – Uninstall. Now install and download Whatsapp Plus on your device which was downloaded from the list. After the installation gets complete, enter the mobile number and verify it with the OTP sent to your number. Enter all your details like name, profile photo, etc. and enjoy the benefits of  Whatsapp Plus APK download on your Android phone.


Here are some of the features that will be explained of Whatsapp Plus. The app consists of millions of amazing features that you’ll surely love to see on your device. Enjoy all the features and benefits after Whatsapp Plus APK For Android download. Let’s look at some of its common features that are mentioned below:

Whatsapp Plus 2017 comes with tons of features that include hiding your last seen, online status, second tick and much more. Its current version also includes many cool features. Let’s take a look.

Audio and Video calls blocking

If you have the original Whatsapp installed on your phone, there are chances of getting the spam calls. If you have the new Plus installed on your phone then you don’t need to worry as you can block the audio as well as the video calls.

Options of privacy

You’ll also get the option of hiding the last seen in your Whatsapp plus latest version. Hide the blue ticks and the typing status and also the second tick so that nobody can see you.

Customize the themes

There is also the option in plus that if you are bored with the green theme then you can also change the color of your choice. After creating, you can also send those files to your friends.

Invitation link for the group

This is an another feature of Whatsapp but later it was having some issues. If you try installing plus then you can use the feature without any issue.

Send files in any format

In the Whatsapp application, you can only send PDF, DOC, PPTX and XLS files. In the new plus application, you can send the files in any format like the zip file or any other file. This is the most waited feature.

Stay online forever

If you want to remain online forever then you can stay there forever. Tell about this amazing feature to your friends.

Change the style of text as you like

Download Whatsapp Plus and enjoy the benefit of any kind of text you like. Let your messenger look like Hangout or Facebook messenger.

Increase of status limit

You might have seen in Whatsapp that the characters are only 139 in number. From the new plus feature, update 255 characters without any limit.

Send the best and high-quality images and videos

There is an option for configuration between which helps in configure the videos and audios while sending to friends. While using the plus version, change the quality according to your need.

Add up to 600 members

Many people nowadays run a business on Whatsapp. With the new Plus, add 600 members instead of 200. This is how you’ll be able to send messages to all your contacts.

Backup feature

The option of the backup allows you take a complete backup of the application.


In this feature, you’ll be able to see people who are online and also when they went offline. The amazing thing is that the feature works in the background too.

No issues of ban

The WhatsApp plus latest version consist of many features so there are no chances of banning. You don’t need to worry about anything if you are using this application.

Hide the notification of messages

With the help of the application, you can hide the notifications. There are chances of giving the phone to many people so your friends won’t be able to check any of your messages.

So, this was the complete tutorial of using the plus version. Follow the above-said procedure to download Whatsapp Plus APK For Android and enjoy the multiple features on your mobile. You just discovered about all its features, how this would get installed and this will also never get banned.