Pick Top Emulators for PSP 2018 – Live the Game

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By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

What’s the definition of coolness? Playing old Nintendo or Sega games on PSP is definitely one of the definitions. Well, kudos to the PSP homebrew community, it’s certainly possible if you’re able to find the game’s ROMs. I have sorted out the top emulators for PSP from the top ten systems which will allow you to play games on your PSP.

Caution: the given download links of the external sites are not authorized Sony products. Making use of them may void your warranty.

Top Emulators for PSP

Let’s jump to the emulators that can be connected to the PSPs to give you a better gaming experience in the handy device.

NesterJ – NES: Nintendo Entertainment System

Emulators for PSP - Nintendo Entertainment System

Considerably, NesterJ is the most utilized and widely acclaimed NES emulator for PSP. The most important part of this emulator is its smooth gameplay offerings. Most of the game will run smoothly at their full speed with NesterJ without any lag. Though you may find some of the users have reported issues with the emulator, the frequently updating homebrew has made NesterJ the most featured of all the NES emulators.

Download Here

SNES9x – SNES: Super Nintendo

Emulators for PSP - Super Nintendo

SNES9x is the most frequently updated SNES emulator with the most available options among all SNES emulators for PSP. This emulator is developed for PC, but the unofficial SNEX9x for PSP is the unofficial port of the particular emulator. Though some are complaining about its performance, SNEX9x comprises the least amount of frameskip of all the other available SNES emulators when a game is running at its full speed.

Download Here

Monkey 64 – N64: Nintendo 64

Emulators for PSP - Nintendo 64

Though the majority of the homebrew community didn’t consider an N64 emulator for PSP in reality, it’s actually happening! A large array of n64 homebrew / PD ROMs supported by Monkey 64 draw the framebuffers and viable ROMs. Since the complaints regarding the commercial ROMs, not running or facing glitches while they’re running, the emulator is upgrading and improving on a daily basis.

Download Here

RIN – Gameboy & Gameboy Color

Emulators for PSP - Gameboy and Gameboy Color

Both the Gameboy and Gameboy Color have a common emulator for PSP, and that’s RIN. RIN has left its own remark with tremendous utility and effect for the gameplay. Since GBC plays the old games of GB, RIN supporting both the system makes sense. This emulator can manage to play almost every game of both the system seamlessly without facing any lag. With astounding features in RIN’s kitty, it has become a major option for the users.

Download Here

PSPGBA – Gameboy Advance

Emulators for PSP - Gameboy Advance

When it comes to a PSP emulator running nice and looking nice, PSPGBA is one of the most attractive Gameboy Advance PSP emulators available at the moment. Its awesome features include a multilingual option where you can select your preferred language and moreover, you can adjust the game speed depending on the game’s speed.

Download Here

PSP Genesis – Sega Genesis

Emulators for PSP - Sega Genesis

PSP Genesis has become synonymous with ‘Smooth Gameplay’! The fastest Sega Genesis emulator has the potential to run almost any game at its fastest speed. The lag-free performance of PSP Genesis has made it a superior source of playing fast games in PSP. The various other features also bring it to the top of Sega Genesis emulators.

Download Here

StellaPSP – Atari 2600

Emulators for PSP - Atari 2600

One of the biggest advantage that individuals enjoy with Atari emulation is its large range of legally downloadable game ROMs. Moreover, the legal downloading is absolutely free of cost which is quite alluring for the users. StellaPSP is a considerable port of Stella Atari 2600. The frequent updates of the particular emulator have always kept it one of the first choices of users.

Download Here

C64PSP – Commodore 64

Emulators for PSP - Commodore 64

Frodo C64 emulator has a PSP port, namely C64PSP which is arguably one of the finest ports of the emulator. If you are looking for emulators for PSP that runs the game at full speed without any lag, C64PSP can be your best destination with some great feature including its stability and lag-free gameplay. Furthermore, it’s going to have the compatibility with firmware version 2.0.

Download Here

NGPSP – NeoGeo Pocket

Emulators for PSP - NeoGeo Pocket

Despite the complaints received from the users, I have placed NGPSP on my list of the top emulators for PSP. Thinking why? This emulator may be imperfect, but it runs some of the NeoGeo Pocket games seamlessly. Most importantly, it’s the sole PSP NeoGeo Pocket emulator available at the moment.

Download Here

NeoCDPSP – NeoGeo CD

Emulators for PSP - NeoGeo CD

Although NeoCDPSP does possess some bugs, the regular updates by the homebrewer sort out the problems and solve those without any hassle. Nevertheless, a lot of options on NeoCDPSP has made the emulator one of the most reliable emulators for PSP.

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