14 Entrepreneurs’ life hack I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship The Life Hack
By Tapas Pal Updated

You only choose to be an entrepreneur when the thoughts of working your own hours; cracking your own goals and being able to control your own financial destinations come into play. It can test your many abilities or skills. Lead you to find new ones too. There is only part of the future that one can foresee but it is never certain. There is no code book to cracking the rights or wrongs of being an entrepreneur. You can only expect to know few things and constantly have the head to apply them.

1. Impress the masses.

Inspiration always comes from the higher hierarchy or the stalwarts in your field. It is not them you need to impress though. Find your audience in the common of people. Know who you are really targeting. Whose lives are going to change along with your dream?  Understand that every ordinary product is also built out of an envisioned thought. Realize that the only thing important in business is building a product that someone will buy and pay. That’s it.

2. Every day will be – Undefined, Unwarranted!

The first big ideal step! Accept strongly and be prepared that the challenges will be heavy. As an aspiring entrepreneur you have to be mentally forewarned of this from the get go. Things will be unpredictable at every step at all times. Harder will be the frequency at which they hit you; despite all the pre-research done, modules made or nights spent in planning it all out. You will have to constantly adapt to all of it like a chameleon and making that a strong habit.

3. Ask for help.

Some are born to be entrepreneurs. But the final product never tells you the story of the process. Don’t go tackling everything on your own. No one will tell you how working that hard could get emotionally draining. Turn to your family and friends; they have no reason to lie to you. Seek as many advices or professional counseling from each one of them who would be experts in various businesses or fields. Listen to what they have to say, there’s always an idea; an insight; maybe a way to the method. Reach out to fellow entrepreneurs and complementary businesses, these bonds are important to be made.

4. Be original.

It is not wrong to admit that someone else’s thoughts inspired the ideas in your head. Credit them for it, be fair. But be motivated to constantly aspire to build original dreams as you gain experience. Being an entrepreneur is all about finding your own “Target Niche”. This niche you can call it your own.

5. Educate yourself about Trademark and Copywriting in depth.

Despite our physical and cultural differences; talented people around the world have similar thought processes with respect to their fields of expertise. Respect them! Rebuild, reinvent or reform their creativity; but also make sure to reaccredit all of them. In the light and dark abyss of Entrepreneurship, the relationship is always a give and take. This will help your business breed and grow in a secure environment.

6. Think Branding.

Branding directs your product straight to the audiences you are targeting. “First impression is always the last”, is a phrase that holds perfectly true with this knowledge. Finding the perfect intriguing name as well as design for your brand would keep it longer in the market. Start to define your product or company from the start.

7. Build a team that will reflect your vision.

Yes, entrepreneurship requires you to wear many hats. It is a good idea to acquaint and well-verse yourself with all the departments. But don’t think that you can do it all. The initial stages could be well spent alone. As the business escalates, you will need to build a team. In order to grow in a good economy, you have to make sure your business can create employment.

 8. Start thinking savings.

See how you can find processes to save even the littlest of costs. Pay your employees right, they are the ones helping you in making the visions true. “Little is often more”. Follow this ideal to be economical in how you capitalize as well as invest the money meant for your business. Think lavish plans, but make it a habit to execute them with tight and higher boundaries. This will also in turn help you become flexible in your approach.

9. Sales and Marketing are different ideas working in tandem.

As an entrepreneur in the making, a clear differentiation between the two will help sustain your business longer. Sales tell you how much money your commodity is making. Marketing comes in and keeps your product in the market keeping the sales going.

10. Don’t settle. Be unsatisfied.

As a new business there is no levy in being complacent. Your hunger for more will carry the business forward into all dimensions. It is not about the greed for money, but for keeping the learning graph going up. Keep finding paths that will help you reach out around the globe. The aim needs to get higher with each success.

11. Start with practical goals.

Invest in improving the quality through the resources already at your disposal first. Keep the progress in expectations high but not in a way that even you can’t fulfill them. Start slow, start steady!

12. Let the criticism come from others.

The time you are young; self-doubt and self-criticism though constantly needed, does have sometimes the negative effect. It can even bog you down. Don’t let that happen. Work towards finding the right feedback both good and especially the bad ones. Take it into execution immediate in affect.

13. Find time to lighten your brain.

It does not have to be lavish travel plans initially, but a visit to watching the sun go down on a beach could give you time to clear your thoughts. In order to keep the thoughts flowing as well as timely executing them, you need that time of a break. Helps you bounce back with positivity. Also, don’t let building procrastination rule the mind, keep using your time to help you grow as a person altogether for your business.

14. Never stop trying.

Constantly look for new ideas and keep noticing them each day. Regrets are hard to dissolve. Instead of having them nag you, take a leap forward and achieve them. Failures are meant to happen so as to take you closer to the paths of success. Be a sport and take them in stride. They will teach you the most and train you to look at things with multiple viewpoints and aspects.