Ermahgerd-What Does It Mean And Where It Came From?

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By Tapas Pal Updated

It is a matter of doubt that how many of us actually log in to Facebook for socializing these days. Most of us are done with all the chatting, liking, commenting, etc. All we care about now are the Memes. Facebook has become synonymous with memes. We scroll down our news feed, find memes, share them and tag our friends in them, that’s what has become our best interest these days.

If you are a meme addict, you would not be able to resist knowing more about the Ermahgerd memes, for sure. In fact, there are a lot of things about Ermahgerd, which go beyond just a mere meme. Let’s know about all of it.

Ermahgerd! What’s That Noise?

ermahgerd gersberms

The first time I heard “Ermahgerd,” I felt like, what’s that noise?! But later I found out that, it has a meaning to it. “Ermahgerd” is the mispronunciation of the phrase “Oh My God.” But what’s funny is that this mispronunciation is completely intentional. Ermahgerd intends to mean a kind of astonishment.

While pronouncing, you must not forget to give a strong emphasis on the R sounds.

From Where It All Started!

If you have seen the meme, then you know that it has an adolescent girl in it with a weird smile on her face, who is ogling at the camera. She is holding three books of the horrifying “Goosebumps” series and is dressed nothing like her age.

This image of hers was first seen in Reddit with the caption “Just a book owner’s smile.” That was back in 2012. What followed the origin of “Ermahgerd” is the comment from a Reddit user, which was, “Gersberms! Mah fravrit berks” i.e., Goosebumps! My favorite books. Note the special emphasis on the R sounds. The comment of the respective Redditor implied that the young girl was so excited to get the books, that she has mispronounced the whole phrase. And, that’s where it all started from.

Later this meme kept spreading in different online forums with different captions. It was shared in Funnyjunk, Derp (A meme based site), YouTube, Memebase, Tumblr, Facebook and where not!

The Ermahgerd Girl!

ermahgerd girl
Maggie at the age of 12 yrs and now when she is all grown-up

The teen girl in the memes is a grown-up now. Her name is Maggie Goldenberger, and she is a cardiac nurse now, working in Arizona.

Maggie was around 11 or 12 years old when this photo was taken. And it went viral when she was 25. One fine morning, when she was on a traveling trip, she became famous all over the internet, without any clue. When asked, if she was offended, Maggie replied, she was neither angry nor embarrassed with this sudden unwanted fame. She even stated that she does not even understand the meme properly.

Maggie even said that she does not want to earn any money by using her overnight Ermahgerd fame, though she could. She just wants to laugh it off!

Some Examples

Let’s see how you can use this phrase practically, and earn the tag of a true meme addict:

  1. Ermahgerd! Can’t believe Christmas is only a week away.
  2. Ermahgerd! I think I saw a unicorn!!
  3. Ermahgerd! My fravrit chersee bergerr.

Popular Ermahgerd Memes

Here are some popular Ermahgerd memes, which would make you laugh so hard that you might end up crying! Scroll on!

ermahgerd meme
A funny meme where the little girl goes Ermahgerd seeing a vampire
ermahgerd memes
The Ermahgerd girl goes gaga over french fries
ermahgerd memes
Hunting for Dragon in Ermahgerd style
ermahgerd animals
A cute dog is going Ermahgerd over a bowl of popcorn
ermahgerd meme
A monkey freaks out seeing a human and says, Ermahgerd!

So, how was it knowing about Ermahgerd? Are you using it soon or not?

Stay tuned for more fun facts!

And keep tagging your friends on Memes.