The 15 Best Ezgif Alternatives To Create Amazing Gifs

Ezgif Alternatives
By Rohit Jha Updated

Ezgif is a great online Gif creator. It’s a little odd to use because most of the tools are on different pages, but it really isn’t tough to use. You may harvest the images, resize the entire Gif, optimize the frames, then undo the photos, flip or rotate the Gif to a particular angle, then change the speed, split the Gif back into its original images, and insert text.

There is also a gray-scale, sepia, and black impact it is possible to use to the entire Gif. The changes you make to your gif look in the settings, and if you like it, you can save it, else simply eliminate the shift and then click the top button again. also includes a free video to gif converter if you would rather not make use of images.

The Ezgif site offers a straightforward gif tool jack, which permits you to crop, resize, optimize, and otherwise “fix” a gif without needing to buy any software or possess any graphics training the gif split option will divide the gif into each of its component slides and permit you to reorder them as you see fit. But that is likely a more-advanced option than you wish to choose if your only aim is a little shift.

There are a lot of features that Ezgif doesn’t have. You may need a perfect gif maker tool. So, we are here with a list of 15 great alternatives of Ezgif that can help you making amazing Gifs.

List of Best Alternatives of Ezgif


Gifgear is a handy online tool which permits users to produce animations. The very best thing about this service is that it doesn’t require users to install any third-party software. Gifgear is a free gif manufacturer with a few unique tools. You can add images via a URL, in the personal computer, or with a webcam, and also some of these images may be reordered by simply dragging and dropping them.

Gifgear enables you to resize the gif to a particular width and height in addition to add contours like stars and bubbles to your images. It is also possible to add one of many effects between frames, like a fade, shift, overlay, blinds, or pixelation effect. These impacts define how the following picture in the gif will look. Giftgear can be a perfect replacement of Ezgif.

Each image may have a custom frame duration, which means one could display for up to 10 minutes while the other photo can look for only 1 minute.

When you are done, you may download your gif in addition to upload it to Gifgear for sharing it with other people.


Animategif is one of the best choices for quite a simple set of functions like light and simple gif animations. It is a mobile application and its download size is quite modest at approximately 96.2kb.

The user interface is extremely simple and supports drag and drop feature. You can balance output gif quality, place angle and loop delay time.

On the flip side, the app has a rather compact interface with no option for maximizing it. It does not have any toolbar or file menu to making it more user friendly or feature rich. Animategif doesn’t support customization of output file which is the biggest drawback of this program according to me.

It also lacks framework slides along with other transition effects, the attributes that i missed. But overall it’s excellent for quite a basic gif animator as i’ve mentioned. Animategif is an entirely portable program that is less than 2 mb in size, which is ideal considering it’s a really simple and straightforward program to use.

Simply drag and drop the pictures that you want to use to your gif directly into the app, and then optionally disable the gifs ability to loop back to the beginning, alter the frame delay, and fix the quality of the gif


Makegif is another online gif manufacturer with a great deal of excellent features. Publish pictures from your computer or take them with a webcam to utilize them with makegif. MakeGif can also be called as best replacement of Ezgif.

Like most gif manufacturers, you can adjust the speed of the animations and also the size of the gif. However, makegif has any other features, too, like adding text or brush strokes to some or all frames, cropping the images, and setting a specific delay time for every single photo.

Probably my favorite thing about makegif is that it is possible to add effects to your images. There is a water reflection, waving flag, morph, blur, flip, 3d world, and 3d block effect which may be applied to some picture in the gif.

You will find a link to your gif if you decide to share it, otherwise, you may simply download it.


Picasion enables you to build a gif from images you upload from the computer, ones out of your URL, photos taken with a webcam, or ones imported from picasa, Google Photos or flickr. Regrettably, however, if loading images in the PC, you cannot upload them in volume, but instead, should choose single files at one time. Picasion has several distinguishing features which are far better than Ezgif.

A gif can be sized up to as big as 450 pixels wide and the animation speed can be adjusted from a quick speed to one too slow as 10 minutes.

Prior to creating the gif, you may optionally decide to include it in picasion’s online gallery. When the gif was created, you may download it, copy a direct link to where it’s hosted online, discuss it on several social media sites like facebook and twitter, or email it to your friend.


Lunapic enables users to upload 10 images at one time. Instead of uploading the images to the program, you can catch the picture directly from using the website address it is located. The maximum size which you are able to edit in this software is 1400 x 2100 and the program will automatically correct the pixels if your image is outside the chosen size with which you would like to get the job done.

For the ones that need a bit of artistic flare to the image, lunapic provides the gradient tool. Using this aspect permits you to shift out of a lighter color like white to a darker colour as in dark across the top layer of the pic. This gradient is an overlay of your image at a very low opacity – meaning you can see through because it shifts from one colour to another.

6’s gif maker

Like the majority of the additional gif creators in this list,’s gif maker is an online gif maker which allows you upload more than one image simultaneously from the computer, and you’ll be able to rearrange the images however you like. While talking about alternatives of Ezgif,’s gif maker can be a perfect opponent.

Besides the conventional settings like altering the gifs size and frame interval time,’s gif maker may also add an impact to the total gif, like animated hearts, a boundary, or create it black and white.

You might even disable image cycling, which means once the previous picture has displayed in the gif, it will stop animating until you start it again. Once finished, you can save it to a own computer in addition to submit it to a online gallery and view its URL for sharing.

Screen to gif

With screen to gif, you can pick a portion of your display and document anything that occurs in that specific place or at least that is the idea. The software functions as a simple windows application, one which produces gif creation simple. Begin the program and you’re going to have a couple options.

The first option, recorder, allows us pick a region of the display to record. The next, webcam, allows you capture gifs using your computer’s camera. Board enables you to record yourself drawing, and editor enables you to edit existing gifs. To begin, click recorder. You will find a frame window, which you can resize to choose your desired portion of the display.

Fit this within a video you’d like to turn into a gif, or into a region of the display you’ like to document. Then, once you’re ready, hit the record button. Hit stop when you have got everything you need, and you will be taken to the editing display. This can be called as best replacement of Ezgif.

From here, you are able to delete sections of your recording, also do things like include captions. A ribbon-based interface means lovers of Microsoft office will feel right at home.

Animated gif maker

Animated gif maker begins by asking you to select the speed of this animation and the way to resize all of the images you will upload. You are able to pick a custom size and speed or pick a preset one.

You can upload photo simultaneously to animated gif maker, which is certainly quicker than a few of those other gif manufacturers that allow only one image to be uploaded.

After all of your pictures are uploaded, you can change their purchase and select the length of time the photo must show before moving to another one in the gif unlike Ezgif.

Your own gif will display on the screen at this point, also you can download it to your own computer or edit it again to alter the size and other settings.


Fotoflexer is a free online photo editor that doesn’t offer just an attractive and intuitive interface along with a set of basic functions, but in addition some innovative features comparable to those provided by expensive professional software.

This application is packed with all the basics that all image editors will need to possess: crop, resize, rotate along with a ton of additional basic tools to edit any supported image. Fotoflexer supports . Jpg, . Gif and . Png files, which would be the most frequent of formats to be used on the internet.

Unlike Ezgif, fotoflexer does not enable you to print out of the application. You might, however, save the photo to a hard drive and then print as you would do normally. You could even talk about images to facebook, flickr, myspace, picasa, phanfare, photobucket, smugmug after you decide on a site, click on the link to flickr button, and sign in with your credentials.


Giphy has become the default search engine for gifs, so if you are creating a gif, you probably need it on said site. Giphy’s very own gif maker enables you to simultaneously produce and share your creations, and is quite simple to use. Simply pick your source material in YouTube, vimeo, or vine, and you may pick some portion of the video to turn into a gif. It is also possible to include captions, if you would like. Giphy is best alternative solution for Ezgif.

The procedure does not take long, and the resulting gifs will be instantly uploaded to giphy. From that point, it is possible to share them, download them directly, or tweak them using a variety of tools. You are able to turn a collection of still images into a gif, for instance, or edit some of the existing gifs on the website.


To begin, let us look at the exceptionally tidy and powerful, a site which makes creating gifs incredibly straightforward. To begin, paste the URLto your video you’d like to utilize as the basis to your gif. The site now supports YouTube, vine, and Instagram, and consumers may even upload their own video files. This feature makes it better than Ezgif.

As soon as you’ve picked out your source material, you are going to be attracted to a simple editor. Pick the frames you’d like to convert into a gif using the timeline situated beneath the video. After that, include a caption, stickers, and a couple of consequences, if desired. There is even a one-clip “thug life” option, if you would like to meme like 2009.

As soon as you’re done tweaking things, you are prepared to talk about your own gif with all the world. It is possible to use the provided URL, or obtain the gif to get re-uploading to some other site.


Gifpal is an amazing online gif manufacturer. Your gif will perform automatically as you make changes so that you may plainly see how it will look when you are finished. Rearranging pictures is super simple and you can also switch off the watermark unlike Ezgif.

You can upload photos from the webcam or your personal computer to gifpal. Once added to the site, you may add text, then use a drawing tool, use one of the dozens of image effects, flip the image, insert a few different contours, and then manipulate the brightness, color, contrast, and saturation.

As soon as you’ve edited a particular framework, you may add it to the gif timeline by clicking on the little camera button. Up to 24 frames may be utilized to build a gif with gifpal which is far greater than Ezgif.

Before you are finished, you can optionally reverse the frames to conduct the gif backward, alter the quality of the images, and then adjust the animation speed. Gifpal enables you to download your gif, display it in its public gallery, and discuss it on tumbler, Twitter, and Facebook.

Make a gif

Make a gif allows you produce a Gif from multiple images, a video, your webcam, or even a YouTube video. It can be categorize as best alternative of Ezgif.

If making a gif out of images, it’s quite simple to customize the arrangement of the photos since you can simply rearrange them via drag and drop. You may even resize each of the images simultaneously, specify a custom animation speed, and select to create your gif private or public before posting it to earn a gif.

It’s also simple to generate a gif out of a video since you simply need to select what point in the video to begin the gif and then decide the number of seconds.

Once established, it is possible to save the gif to your own computer and copy its URL to find it online. If you make a free account with make a gif, the tiny watermark will not display in the bottom of gifs.


The free Web-based image editor makes it a cinch to tweak photos and make collages and discuss pictures on favorite social networking destinations in any Web-connected PC. That is a fee for using a number of the more innovative features, and you cannot open photos directly from the desktop computer, however, Picnik is still a very capable photo editing program compared to Ezgif.

Picnik is an online service famous for being intuitive and simple to use. Instead of buying photo editing software (like Photoshop, which is pricey for occasional use), or using a free program like Irfanview, you can go online to Picnik. You can upload a photo and use the online controllers, you harvest it, re-size it, fix colors or touch it up.

However, the very best portion of Picnik is that the personalization. You produce fun special effects like superimposing blossoms or mustaches on your image. Or you make your images appear tasteful by adding drop shadows, artistic effects, and unique frames. Picnik has partnered with Qook to allow user to print images as physical photos, or onto glasses, postcards, posters, wrapping paper, and much more, but you have to sign up to get a Picnik accounts to do so. You will get limited options for sending images to a computer printer, which allow you to select from a number of dimensions.


Giftedmotion is another application you have to download to your own computer to use. But it’s different than gimp in that you don’t have to install it to use it and it’s not complicated in the slightest.

Once you load in the images that you need to use, you can correct their purchase and frame delay. You may even resize the entire gif and position the images precisely the way you would like them to look, either using drag or drop. This is unique feature like Ezgif.

You cannot, fix the images to a specific pixel size like the majority of the additional gif manufacturers in this list. Just click on the record button to store the images as an animated gif file.


Ezgif is a great tool for designing, creating and publishing amazing Gifs. But like every other sites it also have several vulnerabilities. This is why we need alternatives. All the 15 alternatives of the list have their own significance and benefits. You can not select one of the best among them because they are all good but suits you when you need their special feature. As per our suggetions giphy, giftFear, Make A Gif are some of the great tools that can help you creating amazing Gifs.