5 Logics To Explore Your Facebook Addiction!

Facebook Addiction
By Tapas Pal Updated

Facebook is the most widely used Social Networking site in the whole world. It has become the part of our life. Almost all of us have an account on Facebook. Approximately a billion users are there, of Facebook. The amount of time user’s engagement in the Facebook application has been increasing gradually. This engagement of people over this social site has eventually caused the people to forget the offline social life.

We can see everywhere people would be busy is updating Facebook status, making comments over display pictures, reporting and chatting. Nowadays many light weighted applications of Facebook has come which are very easy to be handled.

Due to easy accessibility, people are getting more and more addicted to Facebook. It is possible that you may ask what is wrong in accessing the Facebook, as it relieves stress and tension and entertain people. But guys, no doubt it is a way of entertainment but this entertainment site has some bad consequences also. You might have a problem, you may get addicted to it.

Let us see the signs which tell you if you are addicted to it or not:

Explore Your Facebook Addiction

1. Oversharing your personal life

As we are a social animal. This feature of being sociable makes us different from other animals. We have our own thoughts about life and we can share everything as per our own will. But guys do you think sharing our intimate life events to the public is good? I don’t think sharing our deep secrets over Facebook is good. What my opinion is if you are addicted to Facebook you forget to understand the thin line of the gap between what to share and what not to share.

2. Stalking over Facebook all the time

Actually, by default number of people in their free time stalks their friend’s profile or check their own profile. They very eagerly check the responses to their comments and status. They generally check how many likes they got for their display pictures etc. In offices too while working people generally open their Facebook accounts in the background.

3. Crazy about Facebook images?

There are a number of boys and girls in my known who would spend 15 – 20 minutes thinking about what to update status on Facebook, what to comment on Profile pictures and even takes a lot of time to think which picture to update over Facebook. Not only has this after uploading pictures they would anticipate what others could comment. They spend their lot whole time in impressing their friends.

 4. Reporting on Facebook

There are a number of people who would even update how many time they bath, how many times they take pics etc. They are so self-obsessed that they all time do this tosh reporting.

5. Making hurry to add more and more friends

Some users are so much addicted that they have intense desire to add more and more unknowns so as to increase the friend list. Actually, they make the race with their friends and compete for the maximum number of friends. They might have the perception that the one who has a long list of friends tend to be more popular.

Final Words

Guys if you think that you too are showing this above behavior, then believe me you are also addicted to Facebook. I would only suggest to instead of wasting your time on Facebook, try to utilize your precious time at some productive or social work, this would not only make your relation good with society but also give you mental peace and would relieve your stress.