You Should Experience Facebook Live Broadcast At Least Once and Here’s How.

Being one of the most requested features, the Facebook Live Broadcast has been launched by Facebook. As from the official announcement, the company has cleared that they are going to update their Live API so that users can schedule live broadcasts before the real time. The API has been generated and managed by MSQRD app which also will provide support it via its app.

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Well, live streaming video is great at all, but it was not so much useful as most of the page audience doesn’t know when anyone plans to stream. But with introducing Live streaming feature Facebook has introduced ‘scheduling feature’ which let user’s notified up to 1 week in advance.

Pages can curate more collaborative live streams but only in the case if you manage a ‘Verified Page’. So it is recommended to acquire verification from Facebook in case you wish to utilize this feature.  If you already have a verified Facebook page then here is how you can schedule Facebook Live Broadcast before one week.

Experience Facebook Live Broadcast

Step 1:

In the very first step, you will need to go to “Publishing Tools” of your verified page and select “Video Library” option from there. On the page top, you will find a button called Live, Just go for it.

Facebook Live Broadcast

Step 2:

By selecting the LIVE option you will get a dialog box asking for your stream credentials of Facebook Live Broadcast.  In case you don’t want to go with this step now you can skip this for later and select anytime by editing the post in Video Library of your page.

create live video

Step 3:

After putting in the credentials you will be taken to dialog box which will ask you for writing a post to announce your scheduled stream. You must make this engaging and informative as it can convert a huge audience for you.

Facebook Live Broadcast

Step 4:

After making an engaging post you will need to schedule the timing for its start, and you will be needed to add a custom image to your Facebook Live broadcast. And once you are done with them simply click on SCHEDULE. Facebook will send notifications to your friends of your scheduled broadcast and it will start to appear on their News Feed.


Step 5:

In case, you need to change, reschedule, edit or delete your Facebook live broadcast session, you are always free to do that by opting for Edit Live Video option from the panel. You can again reschedule it by choosing ‘Edit Schedule’ option from the drop down menu and opt for a new time and picking the ‘Schedule’ option. In case you want to cancel the video session, you can go with the “Delete” option again from the drop down menu.

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reschedule or cancel

Final Words:

Along with the ‘Live video’ option, Facebook is going to start a pre-broadcast chat room for people, so that they can begin conversation before the video begins and this can add community aspect of the live video.

Currently, pages will only be able to schedule Facebook live Broadcast through the LIVE API and only available for the verified pages. However, they will come to all the pages in upcoming weeks.